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U.S. Skier's Heartbreaking 911

"I'm Gonna Kill Myself"

7/28/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jeret Peterson 911 Call
U.S. Olympic
skier Jeret "Speedy" Peterson called 911 moments before he committed suicide Monday ... and while fighting back tears, the 29-year-old told the operator, "I'm going to kill myself."

Peterson then gave his location to the operator and said, "I want police to come get the body." He then hung up the phone.

Cops in Summit County, Utah responded to the spot where Peterson said he would be ... and found the skier's body "obviously deceased from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head."

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Peterson left a suicide note ... but cops are not releasing it to the public.

Peterson was one of the best freestyle skiers in the world. He competed in 3 Olympics for the U.S.  ... winning a silver medal in Vancouver in 2010.

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I know this might be 'news' but considering the consequences of this call... was it necessary to be released to the public? Its just too sad.

1183 days ago


why do you post this tape YOU CLASSLESS IDIOTS!
TMZ wouldn't post sex tapes, but has NO problems posting this ????

1183 days ago


I listened to this...and I shouldn't have. My son took his own life Jan 11 2010. This broke my heart...I am so sad for Jaret. I almost feel an understanding of sadness and desperation my son may have felt... so so heart breaking.

1183 days ago


that is so sad.i wonder why he did it?i listened,and knowing that was probably the last thing he said really makes me sad.

1183 days ago


very poor taste for this to be released. has to be beyond painful for the family. i didn't listen.

1183 days ago

Blake G    

This is really tasteless. You should be ashamed you TMZ pricks.

1183 days ago


Let me just say to put this as news is so wrong, i am disgusted. I have been in his place, it is a place of darkeness, dispare and no hope. Luckily i was saved from losing my life, he wasn't so lucky. My heat bleeds for Jeret Petersen, he obviously felt that there was no way out. I hope you are now at peace Jeret, to his family, i hope you can get through this and keep him in your hearts. Remember his name everyone, you owe him that much. He obviously didn't feel he was worthy of it, but he is. Honour him, goodbye Jeret. I wish you held on a little bit longer.

1183 days ago


ugh Yea wtf? how could u post this? i just cant seem to wrap my head around it? are u ppl at TMZ so fuxcking bored you cant post anything worth reading? whats wrong is pari******on not spreadin her legs anymore without panties? is charlie sheen not gettin caught with hookers sniffing coke with him wail he fuxcks two pornstars wail his kids are in the next room trying to sleep? i mean seriously wtf is wrong with the TMZ STAFF? you fuxcking bored ass kids got nothing better to do then post this poor guys finalelast moments of life a life he worked so long an hard for? if you have any dignity left any of ur bodys take this shxit down an let him rest in peace im sure you can find something eles to post hey! i just saw lindsay lohan giving a hand job to a bum around the corner for buying her a 6 pack of beer an some twinkys!

1183 days ago


Please remove this. I couldn't imagine the pain this poor soul was in. REMOVE THIS NOW PLEASE. This shows that we (as a people) have lost our humanity. Allow his parents to grieve with DIGNITY, please remove this.

1183 days ago


I feel so sad for his family. Such a talented man should not be done like this. I think at that moment he couldn't help himself to escape away from the negative depression. I don't listen the record. The TMZ should not post it coz it is not good to learn.

1183 days ago


I also refuse to listen to the tape. This is over the top and wrong on every level. Does no one in charge have a heart or brain?!! What if this was your family member. Show some class and remove it.

1183 days ago

Tim Gardner    

No one needs to hear that. You should take it down. I've lost all respect for this website and the people who work for it. "celebraties" are people. Not science expiraments under magnification. Therefore this is personal. You should be ashamed of your jobs. Actions happen, you fiend others. Your job is worthless but the public loves it. Would love to see how the industry worked if athletes and celebraties followed you around all day drooling at everything you do just to exploit it, im sure when things went back to normal youd think twice about stuff like this. Only in america is media like this.

1183 days ago


TMZ. How many more posters have to post their disgust with you beefore you realize you crossed a line. If you have any compassion in the world, take this off. This was a human being in great sufferering whose family is hurting even more. How could you stoop so low? I refused to listen and it looks like most other posters did, as well. Redeem yourself adn take this off.

1183 days ago


I refuse to listen to this and I hope you take it down. This was every parent's worst nightmare and you just made it worse. Please, if you have any dignity, take this down

1183 days ago


It is so beyond tasteless and classless to post this. It is an insult to him and his family and friends to glorify something so private and tragic.

1183 days ago
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