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Kim K's Look-Alike

Backs That Thing Up


8/1/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez


Melissa Molinaro -- that chick in the Old Navy commercial that looks just like Kim Kardashian -- brought her bootyful talents to the stage lit up table at Las Vegas gay club Piranha this weekend.

Last month, Kardashian filed a lawsuit against Old Navy because she claims they hired Melissa to dupe the public into thinking Kim is affiliated with the clothing giant.

No word if Melissa sang Kim's song "Jam (Turn It Up)."


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She's no Kim K. Say what you want about her, Kim is a gorgeous natural beauty....and her ass is fab (IMHO)! Yes, she's a media whore, but who isn't these days? I find it kind of cheesey that this girl is getting attention for being a "faux look-alike," just admit it and move forward. No, she can't help that they look similar, but you KNOW she KNOWS she's only be hired for most gigs because of the Kim K. similarities.
Love you Reggie, but this looks like you're still into Kim, just one without a body!

1148 days ago


wtf she looks much better than that old porn star fat ass

1148 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

I see this girl looks just as trashy as the original, it is sad that women in Hollywood have to resort to trashiness just to get noticed. They should show some respect for themselves once in a while.

1148 days ago


"that chick in the Old Navy commercial that looks just like Kim Kardashian"

It's 'WHO looks just like', not 'THAT looks just like'. And....she doesn't look just like KK, Melissa is prettier.

1148 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

kvc-Kim is a natural beauty?! Are you kidding me? If she has anymore plastic surgery on her face she is going to look like Joan Rivers, her butt and boob implants too. Nothing natural about Kim K anymore.

1148 days ago


Suddenly Kim Kardashian looks overweight, dumpy with those ridiculous dresses and shorts she wears, over made up, and...OLD. She WISHES for ten minutes ANY part of her body (including her face) looked anything like Melissa Molinaro's parts. Kim Kardashian is DREAMING.

1148 days ago


Wayyy hotter than Kim - and 20lbs less junk in the trunk...Toned legs versus Kim's cottage cheese...

No brainer...

1148 days ago


This girl is hot, look at that sweet butt. KK is a tub of lard who wears a pile of makeup, she looks nasty without it too. This girl is 10xxxxx better looking than the reality ho.

1148 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Kim's ass is like 4 times as big. Kim is probably jealous of this one.

1148 days ago


the reason the blond is a dude is its a gay club also i think this kk look alike is a he/she

1148 days ago


Not a Kim K fan, but Kim's definitely prettier. When I saw her at first glance in the Old Navy commercial, I did think it was Kim, briefly, but quickly realized she was simply a wannabe.

1148 days ago


I see one thing in common, THUNDER THIGHS! Nice canks.

1148 days ago


This chick is way hotter than Kim..and I bet she's got a better personality, you know, since Kim has NONE!

1148 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Melissa is way prettier thn Kim. When Kim was younger she was pretty but ever since she got botox something seems wrong with her face. Melissa looks fresher and younger and she has a beautiful body.

1148 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Ana so you think she has thunder thighs huh? Why don't you post a picture of yourself and lets see what you look like?

She's not fat and her thighs are sexy, she has sexy curves that many skinny and fat chicks would love to have. Only envious skinny and fat chicks would say a negative comment..

1148 days ago
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