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Tami from 'Basketball Wives'



7/30/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tami Roman is throwing an ultimatum at the producers of "Basketball Wives" -- either Meeka Claxton does NOT come back next season ... or she walks.

Tami -- who used to be married to NBA star Kenny Anderson -- tells TMZ ... the straw that broke the reality star's back came when Meeka sued her over a fight that went down in Italy last month.

Tami says she knows "things got out of hand" with Meeka ... and she's "embarrassed" that things got violent ... but she was willing to let bygones be bygones ... until Meeka decided to sue.

Now Tami tells us, "I will NOT work with someone who is suing me, when they know what this situation is all about. I want to be clear, if she returns in any way, form or fashion I do not plan on participating."

A rep for Meeka had no comment.


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I have been watching Basketball Wives for a while now and Tami doesn't make this damn show. Why in the hell do you people keep lying to yourself, like you weren'*****ching this show way before "ghetto beer belly" came in the pic!!!

1120 days ago


The name of the show is "Basketball Wives" right?! Wouldn't one of these people have to be MARRIED to a basketball player currently for this show to be real!!!!!?

1120 days ago


They should rename the show "Basketball Gold-diggers with Bad Weaves".

1120 days ago


From the wikipedia page of Kenny Anderson (Tami's ex)..."As a result of the divorce Tami acquired a sizeable portion of his assets (reported to be half) in addition to $8500 monthly child support. Tami had a license plate custom-made to mark her victory with the phrase "HISCASH"."

So somebody lies a little.

1120 days ago

Sha Speaks    

The only people who benefit from this show are the creators. Basketball Wives should be taken off the air as it is an insult to Women...especially women of color. This show takes me back to highschool based on the conversations and level of intelligence displayed on this show. One more season to go and this show is off the air as
VHI does the shows in increments of 3...I can't wait.

1120 days ago


she was willing to let things lie. The offender is always willing to let things lie. Maybe if she had apologized to the woman, she might not have filed suit. You attack people on camera, and you damn well bet yo ass is gonna get either arrested, sued, or both.

1120 days ago


These women are beautiful and dress well but when they open their mouths they sound like trash. Shame on Shaunie for perpetuating this filth for ratings. I have never heard such potty mouths in my life. Educated classy women don't behave and talk like this. This show can do well without it!!!

1119 days ago


Tami is an embarassing black woman with anger issues. Not much different than NeNe in my opinion. Royce is more genuine than the others, but she needs to grow up and act more mature. Evelyn is a trouble maker and who appointed her Madame of the housewives - she's never been married to a player - she just played house and ended up getting played by a player. The others are insignificant, including the Shaq's Ex-wife Shaunie.

1119 days ago


Give me a break, all of you who i*****ing on Tami was praising Evelyn's a$$ when she threw that glass of water at Royce...was she ghetto whatever. Meeka should have never come on the show running her mouth, every person has thaeir breaking point and as you can tell at that dinner Meeka said a lot more that wasn't on camera. She started with Tami at the polo event and Tami finished it at the club. What gets me is Tami did try to squash everything for the remainder of the trip, taking pictures with Meeka and everything and what does Meeka do, go run her mouth to Suzie who can't hold water! Ya'll double standards have got to stop, it's okay for Evelyn to speak the dictionary of curse words on EVERY show and throw glasses of water at people she doesn't deem is on her level, but when Tami pops Meeka in her face for running her mouth she's so ghetto. How many of you was praising Tami for the fight she had with Evelyn for sleeping with her husband; BE HONEST NOW because we are all women and don't take no mess like that. The only difference between Evelyn and Tami is Evelyn throws glasses of water and Tami throws her hands. It's a tv show, it's scripted and they are playing characters. Just because it says reality doesn't make it so. Women have been fighting on tv long before Tami came along...Alexis and Krystal from Dynasty used to throw down so get off ya'll high horses!

1119 days ago

boy 25000     

i really would want meeka do leave she is a undesiecieve kiss ass who has nothing to say ...

1119 days ago


tami should be fired...she is nothing more than a bully and this show is glorifying it. shaunie has really dissapointed me...i thought she had class but she has proven otherwise.

1119 days ago


Who Cares?

1119 days ago

jeanette morris    

I think tammi is to aggressive .she should live the show i can not

1119 days ago


Wasn't this tami girl on the real world years ago? And didn't she get someone thrown off the show for being too physical when the cast mates where horsing around one night? What a joke - she's an idiot.

1119 days ago


CAN'T STAND MEEKA. She is ugly, a wanna be and a back stabber.

1119 days ago
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