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New WWE Champ

PARTIES In Chicago

... With BELT!

7/18/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after WWE superstar CM Punk beat down John Cena and won the heavyweight title Sunday night ... he grabbed the belt and hit the streets of Chicago to party with locals ... and TMZ has the pics!


Punk -- along with fellow wrestling pals Colt Cabana and Ace Steel -- cracked a Diet Pepsi and toasted in front of a mural of Chicago legend Mike Ditka ... while showing off the belt to everyone!!

The win was pretty shocking to wrestling fans, since Punk has been badmouthing Vince McMahon and the WWE for weeks ... and has been rumored to be leaving the company.

It's almost like the whole thing was scripted.

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Arielle Dodd    

hey dumb asses its the wwe title the world heavy weight is held by christian duh

1158 days ago


the matches aren't rehearsed winners planned yeah but they get hurt worse than ufc fighters *******

1158 days ago


Revealing that pro-wrestling is scripted as an insult is only a testament to how out of the circle non-fans are. It has been well known and do***ented that pro-wrestling is scripted, long time fans don't care and many are in the know about how much hard work goes into staging a fight and developing a character or personality is. I work in theater, and thats difficult to put together without staging a fight, don't knock professional wrestling because it's scripted, if you're going to knock it find and issue that won't make you sound like a know-it-all sticking your neck out to get attention.

1158 days ago


I'm glad cm punk won and seeing some of these comments I have to laugh at how dumb people are making fun of something they don't understand.

1158 days ago


@R34 and Mike L-Seriously? TNA is the second largest wrestling promotion,and it is getting bigger,sorry that you don't like that fact.TNA isn't going anywhere.
WWE already sees TNA as competition.Have you seen wwe lately? They have more talk than wrestling,TNA has more action. wwe is all about money,vince doesn't care about his wrestlers or the fans as where TNA listens to their fans,gives the fans what they want to see. TNA/Impact cares about their wrestlers yes their tours are lighter,but that will be picking up soon. WCW kicked wwe's azz during 96-98,TNA willsoon enough.
To those morons who keep saying "it's fake" sometimes the winners are prechoosen,but the matchs are not scripted and the injuries are real,sometimes very serious,careers have even been ended. It's a hard job,not just for the wrestlers,and people behind the scenes,but also on the wrestlers families

1158 days ago

Mike L    

Please Missy, stop talking. You have no idea whats really going on. Are you aware that the WWEs rating are over 4 times what TNA pulls? Thats competition? WWE Superstars, an internet only show in the US, has more weekly viewers then TNA Impact! AM Raw, at 3AM on Sunday morning, has more viewers then Impact in primetime. TNA is failing. That's just the way it is, whther you like it or not. People are sick of the has beens. Bischoff, Russo, and Hogan are clueless. Dixie has more money then brains. Nothing TNA can do will make them relevant.

And now the The Game era has begun in WWE, people don't know what to expect. Thats gonna make even more tune in, just to see whats gonna happen. The ratings will go up for the WWE, and TNA will languish in their crummy 1.0 ratings.

Until a lot of stuff changes in TNA, they will never be successful, they will never compete, they will never be known worldwide. Mark my words, TNAs spot at number 2 will not last the rest of the year. ROH will be #2 sometime this year. They are the real threat in the future to WWE, not TNA.

1158 days ago


Great... CM PUNk is looking good with belt.... WWE RULES> FACK u gays who say wwe is fake.

1157 days ago

The yagoogalizer    


1157 days ago


Mike L-Apparently you can't read. I've stated before yes TNA is small right now,however still the second largest wrestling promotion. Yes sweetheart I do have an idea of what is going on. The Carters/Panda Energy have more money then vince. WCW started small and noone thought it would last or be cometition to wwe,but it was,it kicked wwe butt 96-98.Have you stood by these men and women and seen how much and how hard they train? Obviously not. TNA is getting bigger,did you see vince's face on "raw" when cena said he would go to another company? Vince's face was priceless!

1157 days ago


If WWE told Punk he can party in the streets because it'd probably get publicity, you fell for it hook, line, and sinker, TMZ. I think it's funny you point out wrestling is fake, but you at the same time failed to realize you're giving WWE free publicity, which is exactly what they knew would happen if Punk was with the title in public. Bravo.

1157 days ago


I'd rather watch wrestling than listen to these hot air blowin fake rappers. Rick Ross"sercurity!security!" lil wayne "fake blood" drake "degrassi" Jay z and Kanye "Watch for the Illuminatti throne" What happen to the real ones?


1157 days ago


@Missy Vince pulled that face because Cena is the cash cow of the company, he brings in most of the money from merchandise, WWE would still kick TNA's weak ass even if Cena went. TNA is good for one thing: Buying WWE wash ups. Hogan, Bischoff, Both of the Hardy boys, Mr "Anderson" Kennedy, RVD, and yet not ONE of them boosted TNA's ratings... TNA will never EVER be bigger than WWE, and TNA will go down to #3 soon, cos I do see ROH taking over TNA. Every single wrestling promotion needs about 20 years before they can take over WWE.

1157 days ago


Deng!! Thats on Milwaukee ave in wicker park. I know that penguin anywhere. They missed the best part of the mural DIkIta!

1157 days ago


CarneyIsGod-Again please pay attention to what i've already said. Yes tna is small right now,but it's getting bigger. WCW ruled over wwe from 96-98 and it didn't them "20years" to do that. Sweetheart TNA doesn't "buy wash ups" they get their talent because vince is an a**hole. The tna tours are lighter,and tna listens to their wrestlers and fans,wwe does not. Vince has tried to sign Sting,Angle and others recently. They refuse to work for him. Geez stop repeating everything

1157 days ago

Mike L    

TNA doesn't have tours!!! They're playing to a tiny crowd in a theme park!! And on the rare occassion they do go out, its one or two little towns in front of less then 1500 people. Thats not the way to get bigger. People don'*****ch taped wrestling shows. Thats known fact. We get the spoilers on the web and don't care. TNA needs to go live on a weekly basis, not tape 2 or 3 weeks the same damn day and show them as they please. Thats not the way to push story lines.

Do you happen to know why Sting didn't sign with WWE? Its because he couldn't cut it. He knew it, and he didn't think Vince would have the other guys cover up Stings faults. Thats why he's working for almost no money for a nothing organization.

I've known Vince for about 15 years. Even tried wrestling school so I could work for him. He knows better then anyone. He was brought up in the business, and knows whats going on. The Dixie/Serge and JJ don't know **** about running a wrestling company. Its not the same as an Energy company or any other company. What they think they know they really don't. I failed miserably at wrestling, and they'll fail miserably at running TNA.

You don't need to say anything else. Your perception is warped and you're just talking out your ass.

1157 days ago
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