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Gruesome Details In Death of NBA Player

7/21/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of murdered NBA star Lorenzen Wright is suing officials in Germantown, TN -- claiming it wouldn't have taken police 9 days to find his corpse if cops would simply have had Internet access.


Wright was shot and killed in July 2010. A witness called 911 during the shooting ... but the caller never disclosed Wright's location. Still, Wright's family believes cops should have tracked the origin of the call with a common Internet program ... which would have allowed them to quickly locate Wright and possibly save his life.

Instead, it took cops 9 days to find Wright's body -- and by that time, the family claims ... "the exposure to the elements including substantial rain, extreme heat, indigenous animals and insects had reduced the remains from roughly 225 lbs to 57 lbs."

So why didn't the cops have Internet access???? Wright's family claims officials had BLOCKED the police from using online programs because certain officers had been abusing their web access.

Wright's family is devastated -- and wants the city to fork over more than $2 million in damages.

Wright was 34 years old at the time of his death. So far, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.

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sue the cops because they didn't have internet to track a phone number? Idiots! #1: if they caller came from a cell phone -- it's not traceable with those "programs" you are referring to! #2: if the "witness" had left a real message maybe the police could have done something about it; #3: you wait 4 days to report your loved one missing? I can just feel the love from here you stupid idiots! #4: if your loved one, you know, again, the one you waited 4 days to report missing; hadn't been hanging out with the wrong type of people (gun toting ones), then your money would be still be alive! Why don't you sue everyone in your family for being low life sleeze buckets!!

1156 days ago


Maybe Lorenze shouldn't have been having all the illegal drug dealings and he wouldn't have gottem mowed down. Everything that happened is on Wright, money had already dried up, now they just want more. Good luck bleeding the broke city of Memphis out of money.

1156 days ago


Reality: check yourself. I am a female and I am defending the cops.

1156 days ago


AverageTMZLoser :im broke and my life sucks i get a check from the gov so im going to leave a dump comment about BLK ppl after that i think i will feel better about myself but after a while i will start feeling depressed again because no matter how much i spew hateful things from the safety of my house my life never gets better i hate seeing successful blk ppl because i don't understand how any of them can be successful this goes against everything that i believe in wtf tmz always trying to show positive things about blk ppl.

1156 days ago


More like buzzards trying to profit from the death of a loved one.

1156 days ago


I agree with Stiletto....The family is almost out of money so it's time to play the blame game....FIGURES!!! It's taken them HOW LONG to start up the SUING....yep...OUT OF MONEY....GET JOBS!!! MONEY GRUBBING GREEDY FAMILY!!

1156 days ago


There is sooo much more to this story than some random lawsuit. Memphis, TN is no joke -famous or not.

1156 days ago


Another thing left out: the call was tracked to being close enough to the Germantown/Memphis city limits, and the G'town popo determined it was on a pay as you go phone, so even though they heard gunshots in the background, G'town decided it wasn't worth investigating as everyone in their 'burb can afford iPhones.

1156 days ago


Lets not Blame Lorenzen for dealing drugs with thugs. He left the house with a box of drugs and cash.......he was shot several times. Probably dead within seconds. How is it the police's fault? No way, stupid lawsuit.

1156 days ago


The 911 call was made from Lorenzen Wright's phone...while he was being MURDERED!!! GPS was used, but not until 9 DAYS later. He was ON HOLD, while shots were fired...this was recorded. This call wasn't reported, but shrugged off by 911.

1156 days ago


this is rediculous- its sad that it happened- it sucks that they took so long to find his body- but it should not be grounds for a suit for a myriad of reasons including their policy on inner office access to certain websites as every company has that policy in place these days to protect both the company and its computer systems & the employees as well- the family would not be able to prove that the victim would have been able to be found in time before expiring so even a wrongful death suit would be thrown out with good warrant- it would be the equivilant of someone driving by mathew shappards body as he hung on a fence dying and his family sued that driver for not noticing him hanging on the fence- just another great example of someone trying to capitalize off of a tragedy- humans piss me off sometimes- >:P

1156 days ago


I'm from Memphis, TN and I remember first seeing the story on the news. Since day one it's been oh the cops are horrrrrible, I blame them! Over and over. It was kind of expected for a lawsuit to be dropped on the police but it's definitely not going to go anywhere. If their son wasn't so wrapped up in drugs and money, maybe he'd still be here. They need to look at who he was associating with, not worrying about the cops.

1156 days ago


I live in Germantown Jay.... And I'm tired of people hating on Germantown Police....and I wasnt hating on black people....just the people who spend their famous loved ones money and run out and are to LAZY to get a job.

1156 days ago


I was just surfing the net because I had nothing else to do, but like an idiot i chose to be drawn into these stupid comments that you idiots are making on the site. You people who are posting negative comments about this player and his family really need to get up off your lazy asses and get a freaking JOB, and stay the hell out of other peoples business.

1156 days ago


How many other people's crimes have gone unsolved or not found because the police don't have internet...due to past misuse? Is that the citizens' fault? One would imagine if it was your loved one or you, it might be a different story.
With all the technology crimes or even tools that the internet offers, what LE Dept. could afford not to have it? Isn't there software to catch the offending abusers (at work) who abuse the internet on the job--so they may be reprimanded and/or fired?

1156 days ago
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