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Sean Penn

Slams WEB Designer

With Lawsuit

7/19/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn's busting his ass to help Haiti's earthquake recovery -- but the company hired to fix his website failed to put in the same effort ... according to a new lawsuit filed by Sean's charity.


In the suit ... Penn's group -- J/P Haitian Relief Organization -- claims it hired Vividminds in November, 2010 to redesign its website and agreed to pay the firm a total of $25K to complete the job.

According to the docs, filed today in L.A. Superior Court, Penn's group says Vividminds never built a website that was up to snuff -- and just last week Penn called the company to demand they deliver.

The suit claims Vividminds demanded an additional $10K ... and continues to hold "the website hostage."

J/P Haitian Relief Organization is suing for breach of contract and a full refund of its $25,000.


No Avatar


This idoit should leave this country!!!!!! NOW!!!!

1201 days ago


Learn how to spell

1201 days ago


$25k for a website is outrageous and then they want an additional $10k, thieves.

1201 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I'm a college degree holding 25 year former Chicago trib employed art designer and pressman and Adobe trained web programmer, and cannot believe the outrageous monies these celebs and big corps and government get continuously raped for having these crappy websites most have built.

Idiocy I guess when you have so much dough you don't care. Unless you're Charlie Sheen or Sean Penn and like to save for the mountains of drugs they consume.

As for Obama Inc. We know that problem, they don't care because it's OUR MONEY.

1201 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

And even worse, this one is for a freaking 'relief organization'. That's why you don't let or hire Hollywood to raise money for charity. They're morons.

I woulda' and coulda' built this thing for 5 grand tops in a couple days no matter what the whistles and bells are. Brutal. Haiti isn't worth 35 g's!!

1201 days ago


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1201 days ago


I agree with #1. Why doesn't this jerk off drive a half hour from his mansion and help the homeless and hungry in LA? And for any of u geniuses that will say he already does it's not enough. Why help people in another country when you have babies dying in your back yard. Move there

1201 days ago


@Chicago Nick

$5k for any website, couple days tops, no matter the bells and whistles? Sorry, but you're full of it. This isn't GeoCities. College degrees mean nothing in the internet industry given how quickly technologies become obsolete, so get off your high horse there, pal.

Furthermore, being a business owner of a very successful web development firm, I can tell you clearly have no clue what you're talking about, as even the smallest web site (when developed PROPERLY) takes at minimum a week.

$25k for a website, especially one as large as I imaging this particular one could be, is not far fetched. On average, my firm charges between $15-$30k, and each takes approximately 2-3 months with a couple developers, and a designer.

If you're such a hotshot, why don't you go develop Google, or Facebook, and give us all the address by Friday (That's three days!) Oh, and don't go sayin' you're "too busy to do so, otherwise you would," because no matter how you try to spin it, you sound like an idiot.

1201 days ago


Oh Spicoli, you'll never learn

1201 days ago


Now ya see where the money raised for Haiti is going? $25k? I can build a site stella site for $500 for him. WOW.

one of the sites I build and

1201 days ago


The site, as it is now, looks like a fairly simple Joomla template site, nothing spectacular at all. $15-25K would be the common price range for a site that's outsourced to a web design agency. There is, of course, a lot of overhead built into that price. A good local freelancer could do it for considerably less but finding a good honest freelancer can be a problem if you don't know somebody.

The other thing we don't know is if Penn was requesting a lot of bells and whistles. Project "scope creep" is often a problem with dealing with demanding clients, and, based on his public persona, I'd assume Penn is probably a demanding client.

1201 days ago


Such a phony - this loser has been photographed everywhere ELSE in the world but Haiti during the last year, but still continues to insist he lives there.
When the cameras leave after a major catastrophe, so does Sean, just like after Katrina.

1201 days ago


I know he is trying, but just how much relief has Haiti actually recieved??? It appears that not a brick has been picked up, people are in tents all over the island and progress seems to be an illusion. Not calling Penn a grandstander cause he has ass on ground, but something should be showing as progress....

1201 days ago


Instead of 'asking' for money/donations, they should shut up, and donate it themselves - IF they want to, in the first place. Personally, it's really a qurstion of return on your investment. We KNOW that helping Japan WILL generate money in the future. Haiti? Honestly: What? Say what you will, but, it's senseless to CONTINUALLY help assist someone/someplace and see NOTHING for the investment - and what I MEAN - before you scream 'that's racist,' I'll give you a simple (REAL world) analogy: After WW2, when Japan, Germany were bombed to hell, we supported them, and within a DECADE or so, they were on their ways to becoming economic powerhouses.

On the other hand, there's been money ENDLESSLY poured into Haiti, etc, and....WHAT? Oh - MORE handouts. MORE of those ANNOYING (CCF commercials about 'poor little (fill n he name) and he dirty water, no education...

It HASN'T changed, it ISN'T GOING to change - PERIOD.

1201 days ago


Really dip****? You think you're gonna fix a country that way below the poverty line before the quake? You and your idiot friends can throw a buttload of ca***** this country and it will still be a toilet. There are children in the US who don't have food or a home, what about them? I remember when people described you as a hothead or nut but a real good actor. Now you're not even an actor, just a nutjob!

1201 days ago
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