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Gruesome Details In Death of NBA Player

7/21/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of murdered NBA star Lorenzen Wright is suing officials in Germantown, TN -- claiming it wouldn't have taken police 9 days to find his corpse if cops would simply have had Internet access.


Wright was shot and killed in July 2010. A witness called 911 during the shooting ... but the caller never disclosed Wright's location. Still, Wright's family believes cops should have tracked the origin of the call with a common Internet program ... which would have allowed them to quickly locate Wright and possibly save his life.

Instead, it took cops 9 days to find Wright's body -- and by that time, the family claims ... "the exposure to the elements including substantial rain, extreme heat, indigenous animals and insects had reduced the remains from roughly 225 lbs to 57 lbs."

So why didn't the cops have Internet access???? Wright's family claims officials had BLOCKED the police from using online programs because certain officers had been abusing their web access.

Wright's family is devastated -- and wants the city to fork over more than $2 million in damages.

Wright was 34 years old at the time of his death. So far, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.

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Blame and sue the cops why am I not surprised.

1129 days ago

northern gypsy    

yikes...this is a tough one to really understand...
i just can't believe police would ignore the call...internet or not...
there's got to be more to it...let's see how the story unfolds...
i've been reading "stiletto" comments for awhile now...
don't always agree...however...nothing about them offends me ...

1129 days ago


It's awful that Mr. Wright's body wasn't discovered sooner because of lack of internet access. On the other hand, I think it's freaking pathetic of the Wright family to try to profit off of the situation! $2 million?!? Ridiculous. The family lost their gravy train & they want to recoup some of their projected lo$$e$. I think that the police should issue an apology, but I do not feel that the family should get a payday.

1129 days ago


I really am tired of reading stories of families trying to make money off of tragedies.

1129 days ago


Its sad wither way you look at it. The man should of been found if he called from a modern day smart phone. But I believe that Wright was also involed in sell drugs or some other illegal actions. The sad part there is show does someone that spent about eight years in the NBA making millions of dollars end up murdered in a looks like drug deal... I pray for the family and the children that he left behind.. We have to do better, the police the family and the indivisual that resorted to the street.. Karma is a mother either way. I am sure the police would want to find there family members and the other side of that is teh the family could of also tracked him with that same program.

1129 days ago


Just to correct TMZ Live, there's no evidence publicized yet that Wright was "shot in his home," as was claimed. He left his home, a 911 call was made, shots were heard in the background, and 8-9 days later he was found in woods in Germantown, TN. Not inside any residence. IRRC, he was last seen at his ex wife's house in a neighboring suburb of Collierville. I'm not sure where Wright's mother lived, possibly in Germantown near where he was found (I cannot be sure). And his old house (foreclosed) was in Eads. Wright also had a home in Atlanta. He was not shot there either, btw.

Just to clarify potentially misleading statements by a news organization about a tragic situation.

1129 days ago


When I see that s.o.b

1129 days ago


First of all, you can't track the origin of a cell phone call. At best you can approximate a region the phone was in during it's last call by triangulation. Secondly, the lack of the "internet" and "software" at this particular police station didn't contribute in the players death anymore than their not having magical pixey dust, a crystal ball, or a on-duty psychic.

1129 days ago


I have lived in Memphis all my life, Lorenzen and I attended the same college, and I was living only a little ways from where his body was found. There is more to this story than meets the eye. First of all, there was no saving Lorenzen Wright as they first said he was shot probably over 10 times with more than one gun. Two of the shots were in the head and two of them were in the chest, all fatal shots. His parents are decent people and I do not believe they are the ones behind this suit. I think it is more about his Ex wife Sherra suing the city claiming its for her kids. She was always a big spender, had to have the finest jewelry and clothes. Even though Lorenzen made good money, they still had two houses that went into foreclosure. I have always thought his murder was probably because he owed someone a lot of money and couldnt pay it back or he might have gotten involved with the wrong people with drugs, etc. I hope this suit is thrown out of court as it has no basis at all and his body would have been decomposed anyway as he wasnt reported missing for 4 of the 9 days before he was found. Sherra probably went through any money paid by insurance for the kids and needs more.

1129 days ago


These peeps has already spent the reparations money on rims and sho do needs some moe.

1129 days ago


Oh please, anyone of you that are blaming the family are hypocrites. The family has every right to sue, the police should have had internet access. Wonder how many other people have been hurt by this. What is more important, cops looking at stuff they shouldn't or the ability to save someone's life? If you were this family you would be suing too.

1129 days ago


It's common that most workers abuse the internet at work. C'mon, we've all done it. Employers can either prevent workers from accessing the net or monitor the workers. Of course when you "monitor" workers, they may join up with the aclu and try to sue you. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. It's just a shame that human nature affects us humans!

1128 days ago


This article is incredibly inaccurate. The phone call mentioned came from Lorenzen's cell and mulitple gun shots were heard by the dispatch operator. The police departments badly mishandled this situation. The fact that they do not share information with the other cities in Shelby County is ridiculous.

1128 days ago

bobby o    

When they go to court and I hope the judge throws the case out,THEY SHOULD charge there lawyers and them the court cost for this bull**** lawsuit.All these female pices of **** spent his money and now they want our money to sit,no,lay on there asses an have more babies for us to pay for.Do they know the killer ?

1128 days ago


I think that we should never be too quick to judge people for bringing a lawsuit. Often times, yes there are opportunistic people in the world, that shows one of many reasons for the moral decline in this country. However; the family may have an attorney that may have been doing investigations and found something negliable on the police departments part, and the public just may not know about it. Many years ago, there was a case where a old lady had gone to McDonald's to get a cup of coffee. The old lady spilled the coffee in her lap and she sued McDonald's and won. This is what the media tells us what happened and we the public thought the old lady was looking for money. However; what the media did not mention is that the old lady suffered a 3rd degree burn, not to mention that McDonald's had been warned in the past about the temperature of their coffee and did nothing about it. That is the reason for the lawsuit. McDonald's had the opportunity to make things right before this unfortunate incident. My point is, let the family have their day in court, and let the court decide if this case is unfounded. We only know what the media writes, but we do not know what the attorney is telling the family, and everything that is involved related to finding the corpse/body of this young man.

1128 days ago
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