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Rachel Uchitel: She Dated Elin's New Boyfriend!

7/16/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren may be in Sweden, but she just can't seem to escape Rachel Uchitel -- because we found out ... Rachel banged Elin's new boyfriend!

Rachel Uchitel and Elin Nordegren
We told you yesterday ... Tiger Woods ex-wife is dating marketing exec Jamie Dingman, whose dad is a billionaire tycoon. But before Elin, sources tell TMZ Jamie and Rachel were an item -- and there was a little bit of an overlap with Jamie and Tiger, but Jamie bowed out to the golfer.

In fact, when Rachael got serious with Tiger, Jamie joked with her, "That ok.  I'll date his wife, Elin."

And get this ... at the time the Tiger Woods scandal broke, Jamie was living with Rachel in a MIami home. 

And there's more. Remember the name, Jen Madden? She's the one who sold the Tiger Woods story in the first place, and she got the info because she stayed at the Miami home and overheard Rachel tell Jamie about her affair with Tiger.

Who knew Elin Nordegren had a little bit of Rachel in her.

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As a millionairess, Elin should be dating other millionaires. How else to ensure someone is not dating her for HER money. So, the actual number of eligible men is quite limited. Add to that limitation the fact that Uchitel has been with quite a few of the eligible (and some not so eligible) men; the number remaining must be quite small. But, for God's sake, how she could even consider being with anyone that had a history with Uchitel? I would rather remain alone for the rest of my life. Sometimes, the celebrity "world" is quite incestuous. Just, yuck.

1191 days ago


I guess the women-haters here didn't consider that possibility, that a man might want to date Elin for HER money. Or simply because she is now well-known. So she better consider someone who is at least comfortable, financially.

If she met this Ding-person at an event with the Swedish princess, that may have made her feel safe. Maybe she didn't know about the Rachel connection. If she does now, the love story could well end pretty quickly.

1191 days ago


Elin, please find a nice accountant or just
a regular working guy who will treat you like
a princess and STAY AWAY from celebrity ********.

1191 days ago


One thing about being a rich guy, you can have sex with the best looking women.

1191 days ago

Boba Lola    


1191 days ago


Why is Elin Nordegren attracted only to extremely wealthy men?

1191 days ago


You would think Elin would see that hooking up with Jamie's dad's billions would show her as a gold digger. Maybe that's why they kept the relationship hush.

1191 days ago

OhGee Mack    

Sounds like a set up to me!!!

1191 days ago

Heilige Bimbam    

Elin loves rich and famous men, just like Rachel, no difference there. No way pretending that she did not know of Tigers philandering, or this new super rich boyfriends playboy image. Elin knows, so stop pretending that she is any better.

1191 days ago


Geez, can't you figure it out? The people in this story are in the trading group. Elin is no better than the rest. A goldigger too. But at least she is getting some of Rachael and Rachael is getting some of Elin. C'mon the broad had to know.

1191 days ago


I felt so sad about this. Elin comes from a very high class family in Sweden, so she is NOT a gold digger. Nordic people also are generally speaking less of the social climbing ilk, so when people blame Elin for being a gold digger, the chances of it actually being true are not that high - she was a nanny YES, but only because of a FAMOUS SWEDISH golfer who brought her on. The only reason Elin knew him was because of her family.

Uchitel, on the other hand - she is a whore outright. I feel bad for Elin, because she likely had that Nordic naivete, which led her to believe in the goodness of people. This guy Jamie is also a s*** bag for having been with Yuckitel in the first place.

1191 days ago


Elin is vey plain and boring and has no taste in clothes a nnnny hick def hair is stringy dry not that attractive,,
no class, getting a big head from all the sympthy and so dumb Dating another pig who lived with her x husband whore .girlfriend, wow she must be awesome in her work .this is getting funnier all the time, What class elin has , lol

1191 days ago

Heilige Bimbam    

@ Aston
Diana was not a nanny, she was a day nursery teacher. Elin is not a high society anything in Sweden, yes her mum was a very unpopular politician, that was all. That does not make Elin upper class, like Diana. Besides Elin did try and fail as a lingerie model before she became a nanny to a Swedish golfer, an acquaintance of Tiger.Elin pretending that she never knew that Tiger was gallivanting around, she did, only she was addicted to the wealth and fame.She is carrying on the trend.

1191 days ago


I bet anyone that Elin knew about rachel before the scandal. Elin is the gold digging whore. like her compadre, Rachel.

How do you Tiger haters feel now? LOL

1191 days ago


Elin must like the taste of another woman... I am sure she must have licked many off Tiger.. and now her new bf as well.. maybe she likes how ughitel tastes.. hahah

1191 days ago
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