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Chad Muska -- 'I'm Extremely, Extremely Sorry'

7/17/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pro skater Chad Muska posted an extremely heartfelt apology video last night -- admitting he was "a complete drunk idiot" on the night he was arrested and he is "so, so sorry for offending anybody out there."


As TMZ first reported, Muska was popped this week for allegedly vandalizing two buildings in Hollywood -- and dropped the N-word several times while dealing with security. 

Muska admitted "it's not right to use certain slang like that" and was deeply apologetic over the whole ordeal, saying, "From the bottom of my heart, I am completely sorry for my actions."


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Muska is a Skate God for those of you who dont kno. forgiveness granted

1165 days ago


Who is Chad Musca?
I guess its a very slow news weekend. The relevance of this website and all others like it, IMHO fuels the general publics desire to see the worst that humanity has to offer--hopefully this fad will pass and you'll all be looking for a real job.

1165 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

For those of you who don't know Muska is a overstyled douchebag who changes his fashion style more often than he showers by the looks of him in this recent pic. No idea why anyone on TMZ who doesnt skate would care about this. But Muska is getting some time in front of the camera so he is happy.

1165 days ago


Still a douchebag.

1165 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

I just went on Muskas twitter. The "inpirational" babble he posts on there is much more offensive than anything he said in that arrest video. The lamesness is as follows, "Don't ever let anybody tell you that you CAN NOT do something. You CAN do anything you dream of as long as you never give up." Either this guy has watched too many Disney movies or he is so full of crap its coming out of his ears. How far skating has fallen from the days when skaters were skaters and not corporate c()cK suckers.

1165 days ago


He was pooped?

1165 days ago


What I like about the video is that it appears it was from the heart. It was not some pre-written speech from his publicist and he appears to be truely, truely sorry. I wish more people would just own up to thier mistakes and aknowledge they are human an dthis happens

1165 days ago


It's my opinion, there's no need for him to apologize. He said what he wanted to say and he meant it when he said it (i.e. he thought he was being badazz). I just wish all of us Black people would just say "f u" with this stuff. We all know it's said and most of the ones that say it knows that's all they have to do to make us react. If it's said to you, deal with the one that says it, otherwise, don't let the word have so much power over you. Most of the time these posts and in situations like this muska deal, they are thinking that's all they have to do to "put us in our place" - just say n and we're supposed to cry --fu 'em! Be proud of who you are and to hell with the ass holes.

1165 days ago


Geez! Won't you all just kool out? Trying to stop people from saying N+gger, f&g, homo, sp*ck, wetb&ck, e.t.c., is like trying to stop someone from ever drinking water or eating again. Those words are here and they aren't going anywhere. The best you can ever hope for is that you don't use those words and you teach your children to emulate you.

1164 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

I think the consensus is that most people posting here aren't bothered by his use of that slang. As for myself, I am just entertained by seeing these people backpedal when fear of losing money from corporate sponsors forces them cower.

1164 days ago

You ALL must be Christians. You're all so self-righteous and good at judging people.

1164 days ago

Florida Gator Killer    

@justsaying:Dont forget honky,cracka,dirty foot,white trash,Hillybilly,inbreed hick,REdneck

1164 days ago


what an A-hole

1164 days ago


Seems very sincere & one of the most heartfelt apologies I've seen.

Definitely not the case with Tiger & others I've seen. They all seem shady, and don't even get me started on that Dog the Bounty Hunter. I still Boycott his show because of it.

1164 days ago


The term 'cracker' goes back to the time of slavery. The slaves would call the white man the 'cracker' because of the cracking sound his whip made when it struck their backs. It's OK for black people to call us crackers to this day(which as a white person who's never owned a slave, I think is highly offensive), but if we so much as utter the N word, even out of context, we have to issue a public apology. Aren't double standards fun??

1164 days ago
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