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Dawn Holland -- I Need Surgery for My Lindsay Injury!

7/25/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dawn Holland claims she was injured so badly when Lindsay Lohan twisted and pulled her wrist for 8-10 seconds during their Betty Ford confrontation ... she needs surgery to repair the damage.

Holland's lawyer, Owen McIntosh, tells TMZ ... ever since the alleged showdown last year, his client has been suffering from De Quervain syndrome.

According to Dr. Wik E. Pedia, De Quervain syndrome is a "tendinosis of the sheath or tunnel that surrounds two tendons that control movement of the thumb." Symptoms include pain, tenderness, swelling and difficulty gripping.

McIntosh says Holland's surgery is scheduled for this Thursday the 28th.

Lindsay maintains she never TOUCHED Dawn ... insisting Holland concocted the story in an effort to get money from the actress.


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@john smith

There's more of your lies. Now you're on friendly terms with Lindsay. Last time you said you saw her outside of Ugly Betty and you didn't even know it was her. Obviously she didn't know you either. So, how friendly are you if neither of you recognize each other.

Sheesh... what a!!!!

1125 days ago


john smith 5 hours ago
I misstated that I was a friend of Lindsays, I should have said I on friendly terms with her. I have worked on four of her films and never said that I only met her on Ugly Betty, I know you are fond of saying that. What I said was that the last time I spoke with her was on Ugly Betty. No Lies, dream on hater

Defensive much Liar John?
Which lie to start with????

Lets start with the last one- the last time you spoke to her was on the set of Ugly Betty but you didn't know who she was.

But then you claim you took her picture (post Ugly Betty) when she answered an ad. So was it a silent photo session- you didn't converse while snapping? Or are we supposed to believe that you didn't recognize someone outside a set that you previously spent snapping pictures of? This lie doesn't hang together either way.

And the "I mis-spoke" crap.

First you said you were "friends".
Then you claimed you weren't and ILG confronted you with your own post which you denied making. Two, two lies in one.

Now your story is you mis-spoke. Which time? You mis-spoke about being friends? You mis-spoke about not being friends? You mis-spoke when you denied not making a post that you clearly made?

You're a liar. Period.

1125 days ago

john smith    

Vorlon you can go back through all my posts and there are no contradictions or lies. Why don't you write a book about it. You are not worth my time and all the answers you seek are in my posts.

1125 days ago


@john smith

What a joke you are!

john smith about an hour ago
Vorlon you can go back through all my posts and there are no contradictions

john smith 35 days ago
Jay I don't go within three blocks of her house, one time during street cleaning that was the only parking spot I could find. I'm friends with Lindsay she's not scared of me like MiLO!

john smith 20 days ago
Gossip I'm not friends with her,

1125 days ago


She needs surgery alright but I don't think Lindsay is responsible for the damage done to her face.

1125 days ago


This woman is trying to cash in on the Lindsay Lohan money train...just like her parents have for YEARS!!!!!!Lindsay should counter sue this woman and Betty Ford for the breech of confidentiality and this woman should loose her job if she hasn't already...her 15 minutes will be over soon...

1124 days ago


Lindsey needs to connect with people who have beat their addictions and gotten past their demons and surround herself with people who protect her not get over on her....She needs to chat with Robert Downey and ask his advise on getting back on track...

1124 days ago


I think Lindsay is HOT,,, and its a well known fact that beautiful women do not commit Crimes, So Sad,,,

838 days ago
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