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Murdoch Assailant Warned Thousands Before Attack

7/19/2011 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who attempted to pie Rupert Murdoch in Parliament warned thousands of people before his attack -- posting a cryptic message to his Twitter account just minutes before it went down.


While sitting inside Parliament, Jonathan May-Bowles -- aka Jonnie Marbles -- wrote, "It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat." (So, in addition to pie terrorism, he's a Dickens fan)

And that was just the latest message ... before the final send-off, May-Bowles -- whose Twitter account has nearly 10,000 followers -- repeatedly mocked Murdoch from inside Parliament, writing, "Rupert Murdoch appears to be going senile #hackgate."

He continued, "I'm actually in this committee and can confirm: Murdoch is Mr. Burns."

May-Bowles -- who posted the following politically-charged video to his YouTube account last year -- is currently being detained by British police.


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i dont care what he has dont do something like that to "any" 80 yr old

i hope he gets creamed in another way while in jail

1190 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

You guys see the wife? What a crazy dumb bitch. She got up like the uncivil animal she is and starting violently attacking the guy - then the dumb broad falls to the floor like an idiot. How embarrassing. Everyone else showed civil restraint - but this animal jumps up and starts attacking.

1190 days ago


Another Media Whore looking for 15 min of fame.

Hope he gets 15 months in jail.

1190 days ago


Love that Rupert's wife got a good shot on this loser. Funny that he actually ends up with the pie smeared on his own face. Make Rupert a Knight and give Pie-hole 5 years. That would be justice!

1190 days ago


His wife isn't stupid. She's needs to hang on to this "relationship" for a few more years before the old man croaks. It's in her best interest that Murdoch be as rich as possible before he dies because she sure as hell ain't ******* him for his looks or personality.

1190 days ago

Jolie Blonde    

@Charlie Sheen's Watch
Dude, lay off the crack. You are totally unhinged. Looks like the perp got off easy with just a slap.

1190 days ago


Kudos to whoever thought up "Pie Terrorism" it's brilliant! Thanks.

How about making the State of California a star? I'm referring to Judge Katherine Feinstein's threat to close courts....although the State continues paying for a 1.9 (projected to 3 billion) privacy-stripping computer software program, that most counties don't want, and by the way, has never worked?

Can't the AOC star in that?

Check out the "Bundling" news clip. Could be titled, "How to repeatedly dupe the public for years."

1190 days ago

Rob Base    

Oh but news corp stocks are on there way up. Too bad liberals your wet dream isn't coming true. I got an idea you can open up a pie company expand your business and then take on Murdock with your money. Nah you will just throw pies, complain, and blog unitl your fingers bleed. Keep changing the world by doing nothing losers!

1190 days ago


This is just the beggining of the Murdoch families troubles!

Anyone that knows NewsCorp knows "EVERYONE GETS THE MEMO"!

There are and will be more in depth investigations amongst all his companies.

Murdoch had to become an US citizen in order to own a Broadcast Liscense (FOX) and NewsCorp is the US parent company which is now covered by the (FCPA) Foreign Corruption Practices Act - while bribery could put his son in jeopardy in bothe the US and UK - it's the "spying" that could get them in a lot of trouble!

1190 days ago


In the future presidents will be tweeted dead 5sec. before
they die. Wait & so was just stabbed on twitter
oh my God Harvey Levin just arrived & he's got a knife.

1190 days ago


Nearly all posts are ridiculous comments containing unbridled hate from the left against Rupert Murdoch.

Where were you losers when Sarah Palin's email was hacked by a democrat congressman's kid?

Hiding in the closet with your bong no doubt. Only an attack upon a conservative will bring you out of your hiding to praise a stupid vain, ego-driven attack by a nut case.

I read multiple praise comments for Wikileaks and the hate of America contained therein, with add-ons by the New York Times, yet now you produce all thi*****e for Murdoch.

YOU people need to get a life, now, and quickly. The end of America is near with obama in charge and your easy life of government payouts to your lazy life will end with the upcoming collapse of America under obama.

1190 days ago


Being bad and lazy is so much easier. At least some people want to work. At least act like you want to work. Epic Fail

1190 days ago


but didnt he get bitch slapped by murdochs wife? lol

1190 days ago


What a tool. Now instead of watching Murdoch squirm for the transgressions of his empire, the headlines read, "Murdoch attacked!". Great job, idiot.

1190 days ago


Stay classy tolerant lefty. ...

1190 days ago
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