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Tami from 'Basketball Wives'



7/30/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tami Roman is throwing an ultimatum at the producers of "Basketball Wives" -- either Meeka Claxton does NOT come back next season ... or she walks.

Tami -- who used to be married to NBA star Kenny Anderson -- tells TMZ ... the straw that broke the reality star's back came when Meeka sued her over a fight that went down in Italy last month.

Tami says she knows "things got out of hand" with Meeka ... and she's "embarrassed" that things got violent ... but she was willing to let bygones be bygones ... until Meeka decided to sue.

Now Tami tells us, "I will NOT work with someone who is suing me, when they know what this situation is all about. I want to be clear, if she returns in any way, form or fashion I do not plan on participating."

A rep for Meeka had no comment.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Why don't they just NUMBER the "Reality" people because there are so "Friggin'" many of them!

1184 days ago


I think somebody should of knocked Tammys teeth out along time ago.what is her purpose on the show anyway.all she dose is cause drama. Her and royice are a waste of time.

1184 days ago


The show is put on to entertain and thats what Tami does. If she leaves, it will be a dead show with the rest of the boring cast meeting up having drinks and talking about each other each episode.

1184 days ago


I would let that crazy psycho bitch walk. All she brought to the show was uncalled for drama anyway. Tami, sign up for Bad Girls Club 7 or whatever number they're on now, since you light to fight so much, or train to be a female boxer. lol.

1184 days ago

t cook    

you ladies, need to act like you are basket ball wives, most of you are minorites , black, you are given us blackwomen bad reputation that you cant handle success, thats why we are loosing our blackmen to other races, who wants to be around bickering all the time, you have nothing but time on your hand a a fat wallet, you should do something like host a charity event , younger women are watching all of us , and all of us should be setting the rules by example

1184 days ago


Tami does serve to get sued, that was no little slap in the face. I mean Meeka literally went flying back with that hit Tami gave her. Tami, you should be grateful anyone is even paying you attention.

1184 days ago


Who cares who you bimbo's are.....A bunch of cat fighting NOBODIES and we are supposed to care. People are unemployed at no fault of their own, people are losing their homes and you are not getting what you want! Too bad so sad, now PLEASE ALL OF YOU GO AWAY!!!!

1184 days ago

There's a problem here    

These "reality shows" are really getting annoying. They're scraping the bottom of any barrel now. There's only one good reality show on television and that's Jeopardy! ... and Alex Trebek is one bad a.z.z old man!

1184 days ago


Let her walk out. Why is this B. making demands?

1184 days ago


Why didn't Tami get fired for hitting Meeka? Could it be ratings?

1184 days ago

ugly as sin    

Show her the door, PLZ! What a horrible example she and Evelyn are for young girls of color. Since much of it is done in Miami they need to take them over to The Pork and Beans where they belong. If I was Meeka I'd sue her ass too. gag me with a spoon!

1184 days ago


I think tami should goooooooooooooo. she is violent especially when she drinks, u can see the mood swing coming after the second beer, and then she looks for a fight with anyone and everyone.royce , is another onethat likes to throw punches . we teach our children that violence is wrong and here are a bunch of grown woman setting a bad example, for their own children and many more.its sad that tv has come to this kind of entertainment now...a bunch of animals.....go on jerry springer..or dock their pay when they get violent.... we like to see the woman shopping and going on date like ladies....the real housewives are ladies .ever see them throw a punch....m

1184 days ago


Liar. You'll be back.

1184 days ago


Stupid hanger on skanks. Who Cares!

1184 days ago


How big of her to let bygones be bygones when she is the one who assaulted Meeka.

1184 days ago
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