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Lindsay's Stereo Installer:


7/27/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The stereo installer who is suing Lindsay Lohan is so angry he didn't get paid, he launched a very personal attack, telling her -- "You're a born druggie!"

TMZ broke the story ... Stephen Clark is suing Lindsay for more than $1,100, claiming she stiffed him on an installation in her Venice home while she was on house arrest.

TMZ has obtained correspondence between Lindsay and Clark, which started civilly but quickly deteriorated.

In the first exchange, Clark wrote. "Hi Lindsay! Well, I sent you two invoices and several BBMs and texts. I have never heard back from you. So I guess you just aren't going to pay for my labor or your equipment."

Clark continued: "I am sorry, but I cannot let that much money go."

Lindsay responded, "Sorry!!I will have it to you this wk! I'm changing business managers and such so I'm trying to handle it asap."

But time passed, and Lindsay went radio silent.

So a frustrated Clark wrote back, "You're a RECOVERING addict who goes to the santa monica probation dept. Should I share this as well?" And Clark continued, "You're a born druggie!"

Clark is suing Lindsay in small claims court.


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@susan - So, you believe that because he said these things about her, she is entitled to not pay him for services he rendered?

1187 days ago


@joeburd What you are saying is correct. But here's the problem. Lindsay wears $1200 shoes to court, lives in a $7000 + a month rent beach home, and seems to have the means to make what seems like a very low payment. Once the guy proved to be a jerk, and his words are certainly the words of an unprofessional jerk, she could just for her own sake pay the man, tell the manager she did, give her the check number she wrote or whatever, and be done with it. There's too much of Lindsay didn't pay out there. Now I disagree with any notion that bigger names aren't having people like this stereo installer cretin do the same thing to them. Lindsay's stuff is way more publicized. This really isn't much of a story, but this clown gets his 15 minutes of fame yet proves he's not someone many would want to do business with.

1187 days ago

some guy    

I got a feeling this guy intentionally did this work in hopes that Lindsay won't pay him. Free publicity.

There's no way he can't know LL's reputation if he lives in the LA area.

How many people have heard of his company before TMZ reported this story?

1187 days ago


hey lindsay...not only a druggie but a drugged out bitch that dont like to pay up......I will buy your next 8-ball if you do the whole thing and overdose and die, I would consider it money well spent!

1187 days ago


But but...aren't ALL service people out to get her? Stereo installers, plumbers, gardeners/stalkers...they all just want a piece of Lindsay! She did nothing wrong! She just stiffed the dude his $1100, but she has the money to pay for that, so why would she stiff him? I'm sure it is just a misunderstanding! He never set foot in her house!! Never!!

1187 days ago

some guy    


Pawn off your shoes and pay this guy. Focus on what matters.

1187 days ago


What is this new obsession TMZ has with the word "allegedly"? Nobody has claimed that he didn't install the equipment, not even Lindsay and her little friends. The fact that she owes the money is not in dispute. No "allegedly" about it.

If my client stopped responding after two invoices and several other messages - I'd be planning further action, too. Actually, I've done just that. It's really a bad sign when they don't make an arrangement to pay even if in installments or give you any satisfactory explanation for the delay and keep you posted. They could be about to skip town (which she is, actually ...) or go bankrupt. You don't want to be left with no simple way to pry the money out of them and a long line of people in front of you for whatever money is left. And a thousand bucks is a lot of money to most of us.

TMZ obviously came to him after he had filed in small claims court, just as they did with Dawn Holland once they found public records of the police report and 911 call. TMZ keeps looking at such things for leads and then dangles money in front of people to get more information. I don't blame this guy at all for talking to TMZ or for taking any money from TMZ - he must be feeling by now that it's the only way he will avoid taking a loss, especially when you consider all the extra time it is taking him to deal with the princess. He may not be too slick about dealing with TMZ and all, but that's probably because he hasn't had such big problems with a celebrity-type before. He's probably trying to avoid having to pay a lawyer to get involved. Not everybody has a PR team ready to go at any time.

Lindsay is what we call a turnip (as in "you can't get blood out of a turnip"). He's probably looked more closely at her payment record with other people since she's been ignoring him and is really worried about what he saw. That's what people do in my business. (As a free-lance translator, I mainly deal with agencies who then in turn deal with the end clients; the agencies approach translators to do specific jobs for them after the agency has acquired the job from the end client or during the bidding period.) if the alarm bells start going off in your head about the reliability of a client concerning payment (even if a preliminary check on their payment record was positive), you start asking around to see if other people are having recent problems with that client. Sometimes the public record is deceiving because cash flow problems can suddenly surface. This guy probably was only vaguely aware of Lindsay's past and present when he contracted to do the job and sell her the equipment (otherwise he would have demanded payment at time of delivery) - most people don't read the tabloids and the mainstream press hasn't been paying much attention to her. He may not have even known about all the rehabs and her addictive ways and how she doesn't return things until a lawyer gets involved and how many vendors have been owed by her for years - but now he does, and he also knows addicts are often only quick to pay their drug dealer and will put everybody else at the bottom of their priority list.

I see the usual nonsense of "he's doing it for the publicity" and "he's using poor little linnocent Lindsay" is starting up again. This is not good publicity for him and is a big time-waster and thus a money-waster. He just wants the money he is owed. Even filing for small claims is intended to pry the money out of the customer, nobody really wants to go to court over such things. Sometimes you just have to shame people into paying. In my business, we tell them that we will report our sad experiences on the various websites devoted to payment practices in our profession, where we do name names and give details about our experiences (good and bad). The clients never like it when the experiences are bad and sometimes will fulminate at the mouth with pointless and futile counter-threats, but it does pry the pennies out of them most of the time and warns other people who are asked to do jobs for them. Few of us can afford to wait months and years for people like Lindsay to get around to paying us (if ever).

Just pay the man, Lindsay, and all this will go away. It's just equivalent to a few hours of your lawyer's time, after all. You can't sue him for libel or slander. No matter what your mom has told you - truth is the ultimate protection in such cases.

1187 days ago

Ray In PV    

@John Smith To quote one of the messages that tech wrote "So I guess you just aren't going to pay for my labor or your equipment." Soooo, this basically says, that for labor AND equipment it was that amount, not just for running wires and screwing speakers to a wall. Never be a jury member. PLEASE!!!

1187 days ago


"Born druggie", not politically correct. The P.C. police prefer, "born chemically dependent."

1187 days ago


like lindsay lohan cares what you all say please you guys get a life

1187 days ago


John, are you for real? I think you better look at contract law and the definition of theft. It was recently even if it's been a couple months. She has said she will pay it and that's all the law requires from her for it not to be theft. However, in the meantime the technician can go ahead with a law suit. Nothing has been proven in this instance, so you can f'k off with your personalized rhetoric. Using terms like jerking off and ?? You seem like a bigger arsehole than the technician. Wow.

1187 days ago


This guy is just like the jewerly store owners...he wants his 15 minutes of fame. Like one of you said earlier, why go to TMZ with a story like this? Its $1100 not $500,000. Thats not to say he doesn't deserve to get paid, but I feel there is more to this story than TMZ or anyone else is letting on....

1187 days ago


@Nicole, just because she's "clean," doesn't mean she's not an addict. She will always be a recovering addict.

1187 days ago


What kind of an idiot gives credit to Lindsay Lohan? Oh, that guy.

1187 days ago


Let's hope this waste of space Lohan ends up like Amy Whino soon.

1187 days ago
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