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"Housewife" Taylor Armstrong



7/28/2011 4:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the stars of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" were well aware of Taylor Armstrong's claims of spousal abuse ....long before her allegations went public.

Sources connected with the show tell us ... Taylor had showed her castmates bruising and other injuries, claiming her husband Russell was responsible.

According to sources connected with production, Taylor -- who filed for divorce from her husband Russell earlier this month -- was adamant about hiding what she has called a physically and emotionally abusive marriage.

And, sources say, Russell even got "aggressive" with Taylor at an event, and execs from Bravo witnessed it.

Taylor told, her arguments with her husband often got physical -- with Russell grabbing her, shoving her, and pulling her hair.

Russell has denied the hair-pulling, but admits to pushing her -- blaming "Housewives" for pushing the couple to their "limit."


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She left him because he refused to pay for anymore plastic surgery because she looks ridiculous. Not only does she have a huge mouth on her face, she can't keep it shut.

1185 days ago


I don't believe her. She is trying to get full custody and more money.

1185 days ago


I'm sure she deserved it. She is an annoying bitch.

1185 days ago


OMG--it amazes me how deep in denial the housewives who have physically and mentally abusive husbands are about their own relationships---we viewers can spot it a mile away!

1185 days ago


so those fish lips are just fat lips given to her by her husband. and this whole time i thought she got injections in those things because she was a shallow, self-absorbed, egocentric twit who cared more about her looks than the well being of her child. my bad.

1185 days ago


dude needs to step up his teeth whitening...just sayin

1185 days ago

Jeanne Tutt    

Actually I remember several times him grabbing her arm roughly enough to cause a bruise and he's always been verbally abusive and controlling as shown on the show. good for her. I was hoping it woulda happened a long time ago. NEVER stay in a relationship like this ladies or men. it isn't worth it.

1185 days ago


Kudos to Taylor Armstrong for getting rid of a douche-bag like her husband. A man who thinks he has to physicially hurt a woman to control her is a man who can't control himself. Remember Rusell, Karma is a beyotch!

1185 days ago


A "Trending" section was added to for the simple reason too many women are getting killed (including husbands hiring two hit men) before ever getting to court.

See Trending.

Then check the Domestic Violence Stats. The problem is the cops don't take reports.

1185 days ago


This girl needs to eat more,
this way she could kick his ass.

1184 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

I think there are times when clocking a broad is okay.
Suppose you wake to find your sloppy, drunk, Prozac-popping wife playing lollipop with a loaded .45? Next she points it at your head and whispers some Brynn Hartman gibberish, what are you going to do? You give her a Jake LaMotta sandwich with extra beef, disarm her and go back to bed – everyone wins.

1184 days ago


Is it me or do these 2 look like they're siblings? They've got the same teeth, eyes, nose, forehead and marionette lines.
Taylor is a bitch who hates dogs and has to have everything her way. I think she deserves a good smack in the head for marrying this dud strictly for his money. That's what she gets.

1184 days ago


Is Taylor Armstrong A Fraudster? Plus Adrienne Denies Being Godmother To Her Kid

There have been rumblings and whispers about Taylor Armstrong since she began appearing on Bravo’s the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but those whispers have only gotten louder in recent weeks.

In fact, a recent post by TheDirty website alleges Taylor and her husband Russell Armstrong might be scammers. According to an email sent in by a reader, Taylor, who’s birth name is Shana Hughes, changed her name to Taylor Ford before she married Russell and even pretended to be from the Ford Motor Company family, wanting others to believe she came from money.

The reader states she and her husband met Taylor and Russell back in 2004 and the four decided to do dinner at the Prime 112 restaurant in South Beach. Russell was allegedly trying to get the couple to invest in one of his businesses and brought along Taylor, whom he claimed was from the Ford Motor family.

The reader adds that Taylor was aloof, rude and condescending during the dinner. She “seemed more like white-trash dressed in Gucci than a trust-fund person,” adds the reader.

And in another post on the RealFauxHousewives website, the same reader revealed Taylor got drunk that night and proceeded to have an inappropriate make-out session with Russell in the back of their Mercedes (the four drove together to South Beach.) It gets even better as the two then left to use the bathroom but never came back leaving the reader and her husband with a huge bill (mostly from all the drinks they ordered). The reader and her husband tried to call Russell repeatedly that night but he wouldn’t return their calls until the next day.

Meanwhile, the Starcasm website reports that Russell is a convicted felon. In 1995, the IRS charged him with evasion of assessment, and in 1997, he pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to five years of probation plus community service.

Starcasm also reports that in 2001, Russell was sued by a woman who claimed he sold her $175,000 worth of bad stock. The two reached a settlement though the lady ended up taking Russell back to court after he failed to make payments. Russell was named in another securities fraud lawsuit in 2003.

TMZ reported last October that he filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2005, citing he had less than $50,000 in assets and debt between 1 and 10 million bucks. Russell was also involved in a “costly” palimony lawsuit filed by a former fianceé. Russell has however managed to stay out of civil suits or governmental prosecution since 2003.

Meanwhile, a bonus clip released by Bravo only seems to further prove that Taylor is indeed a social climbing phony.

If you recall, Taylor mentioned several times on the show that Adrienne Maloof was the godmother of her daughter Kennedy. This left many viewers puzzled as Taylor and Adrienne did not appear to be close on the show, at all.

Well in the video clip below, Adrienne denies being Kennedy’s godmother when asked by Andy Cohen at the reunion show. Even more interesting is Adrienne’s, who has a hard time hiding her true feelings, reaction to the question as she appears visibly irritated.

1184 days ago


Well Taylor, you need to fall out of love with money and living in Beverly Hills. If you can do that you'll make a better choice next time, and go for the nice guy instead of the anti-social creep who seemed to have nothing but contempt for you!

1184 days ago


She's the type of women that needs a strong hand to remind her she's just a piece of trash. She wakes up in the morning thinking she's a piece of garbage so why shouldn't she go to bed looking like one.

1184 days ago
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