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Probation Officer -- Out to Get Lindsay Lohan?

7/21/2011 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The probation officer who asked Judge Stephanie Sautner to violate Lindsay Lohan's probation was called on the carpet by the judge, who said the officer was totally inaccurate and the judge strongly implied the probation officer was unfairly gunning for Lindsay.


The probation officer wanted to violate Lindsay's probation for 3 reasons, based on the probation report obtained by TMZ.

-- Lindsay did not pay $3,900 in fees for her community service.  But probation was wrong, because the fees are accrued over a 3 year period, and, as Judge Sautner wrote in the margins of the report, "Probation concedes $3,900 is not currently owed."

-- Lindsay did not return the call of the probation officer.  Again, the probation officer was wrong.  As Judge Sautner wrote in the margins, "Probation now states [Lindsay] phoned 3 times on 6/15 and left message."

-- Lindsay did not present proof to the Probation Department that she was enrolled in her community service program, the shoplifting program, and the psychological counseling program.  Again, the probation officer was off base.  The judge wrote, "[Lindsay] was ordered to provide proof to court on 7/21 -- not to probation."

The probation officer has been trying to get several judges to find Lindsay in violation of her probation for a while now and have her thrown in jail, and people connected with Lindsay think the probation officer has an ax to grind.


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LOL, John Smith. You are Lindsay's friend, you're not Lindsay's friend. I've never parked by Lindsay's house, I parked there once because of street cleaning. Logging in as other posters pretending to be them. Yep, you don't lie! LOL!!!

1188 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

For sure ILG, at least we are consistent. We alway*****e on her. Non enabling is considered hate in TMZ world. In the real world we are considered helpful and supportive of positive change. Go figure.

1188 days ago

john smith    

Got nothin but luv for ya haters, thanks for all the props.

1188 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

oh wow, now
e is a bad word eaten by tmz censors?

1188 days ago


I know Grandma. I've never said anything against Lindsay's looks, or her acting ability. Yet I'm considered a hater, because I call Lindsay out and want her to take responsibility. Just because we don't make excuses for everything she does, we are all considered haters.

What I find ironic is that Rogue wished Lindsay would OD at one time, yet we're the haters. LOL!

1188 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Yup, I think Lindsay is too sick to baby. She could be really awesome if she ever got her act together. Maybe she could even be a good actress. Red Cloud, God love him, is a little off the mark, but his heart is in the right place.

1188 days ago

why is she there ?    

hahaa lindesy shills and family all over this link.....
find her accountable fro gods sack..guilty,,, charge and throw away the key

1188 days ago

why is she there ?    

ooh new censoring " report " big brother is at tmz now ...

1188 days ago


@Elilan, No she cant. Trash tabloids like TMZ will provide cash incentives for group members to betray the privacy of the group. And everyone else in the group who will suffer very public collateral damage from it. Not to mention these douchey paps will be staking out the counseling center photographing everyone who is coming and going. It's already happened. In case you forgot she's already been to group and it was a fiasco.



what?? as opposed to TMZ bankrolling Freckles McSlag****** photo opps?? She certainly wouldn't want any poor average non-famous crackhead drug thief stealing her TMZ/X17 bankrolling. The only one who ever calls the paps on LIndsay -- IS LINDSAY (or White Oprah).

I wouldn't need to attend group with Lohan because I'm not a egotistic, washed-up has-been, one-trick pony - turned-drug-addled-trainwreck. So there's that.

She can go to group it's that Lindsay REFUSES to go to group claiming that she NEEDS special treatment and HAS to have private counseling which the judge approved BUT Lindsay HAS to pay for it. So LIndsay can afford whatever her lawyer charges per hour, but not the $250 for a shrink??? Yeah right.

And this ISN'T AA. There is no anonymity here. There are no cameras allowed inside, but nobody is prevented from taking pictures outside or talking about what they see/hear in group.

LIVE BY THE TABLOID -- DIE BY THE TABLOID. WIthout the paps, Lindsay wouldn't have her coke, lawyer and vodka money so she's got them on speed dial. She just doesn't want anyone ruining her only remaining source of $$ -- PHOTO OPPS

1188 days ago

Red Cloud    

sober post
Hazlet Holiday Inn, NJ


Her head needs to be balanced and it seems like that happens more and more with each kick in the azz. Mark my words, she will buck up on the CS. And it does seem like some are out to get her. How many times should she call the PO, for example? She absolutely has problems that need fixing and I'm optimistic.

ketjo, She's not dirty. Those are FRECKLES, FRECKLES!! How can you not see that???? jeez!!!!


1188 days ago


glad the judge is making it clear to the probation officer he is not going to wind up succedding in his vendetta against Lindsy by trying to make up lies about if she is fullfilling her parole when after all sooner or later Lindsey is liable to screw up again on her own. for she is at least doing what she is told to do even Lindsy does not deserve to be rail roaded by some law officer having an ax to grind with a celeb like Lohan.

1188 days ago


Hires SUV limo with driver to get to court and wears $1200 shoes into court and whines that she can't afford health insurance to cover her psych counseling? Judge just needs to shut her mouth now and let LL hang herself by not completing her punishments in a year. No more new deadlines.

1188 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hang in there RC, for sure she needs REAL people like you who love her unconditionally.

What is this I am hearing that she signed over her rights to her old movies to Lou Taylor? If that is true he is a f#cking scab. Those were hers and were supposed to provide her an income for the rest of her life. Somebody that does that is the real hater!

1188 days ago


Both Riverside police and the PO "exceeded their authority" trying to get Lohan’s probation revoked. Judge Stephanie Sautner correctly called Lohan's Probation Officer Barbara Parker on the carpet. The probation officer wanted to violate Lindsay's probation for 3 reasons, based on the probation report. See TMZ’s probation report
Three charges: 1) Didn’t pay $3,900 fees for community service. Judge Sautner rejected Probation Department’s original charge annotating “. . .in the margins of the report “Probation concedes $3,900 is not currently owed." 2) Judge disagreed with Probation Department’s (harassing) assertion that Lohan had to provide The Department that she was enrolled in her community service program. The judge wrote, "[Lindsay] was ordered to provide proof to court on 7/21 -- not to probation." Judge “threw a bone” (my characterization” to the Probation Department in the third charge that Lohan was not promptly communicating and responding to her PO. “-- Lindsay did not return the call of the probation officer. Again, the probation officer was wrong. As Judge Sautner wrote in the margins, "Probation now states [Lindsay] phoned 3 times on 6/15 and left message."

The "decision authority" whether Lindsay violated probation is the judge and NOT the the Riverside
County Police Department OR the L.A. County Probation Department's Deputy PO Barbara Parker.

It's clear from Judge Sautner's rulings today that Parker has an "axe to grind." PO Barbara Parker
is teaming with Palm Desert Police to try and get Lohan's probation revoked. Judge Sautner soundly and flatly "bitch slapped" PO Parker.

A hidden "little unknown important element to this story is that the ". . .Palm Desert Police department lieutenant called Lohan's PO demanding that the PO go to Riverside and arrest her. Later the lieutenant's supervisor called and apologized. See

Express your opinion about the conduct of Los Angeles County Probation officer Barbara Parker and the Palm Desert Police Department.
Contact phone numbers for the Palm Desert Police Department Contact Info:
Phone: 760......-836-160...0
Fax: 760......-836-1616
Captain Dan William, Chief of Police
Lieutenant Andrew Shouse, Assistant Chief of Police

Contact Info for Los Angeles County Probation Department:

Kerri Webb, Public Information Officer, Los Angeles County Probation Department, 9150 East Imperial Hwy., Downey, CA 90242, (562) 315-3388,
Chief Probation Officer, Donald H. Blevins; Chief Deputy Officer, Calvin C. Remington;
Office of the Ombudsman, Jessica Gama.

1188 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Where's LNor. I smell fish.

1188 days ago
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