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Lindsay Lohan: I Saw This Lawsuit Coming ...

7/21/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan isn't shocked one bit that Dawn Holland is suing her over the Betty Ford incident -- telling friends Dawn is MAKING UP the accusations just to bilk her out of millions of dollars.

Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

Lindsay has ALWAYS maintained that Dawn was twisting the facts for a cash grab -- and now Lohan believes Dawn's lawsuit -- set to be filed this morning -- proves everything she suspected all along.

We're told Lindsay is adamant she NEVER laid a hand on Dawn during a late night confrontation at the rehab center back in December -- and strongly believes Dawn won't get a SINGLE cent out of her pocket.

Lindsay has another legal issue to deal with today -- she's due in court at 10 AM for a progress report in her necklace theft case. We'll be there -- and so will she -- so stay tuned!

Lindsay Lohan Betty Ford


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Blood Red Witch 7 minutes ago

Hey Madisyn and Andy,

I was laughing at the ROL thing. I swear andy is picking up online stalkers faster than he can blink. They all miss him when he isn't there.

Andy, did you see? Papa lohan yelled at me last nite! Why? I am so sweet.


cocaine is a hell of a drug.

you are messing with a very unstable person.
he has issues that run real deap. be careful.

watch what you say him having your name was not the best idea

1187 days ago


Dawn should absolutely sue the pants off Blohan.
I believe loserhan hit her and was out drinking, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED if whorehan would have taken her breathalizer. But the career criminal got on the phone with mommy, refused, hit the woman, than had her dad promise her a payout not to sue.

Those Lohan's are trash and you can't clean them up. Lindsay is an entitled brat who will hopefully never work in movies again.

Go Dawn, the lohan's tried to SCREW you now screw them back.

1187 days ago



Beautifully put.

Sadly Dina and Ali (Nicole and Susan) are trolling in full force.

1187 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


*sheepish face* I didnt think about that. I will follow you're advice. No more playing and being silly like that. You are right on this. I didnt say ANYTHING mean at all. Thanks hun.

1187 days ago


Lindsay swearing something means nothing, nothing, nothing. It's up to the courts or a judge or a mediator to figure out what - if anything - happened and determine a solution from there.

1187 days ago


I'm sure Lindsay will get of****ain! She should have been charged for refusing the breathalyzer test and sneaking out! You know if you or I were in rehab and we snuck out to drink and broke curfew, we'd be in the slammer for years! These judges, parole officers make me sick!! They will be held accoutable when Lindsay really hurts someone!

1187 days ago


You shouldn't work in a rehab facility if you aren't able to cope with desperate people who are working out their issues. The patients didn't start doing drugs because they know healthy ways to deal with their pain, or anger. What makes these workers think that when someone is off drugs that all of a sudden they can deal with all their emotions in a rational and practical manner? I am not saying that violence should be allowed or even tolerated, but I don't think that workers in a drug rehab facility should be able to take a patient to court for minor actions that occur while in treatment.

1187 days ago


Susan...."shes so transparent I'm embarrassed for her."
Based on your comments Susan, I am sure you are very familiar with embarrassment.

1187 days ago


Every time I see her face, I fall further enraptured, so angelic!

1187 days ago


Why would ANYONE support Lindsay Lohan? In any incident, who are ya gonna believe? Lindsay?? Lol! Also as many of mentioned, stand in line Shawn with the lawsuits and good luck getting any money. She's so broke. Bad couple of days here for Linds.

1187 days ago


maybe you should have sent her flowers like you did the jewelery store.

did you send some to the black kid that was driving?

how many trees have lost their lives to make up the warehouse of paperwork filed against lindsay.

can she write off court cost fines and law suits on her taxes?

1187 days ago


C'mon. Does anybody really doubt that Lohan behaved badly??!! NOT pressing charges and initially downplaying the incident was Dawn's biggest mistake. I hope she wins...

1187 days ago


I wonder why TMZ doesnt have the inside scoop on Lindsay's court hearing also Radar beat you guys to the punch.

Get your sh*t together TMZ!

1187 days ago


At this point, I'm honestly not sure who's less believable. Lindsay is a pathological liar who's been EXTREMELY lucky with regards to ducking jail time.
I know Holland is trying to make a quick buck, but I don't think that should instantly mean her allegations are nto true. I can EASILY believe Lindsay did this.

1187 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Funny how the Lohan fans keep calling everyone else idiots, when they allow that skank Lindsay to continue to get away with each and every thing she does. She has a long long history of lies and deceptions, yet you Lohan fans think she should be trusted, and everyone else is out of touch? Unbelievable!!

What exactly has she done to earn your trust and loyalty? Hmm?

1187 days ago
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