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Files New Divorce Docs

Kinder to Maria

7/25/2011 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger has just refiled his response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition, and this time he's not trying to deny her spousal support or attorney's fees.

As we first reported, sources connected with Arnold told us ... although he signed his legal response, he never read it and therefore didn't know his lawyer moved to block Maria's bid to get spousal support and her attorney's fees paid by him.

But according to the new docs, Arnold is not asking the judge to block either of Maria's requests.

The misstep caused some problems last week -- especially since Maria was dealing with the serious injury of their son, Christopher, at the time she got slapped with Arnold's papers.


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northern gypsy    

well said...denver & datdogbitez
i see M.S. lawyers are going to have to keep a close eye on him !!!

1189 days ago


It seems like it's out of guilt.

Maybe they'll set up an agreement for spousal support based on income and Maria will make more than Arnold (not likely, but possible). Certainly she doesn't need the money with $200M.

Good luck to their boy.

1189 days ago


Maria is a skank as well as most of the Kennedy Clan. The pot calling the kettle black, what a POS.

1189 days ago


Funny he didn't use that excuse when he signed all sorts of bull**** stuff as our govenator! Maria deserves every damn thing she can get!

1189 days ago

There's a problem here    

Let me tell ya something ... Arnold was a poor young immigrant when he hit these shores. The guy is now a millionare. He looks dumb but he's far from it. I am also not dumb. I don't believe for a New York minute that that a.s. ***** didn't read a do***ent before he signed it.

1189 days ago


All this makes me believe that George Clooney is the smartest man on the planet.

1189 days ago


Yeah, really. How can she ever get by with only $200 million in the divorce settlement and have another $100 million from the Kennedy trust fund? Gee, how dare Arnold put her in the poorhouse like that!

1189 days ago


I guess he realized the next time he goes on Letterman to pander with his cutesy german accent, it might not go over very well.

1189 days ago


While I agree that with a $200 mil payout for Maria, she has no need for spousal support. At the same time, she did put up with his sh** for years AND his constant cheating. So that right there makes me think she deserves anything she can get her hands on.

1189 days ago


He only changed it because of public opinion that he was being a jackass.

1189 days ago


$200 MILLION DOLLARS isn't enough for Maria Shriver who is a freaking KENNEDY. One of the richest families in America.

Maria makes it very difficult to feel sorry for her now.

It was a jerk move by Maria to ask for her attorney fees and spousal support in the first place.

She sounds like a greedy Kennedy now!

And Arnold was having having sex with the maid because Maria is a cold fish who quit having sex with him.

Maria is a selfish snot.


1189 days ago


I still say he owes her for his entire political career... no one would have taken him seriously if he hadn't married her.

1189 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Take him to the cleaners, Maria. Get every last red cent. Rob him BLIND.

1189 days ago


ok...listen up.....I will say this again....

He knew exactly what he was doing and signing and you can bet he read every word

He was just waiting to see what Maria would do/say and what public opinion would be....

In regards to everyone blogging about what Maria does or does not deserve based on she is a "Kennedy" and that she has money....I say bull**** to that...What are you all thinking?????....That she should get "less" than a woman who is not a "Kennedy" and has less money?????????????? Seriously????? He....He....Arnold slept with the maid, got her and Maria pregnant at the same time, and then the maid stayed with the family for 20 years........

Maria deserves and should get what ANY women in that state of Cali and by law should get. She is the victim...her and the children.

1189 days ago


Yeah, just like he didn't know he was having an affair and not wearing a condom and didn't have a son.

Sure, he just signed without reading. Cut the crap.

1189 days ago
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