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Probation Officer -- Out to Get Lindsay Lohan?

7/21/2011 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The probation officer who asked Judge Stephanie Sautner to violate Lindsay Lohan's probation was called on the carpet by the judge, who said the officer was totally inaccurate and the judge strongly implied the probation officer was unfairly gunning for Lindsay.


The probation officer wanted to violate Lindsay's probation for 3 reasons, based on the probation report obtained by TMZ.

-- Lindsay did not pay $3,900 in fees for her community service.  But probation was wrong, because the fees are accrued over a 3 year period, and, as Judge Sautner wrote in the margins of the report, "Probation concedes $3,900 is not currently owed."

-- Lindsay did not return the call of the probation officer.  Again, the probation officer was wrong.  As Judge Sautner wrote in the margins, "Probation now states [Lindsay] phoned 3 times on 6/15 and left message."

-- Lindsay did not present proof to the Probation Department that she was enrolled in her community service program, the shoplifting program, and the psychological counseling program.  Again, the probation officer was off base.  The judge wrote, "[Lindsay] was ordered to provide proof to court on 7/21 -- not to probation."

The probation officer has been trying to get several judges to find Lindsay in violation of her probation for a while now and have her thrown in jail, and people connected with Lindsay think the probation officer has an ax to grind.


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The last court hearing the probation officer 'forgot' to read the terms of her probation about drinking alcohol. One or two mistakes...okay... but, this many mistakes Lohan's attorney needs to start researching the law to see what can be done to the probation officer and the department.

1192 days ago


piggy 29 minutes ago @Jay, what you are is foaming at the

You all need to not take this so seriously. And no Piggy I am not foaming at the mouth actually I am having a lemonade and relaxing as I type this. Why would I be foaming at the mouth? What kind of question is that? Are you kidding about that too? I sure hope so.

1192 days ago


TMZgossip 13 minutes ago

@ Bruno

she has only had 1 month to do CS
the 1st month she was on house arrest

She was sentenced to CS on 4/25. She started house arrest 5/26 ( a full month + later) and finished house arrest on 6/30. It's now 7/21. She has had 51 days (not counting her house arrest time) to get a good start on her CS, yet she's only done a paltry 33 hours.

1192 days ago

john smith    

I think that the probation officer after filing a false report should have been present. Why wasn't Barbara Parker there?

1192 days ago


Report darkrage6 24 minutes ago Jay-Sorry about my earlier post, i'm just not in the best of moods today, I too have been frustrated by osme of Lindsay's poor choices, but in this case, her PO had absolutely NO right to lie to Judge Sautner about Lindsay violating anything, he should seriously get suspended for pulling crap like that.


I think the PO was just very very misinformed and did not keep on Lindsay's file. I am happy Lindsay isnt in violation. I actually do not want her to go back to jail for any new charges or violations. The past is the past I want her to move on, stay clean and make a comeback. Maybe I can become a fan again one day who knows.

1192 days ago


Fred Farkel 13 minutes ago

I have a newsflash for anyone who cares.

Corrections Officers who work in even the most sissy County Jails - are all SADISTIC.

I mean folks??? These men and women display frightening behavior. You just don't know about it because anyone who has spent a day in jail will generally NOT talk about it.

It's bad. It's frightening. It just hasn't been exposed yet.

Of course they are "sadistic". They work with the s*** of the earth each and every day.

1192 days ago

who cares    

Fire the Judge put the Probation officer on the bench. She needs to go to jail. Had it been the average Joe or Jane we would have has to spend 2 years in prison. Not get our hand slapped repeatedly

1192 days ago



"lol, Jay sure sounds like Lindsay's PO."

Are you kidding me? You can't tell whether that's light hearted banter or a serious accusation?

lol, are you stupid?


Well it wasnt funny and I wasnt even talking about Lindsay I was talking about her mentally ill fans who post here so what the f*k does Lindsay's PO have to do with that? It is not my fault you make "light hearted comments" that dont make sense in regards to what I am talking about. This isnt the Montel Williams show, I am not psychic Silvia Brown and no I dont have to know what you are thinking.

Get over it geez you would think I ran your puppy over with my car for god sake.

1192 days ago

who cares    

I have a newsflash for anyone who cares.

Corrections Officers who work in even the most sissy County Jails - are all SADISTIC.

I mean folks??? These men and women display frightening behavior. You just don't know about it because anyone who has spent a day in jail will generally NOT talk about it.

It's bad. It's frightening. It just hasn't been exposed yet.

There is a big difference between a Probation Officer and a Parole Officer. Parole is state level and for people who been to prison and Department of corrections officer or parole officers dont work in city jails. Probation is a local thing that is county and not state level each county runs their probation differently.

1192 days ago


here's what i find hilarious! she cries poor and that she can't afford her "one-on-one psychiatric counseling" because HER SAG INSURANCE LAPSED!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's because Freckles McCrackDrunk hasn't worked in so long that she doesn't qualify as an employed actor. WOW! BTW -- private one-on-one counseling costs about $250 per hour. She can't afford that??? Maybe her Venice plush pad needs to go? or her $1500 shoes need to go on ebay. OR!!! She could just do what all the other DRUG ADDICT CRIMINALS do when sentenced to counseling -- go to group. Boo Hoo....! People will "sell her out?" Well tough. Someone needs to pull the plug on the special treatment. She's not special. She's a drug addict criminal drain on society.

1192 days ago


Perhaps and more than likely, the probation officer sees the difference made between celebrity justice and normal people justice. By chance could the woman just be ethical? This would also explain why Lohan just doesn't get it....

1192 days ago


She should sue the probation officer for harrasment.Typical person that is power hungry.Wasting taxpayer money trying to boost his ego.

1192 days ago

Who Farted    

Right, because this CRACKHEAD THIEF hasn't been violating ALL ALONG RIGHT JUSGE SAUTNER? Lindsay has been violating since last september for failing a drug test. Since then, she has VIOLATED dozens of times. LMFAO @ the garbage going on inside THIS judges chambers. Lindsay Lohan the Crackhead, lying, meth addicted, abusing, thieving woman.

1192 days ago

Surfer Gal    

The Daily Mail is reporting that Lyndsay said she couldn't pay for therapy as she has little money. She has so little money that she has NO SCREEN ACTORS GUILD card, and therefore, no insurance.

Goodness gracious, one can't be an actress without a SAG card. What is going on??

1192 days ago


Yes, the probation officer does have an ax to grind. He paid $9 for "Georgia Rules" and will never get that two hours back in his life

1192 days ago
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