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7/27/2011 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jalen Rose's lawyer is LASHING OUT at the Michigan judge who just sentenced the former NBA star to serve 20 days in jail for his March DUI ... claiming the sentence is an "abuse of discretion."

Attorney Keith Davidson tells TMZ, "The 20-day jail sentence issued today by this Michigan judge is outrageous."

He adds, "Today we saw a horrendous example of judicial temperament and discretion."

Davidson insists Jalen is a "model citizen who has personally donated millions to charity, established inner city charter schools and a medical center in the Congo" and most importantly ... "has NO PRIOR criminal record."

Davidson adds, "[Jalen] was the victim of abuse of discretion; lack of proportionality in sentencing; legislating from the bench & instituting illegal minimum mandatory sentences for DUIs in violation of law. "

"Mr. Rose is examining all of his legal options based on today's events."

Relevant Fun Fact: In Michigan, there's NO minimum jail requirement for first time DUI offenders.

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Suck it up. Lucky he didn't get it in Arizona. 1st time offender = mandatory 45 days in jail (usually the tents), 3 years probation, 26 hours of substance abuse classes along with about $5000.00 in fines. Big baby suck it up.

1186 days ago


I guess he didn't qualify for the "LINDSEY LOHAN Sentence". She can drink and drive repeatedly, steal, assault and get caught on tape doing so - and still get a little house arrest and community service. OH the Justice! or maybe that's JUST US.

1186 days ago


I bet he was with a WHITE hoe n that is y the judge sentenced him to 20 days in jail.

its a shame we are still dealing with racist/bigot whites in our society . they will soon be the minority and we can't WAIT.

1186 days ago

the booger bunch    

Is he serious? He got only 20 days and is complaining. How is he a model citizen with drinking and driving. Also, just because you give to charities doesn't mean you are excused from breaking the law. You should do that because you have a good charitable heart, not to "buy" future favors. He is ridiculous with his comments. He could have killed somebody. He's a big baby.

1186 days ago


Are you kidding...the lawyer should be charged with contemp if he keeps this whining up. Twenty days?? I got a suspended 10 days 1 year of probation and almost $200 fine for a 1/4" undersized single fish that was actually legal. (out of state angler and I challenged in court).
Lawyer needs to clam it...did I hear Jalen complain??..No!
He's owning up to his mistake...there's no race card here on either side of the bench.............yet

1186 days ago

the booger bunch    

@B4, what in the world does being white have to do with him being sentenced for a crime he committed? He was drinking and driving on his own accord, no one made him do it. He made that choice on his own. So he should be punished no matter what color he is. You comments are ridiculous. It is not a black or white issue, but people like you want to make it that way. Seriously, not all white people are out to get black people, and if you were taught otherwise, that is so sad. People with your mentality are what causes the racial lines. Get over yourself. You are the racist.

1186 days ago


He's crying over 20 days? Quite frankly, I think 20 days should be mandatory - first offense or not.

He flipped his car AND had a passenger inside. Has he given any serious thought to what might have happened?

I realize that he's done a lot of good, but he wasn't doing anyone any good by getting behind the wheel that night. Someone could have died. What was his problem that evening? Was he too afraid to leave his expensive car behind and take a cab? If you're in the mood for "celebrating," perhaps you should call a car to take you there and pick you up. He can definitely afford it. Better yet, invite someone along who can be a designated driver.

Doing good does not excuse you from doing the right thing.

1186 days ago


@B4, a rich white hockey player, Nikolai Khabibulin, just got 30 days in jail for DUI in Arizona, moron! according to your logic, if he were black he probably would have received the death penalty for the same crime huh?

1186 days ago

the booger bunch    

@Geo31...perfect comment. Thank you!

1186 days ago


Isn't it amazing that when these judges usually pick a time to "send a message", it's usually a black person that gets to be the messenger? I've seen white drunks (including Lohan) get arrested numerous times and never spend 5 minutes in jail, let alone 20 days. Even writing F-You on her middle finger and pointing it in the judge's direction wasn't bad enough to get her multiple-DUI having butt locked up. Yet, this man gets 20 days for a FIRST OFFENSE??? He has every right to be pissed. And I thought the pictures of three cops in two cars surrounding and questioning Jeezy supposedly over a "failure to signal" violation was bad enough. The people who whine about people playing the so called "race card" should spend more time being glad that they're white and don't have to play any cards at all rather than whining about what blacks do. Racism is very real. Anyone believing otherwise is just ignorant.

1186 days ago


Do you guys remember when Jalen came out and said the facts will come out and prove I was not drinking and driving. So where were those facts Jalen?

1186 days ago


Justice served.Dont ****in drink & drive period. A drunk killed our 28 yr old son on 3/11/11.

1186 days ago


Jalen should take his punishment like a man. Made a mistake? Pay for it.
Davidson should stop whining about the good deeds his client has done.

1186 days ago


So this idiot thinks he can drink and drive and it is OK because he has given millions of dollars to charity and open a medical center in the Congo??? Really, his lawyer really said that? Actually I can believe a lawyer said that. But if I was Jalean I would take the 20 days and shut my mouth.

He could have freaking killed someone. I don't care how much he has given to charity.

1186 days ago

Bob the Builder3000    

Josh, Lohan is in California, not Michigan.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Sure, Lohan should have spent more time in jail. How is letting another drunk driver off the hook the best answer to that?

Again, in Michigan, his sentence could have been much worse:

First Michigan DUI Offense
1st Drunk Driving Conviction
Jail – Up to 93 Days
License Suspension – Up to 6 Months
License Suspension - Eligible for Restricted License after 30 Days
License Points - 6
Fine – From $100 to $500
Fine - $1,000 Driver Responsibility Fee for 2 Years

Other Possibilities
Community Service – Up to 360... Hours
Ignition Interlock
Vehicle Immobilization

1186 days ago
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