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Arnold's Divorce Response

Conflict Over Support

7/21/2011 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed his response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition, and the former couple is at odds over whether Maria should get spousal support.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold's lawyer, Bob Kaufman, checked the box on the legal docs asking the judge to terminate any right on Maria's part to get spousal support.  Maria asked for spousal support in her petition.

Arnold -- like Maria -- is asking for joint custody of the couple's two minor children.

And there's another conflict.  Maria is asking Arnold to pay for her attorney's fees.  Arnold's response asks that the judge make each party foot the bill for their respective lawyers.

TMZ broke the story ... there is no prenup, so under California law both Arnold and Maria are entitled to a 50/50 split of all earnings and property accumulated during their 25-year marriage.  The two are estimated to be worth around $400 million.

Fact is ... since -- as we first reported -- Arnold will get the very expensive family home -- Maria will probably end up with at least as much if not more cash than Arnold, so spousal support may become a non-issue ... especially since Arnold isn't earning any real money right now.


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Arnold and your attorney, seriously? Arnold had an affair with the maid and she got pregnant by him? Had his child and continued working for them? That child is what 12 yrs old? Keeping that secret for THAT long, another child and Maria believing she had a somewhat happy marriage and was standing by her man for years?

Arnold buckle up that gut and give the LADY what she wants. Because 1. she is a lady 2. she did not deserve any of this you have dished out to her for so many years 3. she is the mother of your children and wife of 25 yrs 4. she took care of you and with her name got you in a position to do the Governorship thing.

Just pay her, seriously, and stop the gossip. Believe me, no one has any sympathy for you or the 400million you are worth. As a man you are not worth anything.

Best of Luck as always Maria

A 51 yr old Grandma :)

1159 days ago


Shows you just how much of a Kennedy old Maria really is.

She's leaving the marriage with over 200 MILLION DOLLARS and she demands spousal support.

Those Kennedy's sure love the dollar.

1159 days ago


maria is getting millions from this divorce and she's asking for financial spousal support? what judge with the right mind will grant her this? but if you think about it with the divorce laws in california, i wouldn't be surprised if she was granted spousal support. stupid california laws.

1159 days ago


i think of arnold a*****lers (p)rick b'stard child that lived!

1159 days ago


F... that skelton looking B it ch. wtg anrold

1159 days ago

pay up    

OMG REALLY????? Why is he fighting her on this issue????? He is the one that went and screwed the help and got the ugly b*tch knocked up. He should give her anything she wants. If he wouldn't have screwed the maid this wouldn't be an issue. He got caught now pay the woman what she wants. Its seriously the least he can do. Just sign the papers and let her have what she wants. No need for him to speak because noone can really understand him anyways. I hope the judge racks his azz and gives her everything. Deserves the low life right. He better be glad he isn't married to me because TMZ would have another story about a pissed off female chopping Mr. Happy off. You would have thought he could have found someone atleast half way decent looking to cheat on her with but NOOOOOOOOOOO he picked the ugliest b*tch in Cali. That poor kid is just as ugly. But not his fault he has two ugly parents. Maybe when his momma does a tell all book she can get him some work done. Least give him a chance.

1159 days ago


What did she expect? ..........he's Austrian!

1159 days ago


Maria is not poor by any stretch of the imagination, I dont think her career has suffered any. She can get a job anyday. That is just greed to ask for spousal support, when everything is being split down the middle. He is paying support for the children, as it should be, but she sure doesnt need it. I dont condone what has happened , but I also dont know why it takes two to make or break a marriage.

1159 days ago


I hope Maria STICKS IT to Aronold like Arnold STUCK IT to the State!

1159 days ago


In California, without a prenup, it is common practice for spousal support to be paid for half the time of the marriage if married over 10 years. So, Arnold, most likely will end up paying her for 12 years. It does not matter that he does not have a job, he gets paid for speaking engagements and book rights, as well as income from assets and holdings. He should pay her spousal support. She supported him while he was banging the maid all of those years! Dirtbag!!!!

1159 days ago


He should pay the legal fees. His affair...his fault.

He is just being a jerk. I think he knows his high earning potential is behind him and I highly doubt his future acting career will take off like a rocket. It's not like he is a good actor anyway. The explosions and high speed chases are the real stars of his movies. He is too old to continue to be the "Army of One" blowing up, running after and taking out the bad guys. I highly doubt "Terminator: The Golden Years" set in a retirement home will be a block buster.

1159 days ago


"TMZ broke the story ... there is no prenup, so under California law both Arnold and Maria are entitled to a 50/50 split"

About time TMZ reports it right... Either party can fight for 50% but they don't auto get it or forced if they do not want it.. Maria could give Arnold all of her money and just split with 5mill and say f it all... we all know that's not going to happen but I don't see her taking much of his when she has 100mill of her own.

1159 days ago


She should get ABSOLUTELY everything she is asking for. He is the reason all this is happening. There is always a price to pay for your actions. Suck it up Arnold! Did he really think there would be no consequences to all this? I hope he loses everything and I will never watch another one of his movies again. Lost all respect5 for him!!

1159 days ago


Doesn't Maria have millions of 'Kennedy' money? Why does she need spousal support in addition to half of everything? Insane.

1159 days ago


She has her own money,maybe more then him so why should he support her? Typical greedy *itch! She had money when they married and she'll be getting half of the 400 million they made during the marriage.This is why there are so many murder/suicide.

1159 days ago
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