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Kate Gosselin

I Can Still Stomach My Ex

8/1/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

A fresh-faced and makeup free Kate Gosselin showed off her taut mother of eight abs as her ex-husband Jon Gosselin picked up their kids in Pennsylvania this weekend.

In Kate's case, divorce really does the body good.


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I have two kids and my stomach looks like baby cubs have been clawing at a giant jelly donut...this is not fair that she looks like she was never pregnant at all, ughh the injustice!!

1116 days ago


Surgery can't give you abs, she's obviously been working hard for this body.
Look at those arms...she's been working very hard indeed.
But who wouldn't being in the public spotlight you would need to look your best.
Or pap photos would make you cry.
Bet jons jealous at all hell now..she's famous and hot amd rich and he's a fat Ed hardy,broke tosser.
Of course someone who has had 8 kids is going to have a tummy tuck! Who wouldn't! She doesn't deserve to walk around like a saggy soggy tummy from having all those kids..tummy tucks don't make you skinny, they pretty much just take away the extra skin,.I've seen huge ppl get tummy tucks on health shows, after they lost heaps of weight, but were still quite big, amd it changed nothing, they were still big, just less sag. It isn't cheating or anything and shouldn't be taken into account AT ALL for how good she's looking lately. And she isn't even a B&tch I kinda thought so at first too, but look at Jon, how could u NOT be a b!tch to him? I sure couldn't. I would have been way worse than her of he was my husband, damn I'd probably have gotten violent with him. He is the biggest tosser I've ever seen or heard about even worse than spencer.

1116 days ago


yea....that free tummy tuck and lipo.. helped. you can dress her up but she is still a B.

1116 days ago


I really wish these people would go away. Sick of seeing their useless mugs all over the place

1116 days ago


The only reason her stomach looks good is due to surgery...

1116 days ago


ButterFace ButterFace!! Nah she is all right!!

1116 days ago

Mary Anne Huff    

If you had wanted to be really "correct" you would have added that while the show was going on Kate had lipo on numerous spots along with I think...lots of face/teeth work. Not everybody gets those kind of perks. And for goodness sakes somebody tell Octomom to stop pumping up her LIPS!

1116 days ago


I agree with "Meow"..even with surgery if you don't work at it, it goes south again. I think she looks great for a mom of 8 and I am not a Kate fan. I just give her credit where it is due.

1116 days ago


Do you all forget the boob job, and the major tummy tuck..!

1116 days ago


Way to go TMZ...just can't let sleeping dogs lie, can ya? Now you've gone and stirred up the hornets nest by putting pictures of this wannabe on your website again.

We know the put the pictures online, she complains about paparazzi, the more she complains, the more you stalk her for her picture. And the vicious cycle continues.

Oh well...the Kate-free peace was nice while it lasted.

1116 days ago


Of course Plastic make her manly abs.

1116 days ago


Divorce does NOT do a body good. This woman has had hundreds of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery. Tummy tuck, breast implants, lipo, botox and on and on. Plus this dummy has lots of free time to work out while she pays people to watch that unruly brood of hers.

He's a loser and she's the world's biggest biotch.

1116 days ago

"I Can Still Stomach My Ex" as long as it get's me attention. Whore.

1116 days ago


I think she looks too skinny and should gain a little weight back just to put some meat on her bones.

1116 days ago


Kate can stomach her ex, but no one in the world can stomach her (except the sheeple).

1116 days ago
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