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Arnold's Divorce Response

Conflict Over Support

7/21/2011 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed his response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition, and the former couple is at odds over whether Maria should get spousal support.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold's lawyer, Bob Kaufman, checked the box on the legal docs asking the judge to terminate any right on Maria's part to get spousal support.  Maria asked for spousal support in her petition.

Arnold -- like Maria -- is asking for joint custody of the couple's two minor children.

And there's another conflict.  Maria is asking Arnold to pay for her attorney's fees.  Arnold's response asks that the judge make each party foot the bill for their respective lawyers.

TMZ broke the story ... there is no prenup, so under California law both Arnold and Maria are entitled to a 50/50 split of all earnings and property accumulated during their 25-year marriage.  The two are estimated to be worth around $400 million.

Fact is ... since -- as we first reported -- Arnold will get the very expensive family home -- Maria will probably end up with at least as much if not more cash than Arnold, so spousal support may become a non-issue ... especially since Arnold isn't earning any real money right now.


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He should of never cheated and had a child with the maid. He doesn't have enough money to pay for her & the children's hurt & embarrassment.

1169 days ago

Old Enough    

She put her career on hold so that he could be Governor. He cheated on her so I hope that she's awarded huges sums of spousal support for years and years.

1169 days ago


Miss "Goodytwoshoes" shows her SHOCKING GREEDY side!

Typical Californian Ex-Wench

1169 days ago


We don't need TMZ's pseudo law expertise assessing what Maria should receive. I'm sure her attorney has his chit more together than Harvey and his sophomoric cronies.

Arnold should indeed pay her attorney fees, if he hadn't effed up she wouldn't have had to hire an attorney.

1169 days ago


Arnold - a fairly well known(among the hip and knowledgeable) muscle beach/hollywood homosexual - wisely realized 25 years ago that the hershey highway was the road to nowhere and thus married this icky stinkfish, made (Lesbianism most foul!) babies and rose to the top in politics as a 'family man' (LOL!)

1169 days ago


Arnie is a womanizer and he knows it... she knows it, therefore I'm sure it was no big shock to her that he's been cheating for years. I think she jumped at the divorce because she knew America was about to find out about bastard jr. and she wasn't going to go down like that. Spousal support?? She's gotta be f'n joking. Just because you can doesn't mean you should and in this case I don't blame Arnie for not wanting to pay. 50/50 and you two will be fine for the rest of your life. Let it go.

1169 days ago


There should be no such thing as spousal support anyway.

1169 days ago


She deserves all the money she can get after what he has done and put her and the children through. He deserves nothing and should get on his knees and beg not to go to hell!

1169 days ago


Ridiculous! Splitting 400 million and she wants more? Just plain greedy!

1169 days ago

Tom Cruise    

If your getting $4400 million WTF do you need spousal support for? We all get that Arnold failed you but Jesus how greedy can one possibly be or vindictive?

1169 days ago


Absolutely, Arnold should pay the legals costs on both sides, since he is the one that caused the litigation and the dissolution of the marrige to happen by his deceit and ***********.

1169 days ago


I wish they had stayed together.I wish this had been kept quiet.It is all too bad.

1169 days ago


split it down the middle and be done with it

1169 days ago


She gave up totally her news career, which was blossoming when she married that over grown ape, and she has endured more pain and agony and humiliation far beyond what has been put out there to the press I am sure. If there is anyone on this earth that should get spousal support, just for having to put up with that creep, its Maria. I know there is money on her side of the wall also, but she sacrificed for him! She had to pretend like she supported his REPUBLICAN side of thinking, when her family have
long been DEMOCRATIC ROYALTY for years. She gave up more that money, more than accomplishments of her own. When he tried to take her DIGNITY, and she refused to let him damage it, she gained something far more important than money. Think of all the time she had to go on and live with that vapid cave man, knowing that she was mearly hanging onto the marriage not to embarass her father and mother. She knew that news like that would probably devastate them. Once they were on to their heavenly rewards, she fixed the problem. Give her more money than she will ever need. She helped him make the money, he never helped her make anything except the kids, which is pretty important.Knowing Maria, she will use the money not for her own financial gain thats taken care of thanks to her Dad and Mom, but she will be able to make sure that HER 4 children are set and established and not in any fear of slipping to where they have to lean on ol POPPA for anything. Besides, he has at least 5 other illegitamate ones running around in the LA area alone.
He is gonna be busy going to multiple tapings of the Maury Povitch show, and he will get really tired of hearing Maury say
"ARNOLD, YOU ARE THE FATHER...." And he will be wtiting check after check after check for long overdue child support. Poor Arnold, too bad he is way over the hill now and cant fit into his TERMINATOR costumes any longer. Maybe he could make another movie where HE has another baby...yep..that would be good, I wouldnt go see it, would YOu??

1169 days ago


i very much doubt there's any conflict about splitting the fortune. My guess is that there is some legal strategy involved in the way they are filing even though maria won't need support.

1169 days ago
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