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'Deadliest Catch' Captain

ATTACKS Cameraman

7/17/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Deadliest Catch" captain Keith Colburn lashed out in a FEROCIOUS expletive-filled attack on one of the boat's cameramen recently -- bum-rushing the guy into a wall -- and it was all caught on tape.

Keith lost his temper after the photog in question -- named Brad Carper -- called up to the wheelhouse looking for one of the show's producers, interrupting Keith at exactly the wrong time.

Keith snapped.

The fight, which airs next Tuesday on Discovery, went down a couple months ago -- near the end of opilio crab fishing season -- and sources connected with the show tell TMZ, Keith was extremely stressed at the time ... and his fuse was real short. No kidding.

But it's all water under the bridge now -- according to sources, Keith and Brad are back on good terms and all is well. No hard feelings.


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American arrogance is so lame and typical.

1192 days ago


they showed the footage a few weeks ago on "After The Catch"

1192 days ago


Those cameramen are a bunch of liberals ****. They don't know what it takes to be a fishermen..or a real man. Kitnplayn is a ***.

1192 days ago


I watch this show... Keith is a douchebag... always has been and always will be.

1192 days ago


Yeah, I like all the captains except this guy. You can tell he's an a-hole just by looking at him. He just has it wafting off him.

1192 days ago


I cannot stand this captain. He is really the only one I dont like. He for whatever reason thinks he is better then everyone else and is an arogant a**. I wish they would take him off the air. He treats his crew like crap too.

1192 days ago

DC fan    

Keith is really an a**

Every episode that they show him...I fast forward through. He talks to grown men like they are children. Is he going through some mental issues these days or what? Financial stress? I think the producers of this show need to take their film crews off his boat. The guy is going to crack.

1192 days ago

some guy    

Sounds like Keith got a case of the... Crabs

Get it? You get it?

Kinda weak, I know, but it's early here. Haven't even had my coffee yet.

1192 days ago


I would love a shot at putting Keith down. The guy is a complete *******. I am 100% certain once of us would walk away and he wouldn't be the one.

Her pulled the same crap with one of the other captains (John?) last season and he put him down hard.

1192 days ago


he wasn't such a big man when he was pushed flat on his ass by jonathan last season........

1192 days ago


doooooooooooooshhhhhhhhhh bagggggggggggg

1192 days ago


Keith is the one captain that everyone can't stand. He is such a jerk and is so fake. It's always so awkward on "After the Catch" because none of the other captains like him and they cut him off and never listen to anything he tries to add to the conversation. I wish they'd replace him. He's such a hot head and tries way too hard to seem like this tough guy, but there's a difference between being a truly good, but strict captain and being an a-hole.

I like the new captains they added this year. I'm sure they could find one more so they could dump Keith. I bet the Hillstrands would light off more than a few fireworks over that news....

1192 days ago


I wish the people at TDC would get off their lazy asses and come up with some new programming.

Enough of this crab fishing BS already.

1192 days ago


No, that's not fake at all.

Gee, will it get ratings? A little. The sheeple will watch at least :)

1192 days ago


This a**hole Keith is always crying about something. He pulled a Christian Bale on the camera guy because he interupted his big crying scene. Douch bag is right. He is an arrogant bully and I wish someone would knock his lights out already.

1192 days ago
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