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8/3/2011 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson wants more quality time with his little girl -- and in order to get it ... he's demanding a change to his child custody agreement with Oksana Grigorieva.

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ Mel has filed a request with the court ... for additional overnight visits with 1-year-old Lucia.

Under the current agreement ... Mel gets 3 overnights with Lucia every 2 weeks.

Nothing's decided yet -- a hearing is set for September -- but if the judge grants Mel's request, he and Oksana will be much closer to an even 50-50 split of their time with Lucia.



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Mel and Lucia look so cute together!

1145 days ago


I listened to TMZ live and KH said they turned down Casey Anthony for 3 major reasons, but they were approached to be body guards and as a group declined.

that was the Kris I have talked to for sure.

1145 days ago


I remember reading something about how Mel, according to the initial custody agreement, will have Lucia 50/50 by the time she is three. (anyone know?) I am guessing the big push for total custody won't come until she is older, when his lawyers can argue that she no longer needs the care of her mother... although God knows it is probably mostly the nanny who cares for her.
This is going to be interesting to watch in the next few months. I am so hoping he will get her many more nights each month. This little girl needs her Daddy, who is a good father; the questions surrounding her fame whore mother are seriously troubling. I cringe at the thought of how OX could harm her.

1145 days ago


ohreally: 26 minutes ago

I remember reading something about how Mel, according to the initial custody agreement, will have Lucia 50/50 by the time she is three. (anyone know?)

Yes that is what they came up with but wouldn't it be sweet if Mel gets that now or better yet full custody, with Ox's visitations at his own discretion. I know, it won't happen. But I can dream can't I?

1145 days ago


Yes we can all dream. (and pray) It isn't impossible. Things might have happened which never get reported in the media.

1145 days ago


Boy don't I know that! When do we ever hear the truth about anything from the media.

1145 days ago


Knock knock, TMZ are you there? Hello! Are you paying attention? A lot of of faithful readers have come to the same conclusion...We don't like your knew format. What was wrong with the old one?

1145 days ago


azlee Glad you could confirm it was KH's voice on the call, I wonder whether it was TMZ and Harvey though who got him on the phone to confirm or deny the story they had heard, rather than him just ringing in to say we were approached and all decided No!

Firefly Yes, we can all dream that Mel will get full custody, it would sure be nice to know Lucia is growing up safely - a nanny has to have time off and isn't 24/7, 365 days of the year which has to be worrying because 5 mins alone with OG could harm either of her kids!
D'you remember that story a long time ago in this saga when the p.r agent of Mel's that OG was using said that she just sat around listless and un-interested in anything unless the conversation turned to her career and she was alive and alert again lol?!

Maj I checked out ROL for the story on this and couldn't find one lol! There seems to be a lot of the more serious stuff over there since I last visited and one story last night had me in tears! It was the story of the 12 year old girl who was raped by the Polygamist leader of this Fundamentalist Church of LDS - in court apparently they had a recording of her crying before she was raped and she was held down by other women of the group so he could rape her! He claims her and this 14 year old girl he's also charged with raping were his spiritual wives(?!) - which is his excuse for having sex with these under age girls, but the description of the harrowing tapes had tears in my eyes. What I thought was really frightening about that story (apart from the story itself), is that they only have him on 2 rape charges and you can't help wondering how many other's there have been that have never come forward! Heart rending story.

1145 days ago



That story on ROL about the twelve year old being raped really upset me too. That disgusting pig did this to her and many more here in Texas and we don't look kindly on his type. What I can't fathom is that women held the child down. Did the same thing happen to them so they figure it's this child's turn? Just part of the process? Did the mother participate and hold her own daughter down or did she jus*****ch? Either way they should all be charged with participating in the rape of children.The Polygamist leader is a Disgusting pig, a horrifying pervert, a wondering **** without morals.These are just some of the nicer words I use to describe this monster because TMZ will block out what I really want to call him.

1145 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Ok. This is not oly GOOD, it's funny (and completely correct! LOL):

It has been a while since we’ve heard from Mel Gibson, thankfully the drought has now ended as he’s trying to get more overnight visitation rights for his daughter, Lucia. Right now Gibson is allotted three overnight visits every two weeks, which isn’t anywhere near the 50/50 mark that he would like it to rest at. This of course means that he will have to drag his lovely ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva to court, which I’m sure just tickles him pink.

TMZ cites sources that confirm a hearing is set for September. Mel is pretty much guaranteed to get more time with Lucia, especially since the “Mel Gibson is insane” wave has calmed down since all those unpleasant tapes were released a while back. What surprised me most about this story were the comments posted on TMZ’s original articles; almost every single comment appeared to support Gibson and his fight to get more time with his daughter. Wasn’t it just six months ago that everyone wanted Gibson sent to Davy Jones’ Locker? You can’t predict public opinion, I suppose.

It will probably still be a while before Gibson gets the 50/50 split in visitation that he seeks, but that’s what these hearings are all about; chipping away until you get to the place you want to be at. Now Gibson just has to hope that the judge is sympathetic to his plight, or dislikes Grigorieva as much as everyone else seems to.

1144 days ago


Firefly Yes, I figured some of the women involved were probably previous victims too! Evil man! I see he called just one witness, an elder at the Church to give the low down on the way things work! Didn't help, he got sentenced to Life I think! I don't know how long he'll last mind you!!

Sam Hiya, Hugs!! Lol, I read that story, but I figure the guy hasn't been watching the comments long enough since he figures most comments were against Mel, when the reality was there were a great deal of comments in support of Mel!! Mind you his comment about finding a Judge that dislikes OG as much as everyone else does is a good one lol!!

Ira Sorry to have missed you!

1144 days ago


TWO HOURS LEFT on this painting of Mel Gibson

1143 days ago


Ok, so off topic but just *CAN'T* let this one go without sharing with you guys.
A recent comment on a Gag Gag post over on "dlisted". Too, too funny! (well, at least **I** got a good chuckle out of it!! )
Ha! I was just thinking the same thing, and couldn't remember his name. Now if we could just swap her for him in his "Saving Private Ryan" role, then we could watch a Nazi plunge that knife into *her* chest and witness *her* grisly pretend death. *calls Hollywood*
(phone number for Hollywood is:
Cute, huh?? =o)

Btw....what thread is (anyone who is still posting) is the new designated hangout? Did everyone go back to the one prior to this thread?

1143 days ago


Hiya, thought you'd like this link posted on the Team site by Kilmerfan. It's actually about Val Kilmer but includes Mel in the media biased story claiming he too is a deadbeat dad!!!
More media bias ... 4979816975

They don’t mention that Val has had custody of the kids, they live with him.

1143 days ago


Anonymous: 4 days ago

Sasha falling through a glass window, Lucia being shaken, etc...neither child seems to be safe around their mother. Both children are better off and safer with more time spent with their respective fathers.

Hi, this comment from anonymous was interesting. Maybe it WAS her fault Alexander was injured. Remember how that witness wrote a letter for the court saying how bossy and rude Oksana always was, treating Mel like an employee ?
Mel also said that Oksana wa********* if she has such a bad temper and she's also violent, she may have been fighting with Alexander at the time.
Maybe that's why she was hysterical, maybe she thought people would find out and she'd lose custody ??
I hope Mel gets full custody of Lucia.

1142 days ago
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