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Kat Von D Blasts TV Show:


7/27/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kat Von D says she had a DAMN good reason for walking off "Good Day L.A." this morning -- telling TMZ, she made one reasonable request ... and producers repeatedly BLEW HER OFF.

Kat tells us, she agreed to answer a question about her breakup from Jesse James on one condition -- that the anchor didn't mention the split in his introduction.

But according to Kat, that request was IGNORED -- and as we previously reported, anchor Jeff Michael read out an introduction that highlighted Kat and Jesse's breakup.

Kat says she saw what was on the teleprompter long before Jeff read it -- and even pulled a producer aside to have someone change the script ... but nothing happened.

According to Kat, she "very politely" informed them ... if it wasn't changed, she wouldn't be able to go on. But no one changed squat, so Kat beat it.

Later, during the show, the executive producer went on the air -- explaining Kat's only prior request was not to bring up Sandra Bullock or Michelle McGee ... a request "Good Day" honored.

Nevertheless, Kat adds, "I have no interest in going back on, but I wish them all the best."


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Did they really think it was going to work out."What goes around comes around" He was the dumb ass that left Sandra and you were the rebound chick. Sucks don't

1193 days ago


I hear she is suffering from severe "Cameltosis" so--question is?? TMZ? put this to rest or not?? LOL.

1193 days ago


This **** is funny. Stupid beotch just got a tat of his ugly face on her body.... Can't even believe it.... she is as dumb as she is ugly...

1193 days ago


* I'm sure Jesse was faithful to her the whole time* LOL (sarcasm)

1193 days ago


If she didn't want to talk about it she shouldn't have been on the show!! She knows how the media is they just broke up and she knew that is all they were interested in hearing about Come on!!! I just found out who she was when she had her own reality tattoo show and liked her until I heard she was dating Jesse James and think she was doing it when he and Sandra were together and now I have no respect and think she got what she deserved because I heard he was cheating on her with other women too. Wake up ladies if the are cheating on their wives with you they are going to do it to you too!!!!

1193 days ago


Is it me or does she have a very thick/large mid face/jaw bone? Is that a result of jaw/cheek implants-if so yuk!

1193 days ago


FIRST OF ALL SHE DID NOT BRAKE UP SANDRA'S MARRIAGE IT WAS ALREADY BROKEN BY HIS FORMER MISTRESS. I think Kat has really low self esteem getting men over 10 years older than her, and that happen to be very unstable in their love lives. If Jesse James cheated on the hottest most succesful woman ever what would assure her that he didn't do that to her as well? I'm sure he was the one that broke up with her. I just advice her too seek therapy in order to look out for a guy that will actually be interested in her, not her vagina and tits.

1193 days ago


Good thing Kat Von D bailed out of that sh*tty LA morning show.. Who has the patience to listen Jillian Barbrie open her loud self centered mouth!

1193 days ago


wait til this bitch starts to get old and sag...will look like shes wearing an ugly mumu that needs ironing........dita you are one pathetic whore...a loser bitch if i ever saw one.....shove one of those tat needles up your fat azz bitch and have a field day!

1193 days ago


What a big baby. If she didn't want it brought up, she shouldn't have went on the show, end of story. What did she think was going to happen, she'd show up, they would show the clip with him and not mention the break up? So what if he mentioned it in the introduction! She agreed to be asked a question about it, so what does it matter??? She is delusional! This is just like when she was making a huge deal about TLC airing the episode where she said stuff about Nikki. Everything HAS to be her way.

1193 days ago


Don't care!!

1193 days ago


Kat is a classy and kind person. I believe her.

1193 days ago


Go away you ugly, nasty skank! I bet when she gets up in the morning the sheets are streaked black from all that nasty ink.

1193 days ago


Kat, Kat. Are you becoming a man? Because I'm seeing some NUTS!

1193 days ago



1193 days ago
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