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Lauryn Hill

Accused of Being a NIGHTMARE

Behind the Scenes

8/7/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauryn Hill
would constantly verbally abuse members of her band behind the scenes of her European tour in 2007 ... so says an ex-band member who filed a new lawsuit against the former Fugees singer.

Professional guitar player Jay Gore has filed new legal docs in his war with Hill -- in which he claims she stiffed him out of thousands of dollars after playing Hill's tour. 

In the docs, Gore says Hill was a total monster backstage -- claiming she "exhibited the type of behavior for which she had gained public notoriety which contributed to a hostile work environment."

Gore says, "After shows, Hill would demand that the musicians and road support personnel attend meetings where she would engage in a person-by-person critique and berating."

He continues, "At one point, Hill made a statement in front of the tour personnel to the effect that 'I can't believe I am paying you fools, you should be paying me.'"

Gore says he now wants more than $20k for his troubles. His lawyer, Nicholas Andrea, tells us, "We believe there are other musicians who have been mistreated by Ms. Hill in a similar manner who are reluctant to stand up for their rights and this lawsuit gives them a voice as well.”

Calls to Hill's rep have not been returned.


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chaz lane    

She's a nightmare in front of them too.

1170 days ago

Yolanda Garcia-Berdecia    

I am surprised by this article and the comments in this blog. I guess I did not know her character. I thought that she was a very peaceful person and did not know the conflicts that she has with her band, the racism, etc.

1170 days ago


Didn't there used to be a way to report the spam comments here? This post alone has over half the comments from spammers. Although it is amusing to think anyone actually believes you can get a $500 item for $22. If you believe that, I have some lovely beachfront property in Wyoming I can sell you at a great price.

It's really a shame Lauryn Hill was/is not mentally stable enough to continue working in the music industry, she put out one of the best albums of all time and then completely crumpled under the pressure of being famous. Only instead of killing herself with drugs or otherwise, she lost her damn mind and retreated into insanity as a way to cope with the pressures that come with being massively successful. It's too bad we couldn't have gotten a performer with Lauryn's talent combined with, say, Beyonce's ability to handle fame without being crushed under the weight of her own success. Seems like the really talented performers are all too fragile, and the marginally talented are the ones strong enough to handle fame.

1170 days ago


How many times do people have to say that the urban legend about her making racist statements are NOT TRUE:

I wonder if half of the folks here that are so pissed at Lauryn's fake racist statement were equally as angry about John Mayer's REAL racist statement?

1170 days ago


Lauren u are a worthless **** ! You deserve whatever comes your way!

1170 days ago


Oh...and I'm a white girl. So if I go buy your "album" (yeah...that'll happen) will you promise to starve yourself?

1170 days ago



1170 days ago


She sucks anyway...... She doesn't have to be behind the scenes to be a nightmare! Remember some years ago, when she first started out.....She made a quote something to the effect of, I would rather my kids starve than for white people to buy my album. THIS IS NOT NEWS!

1170 days ago


Does anyone really care about these supercilious, self important freaks? They're a joke.

1170 days ago


Doesnt much suprise me, shes a racist too..

1170 days ago


Even Sirius Radio hip hop has made comments of what a bitch this woman is. Aside from her hatred of whites, she even hates her own race as well as herself. She shouldn't be allowed to give any more concerts whereby she strolls out 3 or 4 hours late. I hope this ex-band member gets more than $20K to deal with this monster

1170 days ago


AGAIN....who cares about this NOBODY Lauryn Hill....she is completely a Nothing!!! Stop wasting our time with reports on her life...really No one i right????

1170 days ago


I could careless about her and her music..shes disgraceful...shes made such racist comments...she honestly seems like a horrible,horrible person and she bellittles people constantly..i hope mr.gore wins his case and i hope others stands up to her!!!

1170 days ago


she looks like a druggie

1170 days ago


That's no surprise - she's been like that for years. Fugee's bandmates; Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel both came out and publicly stated she has major issues and is hostile to work with {paraphrased} - they also said there will NEVER be a reunion of the Fugees due to Lauryn's personal issues.

She's a nutbag and diva.

I remember Lauryn from when she was a teen actor on As The World Turns.. She played teenage runaway, Kira... I will ALWAYS remember her for that role.. LOL.

1170 days ago
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