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Dawn Holland -- I Need Surgery for My Lindsay Injury!

7/25/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dawn Holland claims she was injured so badly when Lindsay Lohan twisted and pulled her wrist for 8-10 seconds during their Betty Ford confrontation ... she needs surgery to repair the damage.

Holland's lawyer, Owen McIntosh, tells TMZ ... ever since the alleged showdown last year, his client has been suffering from De Quervain syndrome.

According to Dr. Wik E. Pedia, De Quervain syndrome is a "tendinosis of the sheath or tunnel that surrounds two tendons that control movement of the thumb." Symptoms include pain, tenderness, swelling and difficulty gripping.

McIntosh says Holland's surgery is scheduled for this Thursday the 28th.

Lindsay maintains she never TOUCHED Dawn ... insisting Holland concocted the story in an effort to get money from the actress.


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Come on, find something better TMZ :(

1187 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Complete BS...this chick is out for a fast buck...I thought there was some surveillance video of this incident, What's up TMZ???

1187 days ago


This woman is as transparent as saran wrap! Move on to someone who is news!

1187 days ago


Absolutely ridiculous. It was a workplace incident, therefore the workplace is responsible.

Why did she take the job? Did she think desperate addicts were going to be polite and subdued???

1187 days ago


Ugh another disgusting bottom feeder trying to make qucik money. What a disgusting human being.

1187 days ago


8 to 10 seconds. Wow. Lindsay looks pretty strong :) What a obvious grab for cash by a lazy loser.

1187 days ago


Why doesn't Lindsay support everyone in US and then just go completely off the wagon and overdose?
I have never seen her parents have an actual job and since Michael Lohan never pays child support guess who is helping Dina pay for all the stuff.
I don't agree with her actions or lack of responsibility but enough is enough. Let her actually rebuild her life and get better. This Dawn Holland chick is ridiculous, she is a recovering addict and worked for Betty Ford center so she knew what it was like dealing with patients. She has also sold information about Lindsay which is completely against Betty Ford policy and got fired, all while claiming she wasn't gonna sue Lindsay bc she wanted her to get better. She never reported anything wrong with her hand until 7 months later (after she rain out of tmz money) and now since she is not trustworthy and can't find a job bc she is a leech she is gonna sue Lindsay Lohan for a mil?
I am pretty sure there are many patients at Betty Ford who have kicked her and yelled at her and anything else but she would never sue an average Joe with no money. Shut up and move over Dawn, learn to earn a living with a job and not bull**** scamming. Nobody believes you...

1187 days ago


People on here are idiots. Dawn has worked at BF for YEARS with DOZENS of celebrities who are far more famous and wealthy than Lindsay. Why would she go after LINDSAY of all the celebrities if she just "wanted money". From the girl who CANNOT EVEN AFFORD TO SEE A THERAPIST because she blew her money on dope.

Lindsay is a compulsive habitual liar. So far every single thing Dawn said have been proven true, and every single thing Lindsay said about the incident has been proven false. Lindsay claimed SHE called 911 on Dawn.The 911 tape confirms DAWN called 911 on Lindsay, NOT the other way around. Numerous BF people witnessed Lindsay assault Dawn which also backs her claims & not Lindsays lie that she "never touched her".

And to the idiots thinking its "part of the job" to deal with a patients abuse, get an education. It is in NO WAY part of the job. Assault from a patient leads to them being KICKED OUT of rehab and files can be charged against them.

1187 days ago


Oh and P.S. I highly doubt Lindsay is stronger than Dawn. (You will rarely find people working in rehab who can't hold down a patient or be able to safely put them in a headlock, especially with 8 years of working there.) Also most of the patients in rehab end up there against their will so there is also a lot of kicking, screaming and going crazy while detoxing. Also I've been held by my wrists for more than 8 seconds, more like 15minutes all while I was turning and jerking my wrists trying to get out and all I ended up with were couple of bruises, 8 seconds would get you ummm a tenderness which will go away in like 2 seconds. This woman is so lying...
Also, I really hope the judge throws out her lawsuit but I bet she will keep trying because now she will need to pay her attorney fees and the only reason her attorney even took the case is bc he is hoping to get money from Lindsay Lohan or at least to get her to pay his fees bc no attorney I know would ever take a losing case like this.

1187 days ago


I'm still laughing at this bogus claim, just another slithering rat after a pay day.

Lindsay was in the care of Betty Ford clinic, Lindsay was a patient and paid them $36,000 a month for their care. Their carer Dawn Holland was unprofessional and aggressive. She didn't report the so called assault in her original report nor did she report it in the 911 call Lindsay made and which Holland interrupted. She let down Betty Ford clinic and their patient by selling her nonsense story for financial gain. Betty Ford also let their patient down by employing an untrustworthy person.

This is Dawn Holland's second lawyer, they is hoping this won't go to court and a settlement will be made beforehand. This is the responsibility of Betty Ford clinic. I hope they take Dawn Holland all the way.

1187 days ago



I agree, I hope Lindsay countersues the bitch. Dawn Holland deserves all thats coming her way and its not money.

1187 days ago


This woman is so desperate for money. She lost her job, she was badly treated and her ego is hurt (not her wrist), she now wants compensation. She should know by now that when our ego is hurt it's our fault and not the worlds' and we should work on our ego. Next.

1187 days ago



Have you actually listened to the 911 call? I have and it was Lindsay who made the call, if you are going to comment at least get the basic facts right. Dawn Holland's intention was clear from the start...MONEY.

1187 days ago


And of course Casey, I mean Lindsay, is telling the truth.

1187 days ago


Yeah, and Lohan didn't go out drinking that night either. That's why she didn't take the test to proove otherwise.

1187 days ago
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