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Lindsay's Stereo Installer:


7/27/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The stereo installer who is suing Lindsay Lohan is so angry he didn't get paid, he launched a very personal attack, telling her -- "You're a born druggie!"

TMZ broke the story ... Stephen Clark is suing Lindsay for more than $1,100, claiming she stiffed him on an installation in her Venice home while she was on house arrest.

TMZ has obtained correspondence between Lindsay and Clark, which started civilly but quickly deteriorated.

In the first exchange, Clark wrote. "Hi Lindsay! Well, I sent you two invoices and several BBMs and texts. I have never heard back from you. So I guess you just aren't going to pay for my labor or your equipment."

Clark continued: "I am sorry, but I cannot let that much money go."

Lindsay responded, "Sorry!!I will have it to you this wk! I'm changing business managers and such so I'm trying to handle it asap."

But time passed, and Lindsay went radio silent.

So a frustrated Clark wrote back, "You're a RECOVERING addict who goes to the santa monica probation dept. Should I share this as well?" And Clark continued, "You're a born druggie!"

Clark is suing Lindsay in small claims court.


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Oh, and why shouldn't her Probation Officer know that she scammed a stereo?

1183 days ago


"vulnerable" Sorry!

Google chrome spell check! Thank you!

1183 days ago


It is a civil issue not a criminal issue

California grand theft can be accomplished by means of trick or false pretenses

1183 days ago

Pony Princess    

By now, everyone in the world should know that when LL wants something (as in purchasing it) you need to get your money UP FRONT and IN CASH --- PRIOR to delivering the goods. Otherwise the skank loser FAIL Poster Child will Screw you each and every time, and you will have to take legal action to get paid. Wow what a LOSER she is. Shame on her and all her "supporters" who give her more excuses to continue her crap behavior.

1183 days ago


What a jerk this guy is! I'm sure Lindsay doesn't write checks personally for her bills.....and I doubt whomever does them thinks he is top on the list to be paid. He should have made arrangements to be paid at the time of installation. He'll get paid, and then wish he didn't make a COMPLETE PUBLIC A SS of himself. Nice, STEPHEN CLARK. There, now you've made a name for yourself.

1183 days ago


Well, speaking of $$$ & acting crazy,.... a great film, Factory Girl brought in $2,ooo,ooo & cost $8,ooo,ooo to make in 2006, &....& Little Miss Sunshine cost $8,ooo,ooo to make & has brought in over $1oo,ooo,ooo also made in 2006,...So, what will the drama on dear Amy W. (R.I.P.) make? ....I don't know but I would go see it,..& a drama on Lilo's life so far would really be an interesting film, especially w/ her affair w/Samro,.....& dear Lin' could even play herself,...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..))

1183 days ago


Tiff, you're talking out of your arse. The debt is barely late and she's indicated that it will be settled. She's done nothing wrong in this matter except not paid the bill yet. You're right. We live in a nation where more folks are losing their homes than at any other time, people are late with the mortgage. I guess it serves them all right for being late with their bills. The problem here is how the technician handled it. He's obviously an f'in self-serving arsehole. Lindsay didn't steal from him, nor has she stiffed him. She owes it like we all owe money to our creditors. What's the difference between the us and her? If I was as petty as you, Tiff, I would hope you, your parents, or someone else you live can't pay their mortgage one day and have their home taken. They'd deserve right because they'd owe the money.

1183 days ago


born loser, inbred druggie, sucks dudes off for tic tacs...I'm telling you, she's next and I won't be all "she was so talented despite it all" like Amy...she DID have talent, this coke head-not so much

1183 days ago


He only forwarded TMZ the emails that were favorable to him -- and that lent credibility to his side of the story.

1183 days ago


She can't cover $1000.00 on a credit card.

1183 days ago


Geee, I wonder why Lindsay is dealing with some regular Joe and not some large company that she purchased the stereo from, like most stars would do? He's probably some poor guy that needed extra cash to pay some bills and gave her a cheap price to get the business.

1183 days ago


Justice, what's any of her previous crimes or missteps with the law have to do with this arsehole being such a jerk over a barely late bill? This is not those cases and there's no evidence she's done anything wrong this time. Anal? And what would call your listing of her crimes? Anal as it gets buddy.

1183 days ago

Ghost Rider    

David Jong, Dont need to fall off the earth just I kinda got over my 21st Century breakdown at the beginning of the year when I fell over and got a concussion from drinking to much Vodka and boxed wine, so now I just sip to pass the time away. I have found that having drinking buddies makes you end up drinking till the wee early hours of morning so you end up feeling like dog crap for the next 2 days, unless you wake up and start drinking, which actually only prolongs the "Super Hangover".

1183 days ago


What a dumb ass saying that to her. It's public knowledge that she goes to a probation counselor. Way to stick it to her idiot; good luck gettin that doe!

1183 days ago


LiLo just thinks the speakers are on loan, like the necklace she boosted. If she's not a born druggie, she's surely a kleptomaniac or a born thief who rountinely stiffs hard working self employed middle class Americans who can't afford to subsidize her reported $2.5M debt load.

1183 days ago
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