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Bam Performs Lil Wayne RAP

at Ryan Dunn Tribute

7/26/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera rolled to Pennsylvania this weekend to help raise money for the widow of the passenger killed in Ryan Dunn's car crash last month ... by RAPPING to a Lil Wayne song!


Bam surprised everyone at The Note in West Chester, PA on Saturday ... when he hopped up on the stage, grabbed the mic ... and busted out the song "Runnin.'"

We're told everyone had a "great time" honoring Dunn and Zachary Hartwell ... and the event raised more than $20k -- all of which went to Zac's wife.



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I look at the postings on this board and am amazed at some of the stupid sh*t that is posted on here, mostly by people who don't know what the F*CK they're talking about, wishing death on his friends who are just trying to make some sense out of losing a loved one. Or worse saying he deserved it. Nobody deserves to die that way, Sure a DUI is stupid but in America there are an average of 1.5 million dui's a year, this number hasn't gone down even though the consequences have been raised nearly every year, bottom line is people make mistakes. like the stupid people on this site, I was allways raised to believe when you wish bad sh*t on someone else it usually comes back to you, what's that called ? oh yeah KARMA.

ndingo ----- is so f*cking retarded this person believes that a cane with an eagle on top has "strong NAZI overtones" um hey retard Nazi symbols have a circle or (bar cross/swaztika) standard behind it, I've never seen a nazi bit of memorbilia that is only a bird without a standard or swaztika behind or underneath if you don't believe me, wiki that sh#t oh yeah or take my word being that I have to know this being that I own an army surplus shop.

TGRfan42069 - can't even spell the word corpse correctly. no he won't be on display instead we're digging up your grandmas nasty rotting corpse and everybody is going to take a lap by her as they penis slap her in the face

1181 days ago


I really can't believe how low some people go could talk bad about someone who just died and for ur info dunn was a nice and thoughtful guy and bam was his best friend leave the guy alone ...Dunn did mess up drinking and driving but let it go and remember all the laughs he brought to us...everybody messes up let it go...he was a great guy unlike some of u people! RIP Ryan Dunn a random hero to all

1177 days ago


I like to look at Bam every night. He is just awesome to this old lady.

1175 days ago

The I'mpacter    

||My Ryan Dunn rap (No I did not rip it off from anybody. It's my rap and my rap only please don't take it to make it your's. Also this was my first time so go easy on me).|| There once was a man who died so sudden. Who had the heart and pride like hacksaw jim dugan. He has a huge heart and is a good guy but why did he die with out saying good bye? I never wanted to believe that he just passed I really think I'll never give up that. It's just so stupid and It makes zero sense. Please bring back the man who once stuck a toy car in his ass. Ryan died of something that most people can relate. He died of something i wish never hapend but it was his time it was written in God's passage. So now I'm gonna end this with a little goodbye. Ryan your really cool. I wish you never died from somethin so cruel. But now your with God and your finally in peace thank you for entertaining us almost every week.
R.I.P Ryan!

1173 days ago


@ Hank... your comments are ridiculous. I cannot believe you keep commenting! please shut the hell up and have some respect. Ryan was never an idiot and neither is Bam, leave them all the grieve in peace. its people like you who really make this world a sad place! I can see over 10 comments from you on this page alone WHINGING about the same thing over and over again. If anyone in your family or friendship group passed away i would love to see how you react if people abused you like you are abusing bam. GROW UP just because you don't like Bam or appreciate the absolutely hilarious things Ryan and Bam have done over the years, doesn't mean everyone cares. You are probably just a lonely person, sitting on your computer day after day, trying to make yourself heard, trying to show your place in this world. Well guess what no one gives a f*@k what you have to say. And there are better way to make an impact.

1149 days ago

gramercy808're a total loser.

1145 days ago


clunks of charcoal would have made nice party favors- who is that in the poster- If its Bam they forgot the fat gut and double chins...

1144 days ago


@sick boy THE EAGLE WAS A SYMBOL OF NAZI GERMANY- COAT OF ARMS- IRON EAGLE. The posters is silly looking because a fat slob like Bam could never pass the tests required to do any military service let alone make it through basic training.There would be no where to place Bam while in the military- his IQ has to be below 50- he is obease and even KP duty would require more skill than Bam posesses.

1144 days ago


You all are sick. First of all it wasn't Bam's responsibility to book an event like that. He certainly cared enough to do it; at least he tried. And, to the idiot that is talking about Dunn's "crispy body on display" you are the sickest. Do you really find that funny you sick bastard? Hope someone says the same at your funeral idiot.

1057 days ago
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