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Arnold & Maria's

Son Hospitalized

-- Surfing Accident

7/22/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's 13-year-old son Christopher is hospitalized after a serious surfing accident last weekend  ... so serious he has been in ICU for days ...TMZ has learned.


Christopher suffered multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung as a result of the accident in Malibu.  We're told Christopher's condition has now been upgraded and he will be OK .

We're told Maria has constantly been at Chris' side.  And Arnold has been a regular visitor as well.  We're told in spite of the divorce, the entire family has come together as a unit in dealing with Christopher's accident.

Maria has had an incredibly tough year ... and an extremely rough week.

UPDATE: Arnold just stopped by the hospital to check up on Christopher ... with his daughter Christina in tow. Maria arrived on her own soon after.

UPDATE #2: Arnold's other children Katherine and Patrick just tweeted thank yous for everyone's condolences. Katherine writes, "[Christopher is] a tough little guy and getting better! Please keep praying for him!."


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Just a different perspective -- Jerry O'Connell - the chunky kid in Stand by Me. memba him? He's now all slimmed down and I believe married to Rebecca Romijn. And he's lookin' good.

1191 days ago


Maria is Joseph Kennedy's granddaughter, from one of the wealthiest families in American history. She does not need Arnold's money or support. She can afford her own attorney. None of us know exactly why Arnold cheated on Maria... no need to judge him. Let those without sin cast the first stone.

1191 days ago


when the kid gets better...they should introduce him to the salad bar.

1191 days ago


Grow up people! Some of these comments are just so mean spirited! Yes, he is overweight, but does that mean the kid shouldn't give surfing a try? At least he was out doing something and not sitting on his butt doing nothing! It was at least a form of 'exercise'. Can people just learn to be a little nicer? Have mercy!

1191 days ago


This must be where the idiots gather. He was surfing Malibu last week and the waves were BIG. I was surfing in North Malibu then. He`s not very heavy and anybody can surf ...if they have "His Nerve".

1191 days ago


I Hope God Help Maria to pass this unfairly momments

1191 days ago


I feel bad for the kids having to be in the publics view all the time. I however do not feel bad for Arnold or Maria, I think that when a women marries a man like that they know what they are getting into. She is going to get a lot of money with this divorce and she is not going to need for anything ever again. Plus I believe this stuff is to advertised and it happens everyday to real people, I have no interest in what she's going to get in the divorce or what is happening between them, it is their private life.

1191 days ago


Some of you people are idiots! Arnold's filing was in response to Maria's Original Petition. There is a time limit to respond - which his LAWYERS did - NOT him. Also, they have no pre-nup meaning they will divide their assets (estimated at $400 million) 50/50. She won't need support on top of that. She also agreed to give Arnold the estate they have shared for many years. She wants a clean slate and bought her own house that is being remodeled.

1191 days ago


What is she doing in ICU? She got hurt too?

1191 days ago


Totally 2 separate issues here.....son and papers..neither are nice. Let them deal w/ their own garbage. U have ur own I bet...

1191 days ago


Bless his little heart...hope all will be well. Maria sure has her hands full these days. May God give her strength and patience. And may Ugly Arnie be subjected to shoveling coal with a toothpick for eternity under the watchful eyes of Satan, when his time comes. He deserves nothing less.

1191 days ago


You people making comments about his weight and looks are pathetic pigs. And the one about the maid's kid? Ruthless bas*ards

1191 days ago


I hope this family can get together on their problems and then stay together and share all the good that the future of these people have earned. We must think of everyone involved here and what todays actions will bring tomorrow. The grandkids will need their family together as a unit to continue on in a positive manner. If they do split now no doubt they will be regretting it in their old age during their golden years for sure. Divorce is often seen as a means to fix things however it will continue to effect the family
well into the futures of their grandchildren for sure. Be responsible and consider each and everyones love here. It can be fixed still but if not everyone will have sad days in their futures.

1191 days ago


The kid is in ICU. Can we lay off comments about his weight? Unbelievable.

1191 days ago


These comments are ridiculous and spiteful. How dare you say such hurtful things about a child?
Why not do a little self-improving? Take a few spelling and grammar lessons.

1191 days ago
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