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Files New Divorce Docs

Kinder to Maria

7/25/2011 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger has just refiled his response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition, and this time he's not trying to deny her spousal support or attorney's fees.

As we first reported, sources connected with Arnold told us ... although he signed his legal response, he never read it and therefore didn't know his lawyer moved to block Maria's bid to get spousal support and her attorney's fees paid by him.

But according to the new docs, Arnold is not asking the judge to block either of Maria's requests.

The misstep caused some problems last week -- especially since Maria was dealing with the serious injury of their son, Christopher, at the time she got slapped with Arnold's papers.


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No surprise!!

1129 days ago


I can not understand a KENNEDY offspring asking for support. Hilarious!!!!

1129 days ago


Why not pay her support it's not like he worked hard for that money anyway, he fell ass backward into his fortune.

1129 days ago


bah haha he didn't 'read' it. Sorry, now he is a liar amongst other things.

1129 days ago


He is such a sleaze ball. He uses everyone around him. He lies as much as he can, and when he gets caught he just tells another one to try and get himself out of it. He is a dirt bag, who cheated and lied for many years, and than think she deserves nothing for it. Hope he gets AIDS..

1129 days ago


Denver- A little point for you, typing things in capital letters doesn't make em' any more accurate.

Maria is getting half of a fortune. More than that actually. She leaving with a multimillion dollar book deal, countless tv deals in waiting, and more good will from the public to live 100 lives on.

On your point about his infidelity, what did she expect? He was a known womanizer from his days as a Mr. Universe contestant. He was linked romantically with seperate women for years in movie career.

What he did was horrible, and he'll pay for it in public reception for his movies being low. It doesn't mean she deserves 50 grand a month+ (which is what she'll probably get).

Oh, and there's the whole Kennedy trust fund thing...

1129 days ago


D L 3 hours ago
Why is it always Maria children? Arnold was suffering too.

I agree with you on this statement! I don't know why all the tabloids insist on making it sound like he doesn't care about his children! So he was a bad husband to her, it doesn't mean he's a bad father! I wish people in the media would grow up and realise there IS a difference!

1129 days ago


Arnold is a biznitch!!!

1129 days ago


I don't understand the need to pay her for the rest of her life. To me that just seems greedy on her part and ridiculous. It's not as if she is going broke!

1129 days ago


He deserves nothing. JERK. People need to understand lies and deceit hurt everyone, except if the one telling them gets away with it. I say give it all to Maria. He took her pride, the least she should get is his money. Trust me, it doesn't bring the pride back. At worst, his entire gross worth should be equally divided among the children and he gets squat.

1129 days ago


This site is completely biased in Maria's favor. I swear I've seen this exact same story posted or refreshed to the top 3 times. Why is Maria getting all of the sympathy? Arnold earned the fortune that she's trying to take more than half of. The children are Arnold's as well. But I guess this site would have everyone believing she's the only one who cares about them.

Why is "Maria Shriver" even listed on the hot searches on this page? Somehow I doubt many people are thinking "what's the latest with maria.. let me search for her".

1129 days ago


Maria is a typical liberal: is all for everyone doing their own thing - but divorces their husband when he does his own thing. Want to live off of other people's efforts when they have millions of their own. Feels entitled to other people paying for their personal decisions. Arnie, you should have seen this coming. Just look at all of her siblings - not an honest day's worker among the lot.

1129 days ago


Hey, it's good for business.

1129 days ago


Kinder? I don't think so. More like his PR team said, OH NO Arnie, you did WHAT? Nobody will watch your movies now. He didn't read what he was signing? Right, I believe you, NOT. Yes, nothing like slapping the woman you have been cheating on for years while she is in the hospital worried about your youngest legitimate son. What a total lack of class. You chose your course of action and dumbass that you are, you deserve to lose it all. Please Arnie, go home, you are not appreciated in California as an actor OR a governor (by me, I don't presume to speak for all Californians). My guess is when you were signing papers as governor, you didn't read THEM either. Like commuting the sentence to lesser time of that murdering piece of garbage because you know his daddy? You suck Arnold. If I HAD any of your movies, they would be put in the shredder. Go back to Austria where your arrogant ass belongs.

1129 days ago


Kudos Arnie!

Big Poppa

1129 days ago
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