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My Ex-Bodyguard's Lying

About Drugs, Farts

7/20/2011 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has a simple reaction to the latest allegations made by a former bodyguard who now claims Brit was on drugs, farted incessantly, and hardly showered.

Sources directly connected with Britney tell TMZ, the singer has a simple response to Fernando Flores' allegations -- "He's a liar."

Flores -- who is suing Brit for sexual harassment -- now claims she uses methamphetamines, farts a lot, picks her nose and has terrible hygiene practices. 

Flores only worked for Britney for a very short period of time.


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i think the guy is just out to make a quick $$$$

1161 days ago


Nasty Farts are exacerbated by opiates and other substances she is ingesting--OMG she is Hideous--I would hate to wander if she is cooter pooting as well??

1161 days ago


Athina 36 minutes ago
Why would this opportunist mention farts in a lawsuit? What's that got to do with anything? Did he slip on a Britney fart and break his leg? Did he get whiplash from the fart? Did the fart attack him in a back alley? Am I missing something here?

ROFLMAO!!! Thanks Athina, that's the best laugh I've had all day lol!
As for the bodyguard, he's out to make money out of Britney - hell why not her ex hubby does too, and as for the claims of sexual harassment, um, he did know who he was going to work for didn't he? Useless muppet, as I recall the other staff said he was a newbie and never got that close to Brit lol! He knows he's on thin ground with proving the sexual harassment so he's going on an all out attack to suggest she was drug addicted using the old adages of the extra farting, the bad hygeine and as for picking her nose(?!)

She was in her own private home and as long as it wasn't illegal or causing a danger to herself, her kids or anyone else she can do what the F*** she likes!! Just like everyone of us! There is not a person alive who doesn't fart, and btw her meds for the bi-polar may just be causing extra flatulence who knows - who cares?! I would love for some private detective to film him in his own home and then we'll see just what he gets up to hm?! His finger is probably drilling into his brain via his nostrils at home - there is NOBODY that hasn't at some stage had a finger up their nose in their lifetime! Perhaps we should check his laundry basket too, find out if he's washing HIS clothes or just hosing down in the garden lol!!!

Really, all this guy wants is his 15 mins of fame and to be known for getting a settlement out of Brit, then he'd get his own z list reality show and offer us his opinions on everything, when we could care less what this braincell lacking muppet thinks about anything lol! That's probably why he got the job with Brit in the first place and after such a short time is now suing for everything under the sun!
Wait for it, the next instalment will include the unheard of
most disgusting thing ever, she pisses in the loo like everyone else lol!!

1161 days ago


Perfect photo for the story.

1161 days ago



1161 days ago


What would you expect.? She is from Kentwood, Louisiana.

1161 days ago



Oh I'm sorry, you mean they don't fart where you come from? Jeez, now where in the living world could that be since even animals fart lol!! Got a gold and diamond, enscribed clip for your ars* where you come from hm?! As for the finger up the nose, look in the mirror and tell yourself you never have, then watch your reflection laugh in your face!! That's if you believe a man who's sexual harassment suit is on such thin ice he has to come up with this cr*p to remind us he exists hm?! You do? Hey, I've still got my goldmine lol!!

1161 days ago


i've always said she looks like her ******mells like fish. she's a f'n pig. team bodyguard!

1161 days ago


awe man... is she back to making those dopey faces again? I hope that's not a recent pic.

1160 days ago

Jarky Drapedoor    

Wow, it's nothing Febreeze NOTICEABLES, they guarantee it too.

As far as farts go, there's MyShreddies, guaranteed solution and nobody will ever know, and nobody cares, heck they do care and you're doing them all a great service.

I know that's pretty shallow to plug my favorite solutions like that but they work.

1160 days ago

Renee Tolson    

The girl is a pig but I don't buy the meth. She's not skinny enough and he didn't say she picks her face off. Everything else, yep. Gross

1160 days ago


Just trying to get something out of nothing,that man a petty fart fellower i mean smeller lol

1160 days ago


Really? She farts? and her feet stink lol ohemgee put her on the next train straight to hell hahaha! Seriously who cares. She's human. That ex bodyguard is a total idiot and attentionwhore.

1160 days ago


This loser was just pissed cause he couldn't get in the candy store. dead beat. so freaken what we all fart pick are noses at some point in time. & i'm sure she bathes all the time. sexual harrasement. what a dead beat. hope he never gets another job with anyone from hollywood. you will be his meal ticket. but i'm sure he won't get a $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

1160 days ago


so raise your hand if u are that one person on earth that never evr farted..... or never put your hand close to your nose as to ' pick ' it...what nonesense.....what on earth is wrong with these people ?are they aliens that dont know nothin about passing gas...or perhaps never have had nasal secretions ...maybe never a cold.....what a jerk are you made of wood..?maybe Brit is a little more ' human ' than most people want her to be....including u loser ' body ' guard.Why not call him orefices guard...? Or body parts passage openings guard......would that be his job description?

1160 days ago
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