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Dawn Holland -- I Need Surgery for My Lindsay Injury!

7/25/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dawn Holland claims she was injured so badly when Lindsay Lohan twisted and pulled her wrist for 8-10 seconds during their Betty Ford confrontation ... she needs surgery to repair the damage.

Holland's lawyer, Owen McIntosh, tells TMZ ... ever since the alleged showdown last year, his client has been suffering from De Quervain syndrome.

According to Dr. Wik E. Pedia, De Quervain syndrome is a "tendinosis of the sheath or tunnel that surrounds two tendons that control movement of the thumb." Symptoms include pain, tenderness, swelling and difficulty gripping.

McIntosh says Holland's surgery is scheduled for this Thursday the 28th.

Lindsay maintains she never TOUCHED Dawn ... insisting Holland concocted the story in an effort to get money from the actress.


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I would like to see dawn wins. but if she does not its ok.
just keep lindsay tied up in court and paying attorney fees works for me.

we all know lindsay can be violent and her past might be brought up in court if it goes that far.

hope they gring the boys from the car in. and the other co workers and stars she has fought with..

get a good look honig, get use to drama and issues.

gotti producer is shaking his head right now

1189 days ago


Holland won't get a cent from this lawsuit.

But one lawsuit coming up which Lohan won't be able to get out of is when her lawyer sues her for non-payment.

You have to know this is going to happen.

1189 days ago


I'm with andyconda and grandma cracker. I can't believe how gullible you all seem to be on this also. You're drinking the kool-aid served by the Blohans. They offered Dawn a bigger payoff if she didn't go after Lindsay legally, and never ponied up. And now that the light bulb is on in Dawns head and she wants what's due to her, the Blohans are here trying to discredit her because she didn't sue right away.

Yes, I believe Dawn made a mistake initially, just by speaking with the paps, but that shouldn't allow Lindsay to get the perpetual free pass. But this IS HOW THE BLOHANS OPERATE. Cause **** and do whatever you want, then when the poop hits the fan DISCREDIT THE VICTIM AND CALL FOUL AND THEY'RE TRYING TO EXTORT MONEY FROM YOU!!

First of all, I could be wrong, but I believe the cops did interview Lindsays friends of the evening, and they stated Lindsay did atack Dawn. And, I don't believe getting beat by a patient is part of a counselors job description.

Second, Lindsay also stated that she didn't drink that night. Her friends, or maybe other witnesses claim she was drinking.

Third, she snuck out of rehab. You don't sneak out unles you are forbidden to leave somewhere.

All three statements above are the very basic proof that Lindsay chose deception instead of truth for her story that night. She choses deception quite often and always gets caught, AND ALWAYS GETS OUT OF IT. This is why it amazes me to see people on here slamming another of Lindsays VICTIMS.

And unless you are a doctor, please save us a diatribe on what is medically really wrong with Ms Hollands arm. Show your med license or zip it bitch!

1189 days ago


This kind of incident is totally consistent with Lindsay Lothesome's ongoing bad behavior.

ML admitted in writing to trying to hush this up.

Worker's Compensation has already determined that these injuries are real.

TMZ seems to be the "good Lindsay" chennel these days. They must be afraind of what Dawn has to say about THEM. After all, it's her actvities with TMZ that put her in the doghouse.

1189 days ago

Susan for something I've lived with for the past 10 years. It's a repetitive motion injury not one from being grabbed for 8-10 seconds. She is looking for her 15 min of fame. TMZ quit talking about this moron so maybe she will quit her crap and realize we all can see the game she is playing.

1189 days ago

some guy    

I'm no doctor, but even if Lindsay did grab Dawn by the wrist, why would her thumb hurt? Seems kind of implausible.

In My Opinion, with the extent of Dawn's injuries, the only recourse is to amputate her head... then her hand.

1189 days ago


Dawn Holland get a life douche

1189 days ago



the only one that tried to pay her off was michael lohan and he wasn't acting on lindsay's behalf. shawn denied there was any involvement with him from lindsay's camp.

he's done this before where he takes it upon himself to do "deals" on lindsay's behalf but never has authorization and is always shut down by lindsay's team. unfortunately, he only ends up makings things worse for lindsay.

1189 days ago



Doesn't matter... He was in contact with Lindsay, and even if her management team didn't approve, he still felt the situation warranted him intervening. The damage is done.

1189 days ago


Not sure why everyone thinks Dawn is lying. Numerous people witnessed Lindsay attack Dawn and it was even recorded on the 911 tape. How much more proof do you need?

1189 days ago

some guy    


Is Gino still causing trouble? Thought I sent him to that charity I started.

1189 days ago


LMAO Dawn Holland and Lindsay Lohan are both crazy! Find cause to throw them both in jail.

I wish Dawn make up her crazy mind, first she's not going to sue, then she is going to sue. First she doesn't want to cooperate with the police, then she does. It's been months and she's just now talking about suing again because her thumb-wrist hurt? Lindsay and Dawn a match made in heaven! Crazy as a bug the two of them. Let's them sue each other and may the best nut win!

1189 days ago


Wow, the amount of DOCTORS that are here today is astounding. Haha, what makes any of you think you're qualified to know what the actual damage to Dawn really is anyway? Btw, you don't have surgery on an arm that is completely fine.

1189 days ago



he feels a lot of situations warrant getting involved whether anyone wants him to or not. the fact he was in contact with lindsay doesn't mean much because i don't think he's truthful with her when they do talk.

there's not much they can do to stop him from sticking his nose in where it's not wanted.

1189 days ago

some guy    


It is kinda sad how Dawn can't seem to make up her mind. Almost as bad as Octomom saying how she loves her kids, then she hates her kids. Go away.

1189 days ago
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