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Kelsey and Camille Grammer Settle Custody ... For Now

7/20/2011 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife Camille have settled their child custody dispute -- but only temporarily.  And make no mistake about it -- they're still at war.


Sources tell TMZ ... the agreement outlines who gets the kids, when and where, etc.  We're told Camille will have both kids more than Kelsey, but the agreement accommodates Kelsey's work schedule.

The kids will not be separated.  You'll recall, at one point Kelsey's lawyer recommended that the couple's son would fly to Chicago to stay with him, and their daughter would stay with Camille in L.A.

Our sources say the underlying issues between the couple have not been resolved -- i.e., money and permanent custody.   

We're told Camille is bitter at the way Kelsey has treated her and the kids, while Kelsey is angry because he feels Camille has been disrespectful to his new wife.


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A man does not leave his mate unless there is no love shown towards him. It also takes two to tangle. Sounds like they both are very much into their own little worlds. I feel sorry for the children. Hopefully there is a grandparent available.

1199 days ago


Disrespectful of his new wife?! Someone find this man a clue, he appears to be without.

1199 days ago


F*ck his new ugly wife and down on his luck, recovering addict Kelsey.

1199 days ago


Maybe Kelsey traded in for newer plastic. Camille got a boat load of money. Their kids are well taken care of.

1199 days ago


I wonder what her claim to fame will be once the divorce is final? No one would know who she was if it weren't for kelsey.

1199 days ago


So Kelsey cheats, impregnates his mistress then demands a quickie divorce. Now he wants his ex-wife to respect the new one (and get over it!!) and he wants to separate the kids? Wow. Sounds like he wants it all, his way, NOW - kind of like a toddler would. These things take time to resolve and wounds need time to heal. The marriage wasn't good, the parties involved are flawed, I get it but for crying out loud Kelsey, give Camille a break. There had to be some love involved, otherwise it wouldn't be so ugly now.

1199 days ago


Camille Grammer was paid a lot of money from the divorce.

Don't understand the problem, other than she has to keep up with status.

Beverly Hills wives not working so well.

1199 days ago

South Beach    

Kelsey, don't worry about it, the new wife will be history in less than 2 years. She'll get fed up with your BS but stay long enough to get a payday going out the door.

1199 days ago


phew. Someone crack a window. I tooted again.

1199 days ago


Kelsey must have been raised by his divorced mother, and now it's payback time, and wants to share his chilhood pain by being a serial father with his children, and new wife.

I feel we have been deceieved with his show Fraiser as an innocent phsycholigist character trying to play a father figure with one liners explaining the big, and small quesions of life with a big laugh at the end. Where the laugh was on his fans, and now looking like a fool trying to find respect with his new wife, and nobody is left laughing.

1199 days ago


debbiedoesnothing 7 hours ago

Let's see. You cheat on Camille with another younger woman, get the other woman pregnant, demand a quickie divorce so you can marry the other woman. Then you complain because Camille is disrespectful to her? Grow the **** up, Kelsey.


1199 days ago


I can't stand Camille, but COME ON!!! She was there for him throughout the toughest times in his life and he repays her by having an affair, pushing for a quickie divorce, trying to split up the kids - what a total POS. Take him for as much as you can, Camille.

1199 days ago


Of course she's gonna be disrespectful to his new wife, the bitch broke them up! I'm not the biggest fan of Camille, but I AM 100% on her side with this!

1199 days ago


Kelsey is such a waste of skin - he was married to Camille for 14 years and She was the one who actually invested the money and made it grow. He's now on his 4th marriage to a "bobble-headed bimbo" who he cheated with behind his wife's back then wants to separate the kids from their marriage and "he doesn't like the disrespect Camille shows to his new quickie marriage wifey"???? Suck it up Kelsey - you are a POS! Can't stand the p.r.i.c.k!

1199 days ago


Kelsey is an ass. I was never a fan but I respected him as an actor (and guest appearance as Side Show Bob) but now I see that he's the biggest ass, ***** in the universe. To cheat on his wife, then sweep her under the rug, trying to throw her away. He is the one who cheated and then he tried to take the kids on full custody. Stripping Camille of her right as a parent. Why should a cheater want full custody and then just custody of one kid. Then be angry at his new wife being disrespected? How about the reality where he and his new wife disrespected Camille by cheating. Camille has acted like a real lady.
Kelsey, you're an A*hole
I'll never watch another show with him again.

1199 days ago
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