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Jesse Metcalfe -- Topless PDA with a Blonde

7/20/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Showing off his buff, supple, buxom pecs, Jesse Metcalfe rolled around shirtless with some hot blonde on Venice Beach yesterday.


That's what you call splendor in the grass.


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For a second thought that was pari******on. you know, i wouldn't be surprised it was her. wasn't this jesse guy on a soap opera but left the show because he thought he was so good looking that his looks can make it in hollywood but failed miserably? lol

1153 days ago

chesty larue    

he's gross.

1153 days ago


somethings wrong with his chest, there's no muscle seperation at all, just a big lump.. ?

1153 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

She looks like Pari******on.

1153 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

What is wrong with the name P A RI S H I L T O N

1153 days ago


Yes...there is definately something off about his chest. Such a shame too...

1153 days ago


Buff? Supple? Buxom pecs? They look like some seriously messed up man boobs! That uniboob he's sporting is NOT attractive at all!
His arm candy needs some lessons in class. Flashing her cootchie for everyone to see is NOT classy!

1153 days ago


That girl needs to gain a few.

1153 days ago


WHAT has happen to the young women in this country? When did it go out of style to carry yourself like a lady?

Do these girls have mothers? Are they the mothers from the show Real Housewives? Because I can't figure out whenit was okay to behave like a pig in public.

There is zero shame now, nothing is off limits with girls taday. Ya want to see my boobs? Okay then! You want to see my crotch and kitty? Okay then!
You want to see me reveal all of most personal information to my 682 'friends' on Facebook? Okay then! You want me to talk like a truck driver in public? Okay then!
You want me to be a sloppy drunk in the bar and watch me get into a fistfight, and during that fistfight have my boobs fall out? Okay then!

Now, I get that it that not all young women act like this....but....these seem to be the chicks the rest of them look up to!

Ladies, it's okay to act respectable, it really is okay not to conduct yourself like a hooker in public. It is okay to smart and not a bad girl.

Men don't care! All they are after is what this young dumb girl is showing them now!

Don't be a pig, get a clue and act like a lady already!!! Men do not bring home this girl to their They play with girl and leave her in the dust.

1153 days ago


Well, Jesse accomplished his goal--he got on TMZ!

1153 days ago


link to pic without the black bar?

1153 days ago


Why ruin the shot with that black strip?

1153 days ago

The girl is hot. This guy is a loser and needs a refund on his boob job.

1153 days ago


she looks like a homeless pari******on. i used to think he is hot but whats wrong with his boobs??

1153 days ago


Jesse has a severe case of Gynecomastia.

The 3 most common causes are:

Anabolic Steroids

I can see he's been trying hard to work out the area in hopes of eliminating the extra tissue. Unfortunately, he's gonna require surgery.

1153 days ago
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