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'Swamp People' Star

Mmmmm ... Rodent Stew

7/21/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It ain't your mama's Southern cookin' -- "Swamp Star" Troy Landry tells TMZ, he's working on his own little COOKBOOK featuring real backwoods bayou faves ... and it includes rodent stew!!!!!


According to Landry -- the guy who basically cooks everything on the show -- SEVERAL publishers have already approached him about a book deal since "SP" premiered last year ... but he's still weighing his options.

Landry tells us, he's currently compiling a master list of all his recipes -- which includes his most famous dish called "Nutria Sauce Piquante" ... a gumbo made from a semiaquatic rodent called a nutria ... basically an over-sized rat.

Troy says he picked up his recipes while working at his father's restaurant as a kid -- but don't worry ... we're told the cookbook still has kinda normal things ... you know, like deep South chicken (okay, still scary).

As for his dad's restaurant -- it shut down a few years back. Sad? Yes. Surprising? No comment.


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Nutria (or nutria rat as some call them) is a rodent, just like beavers (yes, beavers are rodents), mice, rats, and rabbits. They are hunted for their pelts in some areas and can destroy crops such as corn and sugar cane. The meat has a good flavor. As for all the pencil headed nutcases that look down their noses at the good people from the bayou, you should look in a mirror. Most of those folks are bi-lingual, very intelligent, and would make you look like a moron if you ever attempted to carry on an intelligent conversation with them.

1190 days ago


Sauce piquant is not a gumbo. They aren't crocodiles. They aren't shooting them with shotguns. But you morons call them idiots?

1190 days ago


This is the only reality show I can watch on television. I love those guys, and Liz.

1190 days ago


no wonder these idiots have heart problems.......they are the bottom of the barrel...americas shame...uneducated b'stards! and they show marathons on these people on the History Channel...Now how is some backwoods idiots history?

1190 days ago


again reality shows the dumbing down of Americans..

1190 days ago

VAL R    


1190 days ago


Hey.....Troy's daddy's restaurant, "Duffy's" was AWESOME....Mr. Duffy Landry knew how to cook anything. It was great, homestyle food and was a very successful restaurant. They served their version of classic foods. They did serve alligator, but I never saw any nutria dishes there.....but people eat nutria down the bayou and say it is good. Pierre Part is a little town, but people came to Duffy's from Baton Rouge (not even an hour away) and all over Louisiana. So...I say....DON'T KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT!

1190 days ago


@VAlR, maybe you ought to watch the show to learn a few things about living on the bayou. I was raised to hunt and I was taught to not kill for sport or as you say the "joy of it", we kill only what we need to feed or support our family. What these people are doing is not killing for sport this is a way of life that has been going on for generations. People want to say they are morons or idiots but ya'll ignorance is showing with not learning another person's culture. PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals and damn nutria taste really really good, especially in a stew.

1190 days ago


We're dumbing down America? Huney i don't think so. A LOT of you should make a trip down here & maybe you'd learn a thing or two about not being so judgmental. We are good, hard working people. And yea, Louisiana food is the best! If you've ever come down here & tried something, you'll go home & talk about it for the rest of your life. You don't have to attend college to be smart. We are smart in the ways that we live. We're a proud people. If you don't like it, then simply change the channel. And we are definitely COON ASSES not hicks. Why don't YOU learn something for once!

1190 days ago


And another thing, Troy Landry deserves some respect. He didn't ask for this sudden fame, he was doing them a favor by showing them around. He's smart enough to make even more money off of it with his clothing & merchandise & hopefully soon cookbook! And after all of this, if his bank is over flowing, he'll still be the same good ole boy Troy. Working hard. There is no place like southern Louisiana, no place at all. And i love my swamp and my friends & neighbors. If some of your comments reflect the way people are in other places, then i damn sure don't ever want to go anywhere else. We don't need you to look down on us, we have everything that we need. We make a way! And yes the comment about the end of the world, it'll be us COON ASSES that survive because we know how to. We like the way that we live our lives, keep your rude ass comments to yourselves.

1190 days ago

mais oui cher    

If we had more strong, tough, hard working, family loving people in this country like Troy Landry , we damn sure would not be going bankrupt and letting the government grope us while we cower in the corner like crybabies because of some fairy tale about men in caves coming to get us, when it's the DC criminals that you wimps worship. You critics are effete simpering foolish snobs, dumbed down and divorced from the goodness of the land and hard work. You no longer recognize real MEN and WOMEN exhibiting simple good strength. These good Louisiana Cajuns are FREE. They are not stuck behind desks, filling out forms, cowering and afraid of guns, death, work, and life. I love their spirit of wild joyful exuberant FREEDOM. We could use some more red blood in this society which has gone from boisterous achievers to government worshiping slaves and fools.

1190 days ago


We're all born where we're born so we eat what we eat if you where born there you'd be eating those animals to who say we're right it'b a boring world if we where all the same I LOVE THIS SHOW it shows us how others live and survive

1189 days ago


Hey don't knock Troy or any of the other guys on that show. If anyone thinks that it's stupid it must be because they are from up North and could/would never make down here in the south. Seems like the "Yankee's" are the ones who are always trying to recreate/make our Texas BBQ and Lousiana fried chicken. Yall have no idea what good food is.

1189 days ago


mmmmm yum yum. A big fat nasty a** rat on my plate. How appetizing!!
@bobby smith---you need to seek help fast and in a hurry.

1189 days ago


For all you morons who are criticizing this show, you are the real idiots. Dumbing down America, this show not being history, bunch of uneducated hicks; you should really educate yourself. We people from southern Louisiana are not hicks, we are coon asses, cajuns, french, and Native Americans like myself. If you've watched the show we have been living like this for over 300 years, sounds like history to me, how do you think your ancestors were living 300 years ago, they weren't eating in fine dining restaurants. I read one comment talking about us having heart disease, um, most of the food we catch and eat down here is clean lean meat i.e. alligator meat(lean white meat), fish, crabs, crawfish, even nutria(even though I've never eaten it myself). I'd like to know how many of you critics have eaten hot dogs or bratwurst, those are much more healthy, NOT! We people down here work hard, play hard,live free, care for our families and have more heart than the rest of you corporate sheep. I'd like to know how many of you who don't understand us could wrestle and kill 200-300 alligators in 30 days if you had to feed your families, I'd guess not many. In this economy we do what we have to do to support our families without filing social security, claiming welfare or relying on our failing gov't. for help, to me that should be applauded instead of criticized. So for all you critics of us down here, the last I checked New Orleans was ranked #1 in the country for it's food, so educate yourself, then go back to eating your healthy hot dogs on the way to your paper filing desk job.

1189 days ago
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