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Ashton Kutcher



7/31/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher
is getting the ROYAL treatment on the set of "Two and a Half Men" ... with a MASSIVE kick-ass trailer all to himself -- but to some Charlie Sheen supporters who still work on the show, it's a bit much.  

The mansion on wheels is two stories of awesomeness -- with satellite TV hookups, customized everything ... and "pop out" sections which expand to make the trailer EVEN BIGGER!

Problem is ... there are still plenty of Team Sheen people working on the show ... and we're told they feel the mega-trailer is "over the top" and makes Kutcher come off like a "diva."

But he IS the star of the biggest show on TV ... and Charlie had a pretty big trailer too when he worked on the show.

Plus, if someone offered you a badass trailer for free -- you probably wouldn't say "no" either ... right?


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get real    

AK will never make it on the show. People re use o Allan Berta Charlie and the big boy kid.

1182 days ago

Get a life...idiots    

Instead of posting these non stories why doesn't TMZ tell us when Harvey is going to come out of the closet already...everybody knows he's a "pillow biter" and I guess that diet stopped working for Mike because he's definitely pushing maximum fat as the fugly black chick who works for TMZ.

1182 days ago


Does he not follow TMZ? Did he not see how many people insulted Will Smith for the same thing? How is Ashton the star of Two and a Half Men when his shows haven't even started?

1182 days ago


Wow, TMZ....eight photos of the outside. So lame.

1182 days ago


Charlie also had a huge trailer on the set. They need to get over it. Charlie will probably do fine on his new show and will be using his trailer again. This show has a strong cast and even if they had not added Ashton it would do great. Good writer, good cast.

1182 days ago


He could have the same trailer Charlie had, so this is nothing but greed, prima donna behaviour and look my my trailer is bigger than Charlie´s in my opinion!!!

Charlie still rules, he is 2 and a half men!

1182 days ago


Ashton has a ton of cash why wouldn't he have an extra large trailer. who cares? If the crew is still "butt-hurt" about Charlie getting fired...then go and work for This is can work wherever you want...good luck to the crew! You sound like a bunch of cry baby divas to me...lmao

1182 days ago


AK ia a waste of time and money.

1182 days ago


It's kind of like putting the family dog in a nice doghouse outside in the yard. 'Cept this one is in an alley, which is worse. Concrete as far as the eye can see. Personally, I'd be hurt if I wasn't given an office/dressing room in the building with everyone else. Oprah doesn't spend her time in some trailer in a parking lot. She gets an office. I know people use trailers for movies, but they start and end. Is this some kind of suggestion Kutcher's time is short on the set? No matter how nice it is or how many pop=outs it has, it is a trailer. Like the ones in trailer parks. The things tornadoes want to make out with.

1182 days ago


Where were all of these "Team Sheen" people a few months back and when Charlie needed them to speak out and on Charlie's behalf - why now?

1182 days ago


Does't matter show won't last that long anyway

1182 days ago


While I'm making a bid to write for "A.M." thus have a horse-in-this-race?

I still say Charlie Sheen doesn't get enough credit -

For how great of a talent he is -

Mickey Rourke went through this same thing, i.e. how his personal demons overcome him -

Were too much for him - too much for Charlie -

But it's those personal demons that lead to greatness -

They're not easy to deal with -

But Charlie Sheen knows how to make them work for him and in front of a camera -

Just like Mickey Rourke did and does.

People just don't get how valuable a thing - the demons are.

1182 days ago


man..i thought you all had photos of in the tricks me..*lol* who cares if ashton was a mega trailor?? it's no ones business..

1182 days ago


"how many poor American children could you feed for what that thing costs. It's vulgar when America is struggling, well, except the actors in Hollywood..."

Ironically, that computer of yours could feed 20 starving kids for a month in a Third World country. Why don't you sell it and donate the proceeds to charity?

1182 days ago



"Anger Management" will become one of the most Emmy-awarded shows on cable or otherwise -

Will come to be known as a ground-breaking series.

Not sure yet if Charlie will/should play the Jack Nicholsen movie character of "Buddy Rydell."

If Charlie does, the part would have to be tweaked/re-created -

And by Charlie.

Adam Sandler's character would likewise have to be tweaked and re-created by Charlie -

The show must go through Charlie's re-envisioning the material -

As it pertains to Charlie.

1182 days ago
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