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New WWE Champ

PARTIES In Chicago

... With BELT!

7/18/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after WWE superstar CM Punk beat down John Cena and won the heavyweight title Sunday night ... he grabbed the belt and hit the streets of Chicago to party with locals ... and TMZ has the pics!


Punk -- along with fellow wrestling pals Colt Cabana and Ace Steel -- cracked a Diet Pepsi and toasted in front of a mural of Chicago legend Mike Ditka ... while showing off the belt to everyone!!

The win was pretty shocking to wrestling fans, since Punk has been badmouthing Vince McMahon and the WWE for weeks ... and has been rumored to be leaving the company.

It's almost like the whole thing was scripted.

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These comments piss me off. Just because you don't agree with what we watch doesn't mean you can talk ****. You may not even watch WWE anymore, so why comment on this article if it doesn't mean **** to you? GTFO

1162 days ago


Yes WWE is still around and still really BIG. I think we all know by know it's scripted and "Fake" so your just stating the obvious & Apparently a lot of people don't care because millions of people still watch. :) CONGRATS CM PUNK!

1162 days ago


staged or rehearsed it's entertainment just like any tv show you watch.

1162 days ago


Hell, wrestling is more real than Kardashians and Lohans combined.

1162 days ago

Wrestling fan    

Did you know that you can get better info at www.wrestlingnewsworld.com about anything wrestling related

1162 days ago


This is news one of the biggest events in wrestling history this could change the bland pg garbage as well as the whole wrestling world like Nirvana changed music GO PUNK and if you don't like pro wrestling then stay the hell off our websites

1162 days ago


WWE had to work with the media to get the push for this & work up the whole "punk is speaking the truth, the voice of the voiceless" that whole "kayfabe". *eye roll* and people (mostly younger fans who haven't seen this redone gimmick) bought it hook, line, and sinker. Reason being (coming straight from Jim Ross), was last year Money in the Bank PPV was a bomb. They had very few people purchase it/care. So this year they had to work up something so ridiculous that they would get more viewers. Judging from the buzz it worked. Of course the appearances of Punk on various talk shows & media buzz helped.

1162 days ago


This was an awesome Per Per View the WWE Money in the Bank and it was shocking when CM Punk left with the WWE Championship I cannot wait to see what happens tonight on RAW.....Yes we know its fake it is entertainment just like a tv series and movies those arent real but you get into them and it is fun that's what pro wrestling is all about just sit back,get into the storylines and have fun.....These Punk pictures are hilarious btw.....Oh and AntiSocialForum.com UFC "WAS" killing WWE but if WWE keeps this up they will be beating UFC because the UFC fighters are going down to injuries left and right these days

1162 days ago


This is news one of the biggest events in wrestling history this could change the bland pg garbage as well as the whole wrestling world like Nirvana changed music GO PUNK and if you don't like pro wrestling then stay the hell off our websites

1162 days ago


I totally agree with Joseph. All of us as fans know & have known since we were little kids with our Ultimate Warrior Pillow Pal (oh yeah, I had one) that it is staged. But it is entertainment (hence the "E"). However what these stars do still requires skill & athleticism. I for one couldn't do what they do 360... days a year. Grueling schedules, working through injuries not big enough to shelf them for times. Any books or movies you see "behind the scenes" former stars talk about what they went through but doing it because they love the rush & love the fans. Cracks me up that so many people want to bash the crap out of us fans....yet are still staying in the loop just to give themselves something to complain about. WWE/TNA will always be around because those of us who grew up watching it with our parents are now watching it with our kids. I for one LOVE to see the wonder & amazement in my kid's eyes when they watch it. While even my kids know that it is a show, they still get wrapped in the stories & it brings back fond memories of things I went through.

This is just like "reality" shows. Everything is now staged. From Survivor to various celeb shows. Controversy Creates Cash (thank you Mr. Bischoff for the most truthful statement ever). Ok, off my soapbox now. :)

1162 days ago


The PMG-@bunny going to TNA is a very unlikely move, considering most of their roster wants to quit

Lots of wrestlers love working with TNA. TNA is the second largest wrestling promotion and they have some great talent. Wrestlers are leaving WWE to come to TNA.

1162 days ago

Mike L    

Sorry Missy, you're wrong. TNA is unwatchable trash. Its where guys go when they're not good enough for WWE anymore (or never were, in Stings case).

Many of the TNA Originals have been trashing them lately and most are planning on jumping ship when their contracts expire. They can't make money in a failing company like TNA, so they're going to the big leagues to make their millions.

And to anyone who think wrestling is "fake", I dare you to last one week in a wrestling school. Its scripted and planned, but it is in no way fake. These men are athletes and they get the piss beat out of them every day.

1162 days ago

Ben Dawson    

People amuse me making "it's fake" or "it's scripted" comments, as if they're the first people to work it out... it has a dedicated fanbase who see wrestling for what it is, entertainment, and are willing to be absorbed into it's bubble and enjoy it instead of knocking it.

Ironically haters put more energy in knocking it, than fans do praising it... says a lot about haters really, too much time on their hands.

1162 days ago

The PMG    

@Missy Read the article I posted along with that comment, it details many of the things the TNA locker room is unhappy about

@MikeL You hit it right on the nose.

1162 days ago


I havent been a big wwe fan since I hit middle school but I give alot of credit to those guys they go through hell 365 days a year. Yes the story lines are scrpited but thats about it, when they get in the ring Im pretty sure they just wing it you cant really scrpit getting slamed through a table haha. WWE does make alot of money so I respect that.
TNA is the 2nd largest wrestling promotion because besides wwe its the only one on tv and it's not even live. The only reason why any wrestler from wwe is in tna is because wwe wont rehire them plus tna is prob going to run out of money by the end of the year. tna to wwe is like nfl europe to the nfl haha

1162 days ago
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