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Responds to Fonda Cancellation, Ignores Issue

7/17/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

QVC is responding to Jane Fonda putting them on blast yesterday for unceremoniously dropping her from their airwaves -- but they are refusing to refute her claims it was over politics.

Fonda posted a blog expressing her anger at the shopping network for canceling her appearance because, she claimed, they were caving to possible protests because of a 40-year-old Vietnam War faux pas. 

The network released a statement today which completely ignores Fonda's claims, blaming it on a programming change and saying, "It’s not unusual to have a schedule change with our shows and guests with little or no notice."

When pressed further, a rep for the network would only say, "I can’t speak to Ms. Fonda’s comments, other than to confirm that a change in scheduling resulted in her not appearing yesterday."


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I would hardly call treason a faux pas. I doubt that the men who were tortued as a result of her visit are in a very forgiving mood. Accept what you did and live with the consequences.

1193 days ago


Actions/Consequences Jane. end of story.

1193 days ago


If you look at QVC's website under the Community Bulletin Board it is full of people saying they would not shop there again if Jane Fonda was on. Sure it was a programming change - to keep Jane off

1193 days ago


Radical Chic anyone? LOL

1193 days ago


She claimed she never hurt our servicemen. When visiting North Vietnam, she was in a prisoner of war camp and when shaking hands with the prisoners, was given a note by one of them to take home. She turned it over the enemy and that prisoner was later tortured. Obviously, her claim of not hurting any of our men was a blatant lie.

1193 days ago


Check out her (laughable) Twitter avatar. Her indignant "power to da people" raised fist says it all. Tres passé. Nothing more pathetic than stored old liberal trying to make herself look relevant.

1193 days ago


So shes can go into a fit over a company not confessing to things... but others cant get bent out of shape over her heinous acts, especially since she wont confess to her wrong doings.

Is this idiot for real? what a hypocrite. no wonder she sides with the enemy. Shes a real piece of work.

1193 days ago


You made your traitor bed Jane, now you lie in it. I am very happy that people complained about you- and that QVC listened. You are a dirtbag, and I am sooooo glad people have not forgotten what you did-it will be your legacy, and NOTHING you ever do will take away what you did to our servicemen and POW's.

1193 days ago


Actually, liberals and conservatives have united in this protest. Unusual, but it happens.

1193 days ago


Yes--she must bear the consequences for what she has said. Still, QVC has allowed conservative persons to sell their wares on the show numerous times without a "scheduling change". I thought that I was addicted to QVC, but this incident has helped me with my addiction. I hereby "burn" my qcard. Has anyone ever heard of the first amendment--freedom of speech???!!!

1192 days ago


Drama queens. Get over it.

1192 days ago


Oh, she's just angry that Senator Kerry did basically the same thing then he ran for President. All she did was get dumped by Ted Turner.

There are people in this country that don't think you suffered at all for your dastardly deeds!

If Jane Fonda wants respect, have her go live in Viet Nam.

1192 days ago


Jane's good friend, Rosie O'Donnell, will probably have her on her new show on OWN. They have a lot in common.

1192 days ago


Jane also blamed Sarah Palin for the AZ shootings. U can hate Palin's politics but blaming her for multiple killings by a disturbed man that proclaimed to be a LIBERAL is wrong. I was going to order her exercise DVD until she tweeted her hateful words. There is not a market for her products. QVC was wise to cancel her appearance.

1192 days ago


She needs to find another country that values (radical) chic over principles. I suggest France.

1192 days ago
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