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Jackson Family Divided Over MJ Tribute Concert

7/25/2011 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine and Randy Jackson are DEAD SET against the Michael Jackson tribute concert announced today by members of the Jackson family ... calling it "inappropriate" and "ill-timed."

Katherine, La Toya, Jackie, Tito and Marlon all attended a press conference today to announce the show in Cardiff, Wales on October 8. Katherine said it would be a "world-class event."

But Jermaine and Randy don't see it that way -- releasing their own statement against the concert, saying, "We find it impossible to support an event that is due to take place during the criminal trial surrounding Michael's death ... We feel it is inappropriate to be involved with such an ill-timed event."

As of now, tickets go on sale August 4. The family has not announced who will be performing at the show.


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It may be bad timing, but its still a tribute show to their brother, it would be pretty messed up for them to not attend. But they probably don't care so I guess it doesn't really matter

1186 days ago


Can't stand this family as they are such losers, especially Jermaine and Randy!!

1186 days ago


Tribute? MJ was awesome but seriously? How many tributes before people grow tired of this? This family (not all of them but most of them) are attention whores and use " tributes" in order to get the fame they seek. Let him RIP. He's gone and its sad but come on.....dragging it out is not giving him peace and respect. Its ridiculous.

1186 days ago


For two someones who have used the Jackson name in recent years (post death) to their benefits, I find it hilarious that they think they're authorities on what "appropriate timing" means.

1186 days ago


too funny. seems those two have the same wife that needs child support for their incestuous children. a check is a check and since neither one seems to have a job - what gives. too below you.

my ribs are hurting from the laughter

1186 days ago


jermain and joe are mad because they know those cameras will be at the court room..a concert could interfere with camera time.

1186 days ago


Well Jermaine is probably jealous considering his tribute concert he tried to conduct failed
but it would be wrong for Jermain and Randy not to show up at a tribute for their brother
that just goes to show the type of people they are, no matter if it's bad timing or not bad timing.
This will lift up Michael's spirit and legacy, isn't that what they want?

1186 days ago


I don't see a problem doing a tribute at all. If that gives his family some sort of closure why not, who are we to judge! The only reason Jermaine and Randy do not want to go is because they won't be in the spot light. They spend all their time riding on Michaels shirt tail and have yet done anything productive on their own!!! Go pay your child support!!!

1186 days ago


This is ridiculous. Jermaine planned his own concerts right after Michael's death, which the family was supposedly going to perform at - and they didn't even know about it! I can't believe he's going to come out now and retaliate by not supporting them. As for Randy, I'm really shocked that he's speaking out at all - I thought he was the one person that wasn't selling out his family...

Whether they are at this trial or not, it won't make a difference. Sad to say, MJ is gone, and knowing how messed up the legal system is, I doubt Dr. Murray will get anything more than a slap on the wrist after all this time has passed. The whole thing is sad... I wish Jermaine would stop trying to get attention and publicity though, it's getting really old, and he is constantly dishing out hypocrisy.

1186 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Do we have to fight about MJ again? He wasn´t all that and a bag of chips. Moreover, serious questions have been raised about his lifestye and character (some of you will scream when you read that but it´s true). Let the man rest in peace. If he is remembered in the near future, then the right time for a memorial will make itself known. If he is not remembered, then let him go softly into that good night.

1186 days ago


I speak Jackson and to translate for people who don't speak the language: Jermaine is saying that he won't make as much money off the concert and he wants more money. He also said that the family isn't a bunch of money grubbing fools.

1186 days ago


ill timing or ill paying...I bet they're not getting something out of it so they're bashing it

1186 days ago


what does janet say??

1186 days ago


Jermaine Jackson needs to shut his mouth. He is so fake. Michael was barely dead when he planned a tribute concert to try to make money off of his memory.

1186 days ago


Does anyone else find it strange that this concert (and the other one that never materialized) is taking place in Wales, and not in the States? I think that speaks volumes about the whole (shady) situation.

1186 days ago
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