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'Two and a Half Men'

The Secret Funeral PHOTOS

8/5/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two and a Half Men FuneralThe stage is finally set for Charlie Harper's funeral on "Two and a Half Men" ... which features a tribute to the iconic WARDROBE Charlie Sheen made famous on the show -- and TMZ has the pics!

Harper's trademark bowling shirt and shorts hang at the front of a what appears to be a chapel -- surrounded by flowers. There is no sign of a coffin or an urn.

The episode is scheduled to air on Sept. 19 -- and according to, the funeral will be packed with just about every memorable chick Harper nailed on the show since it began.


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the first 2-3 episodes will become good quotes... but after topic "charlies death" :(
the show will go down.. and the quotes will fall

1176 days ago


Guys, keep in mind Sheen brought this all on himself. Lorre, CBS, and WB went way out of their way to help Sheen in every way. Sheen wanted no part of it. Sheen got so bad they had no choice but to fire him. Once he was fired then Sheen goes on his badmouthing rampage and everyone sucks but Sheen.

Keep in mind this is a business and Sheen was fully aware of this. Sheen screwed himself up and he knows it. Lorre, CBS and WB will be around for a long time. 'Anger Management' has not been picked up by anyone.

1176 days ago


Should have kept it to the vanity cards, Chuck. Yes, I know it's your ball, now take it and go home. I don't care.

1176 days ago


Hmm, clothes on a hanger, no coffin. no urn, no dead body. Sounds to me like Lorre is keeping the door open for Charlie to come back if Kutcher doesn't work out. They could always find him in a Tibetan monastery suffering from amnesia. Or in a Bangkok brothel after losing track of time.

1175 days ago


Chuck Lorre may be mad, but he's not stupid. It seems more likely that instead of killing Charlie off, the character is going to be missing and presumed dead, probably in a plane crash, which would explain the clothes in lieu of a coffin or urn. Until he can be legally declared dead (I think that's 7 years if there's no body) it would make more sense for the Malibu house to be rented out to someone like Kutcher, with the stipulation that Jake and Allen live there as well. That seems more likely than some internet tycoon buying a beach house and allowing Jake and Allen to stay on. With this scenario, the producers are free to bring Charlie back if Sheen pulls himself together, and if Kutcher either doesn't work out or decides he doesn't want to stay. To me that's all far more believable than Lorre killing Charlie Harper off definitively. That leaves them no room for change, which is death to any sitcom.

1175 days ago


Maybe Lorre wants to solidify the fact that Charlie ain't coming back by not having a body. Maybe Charlie's character gets eaten by a shark or vaporized or something.

Who knows? meh.


1175 days ago


Could we all have the funeral for Chuck Lorre. He is one very angry man. He sat around and thought to himself "how can I $%#^ with Charlie again". Grow up!

1175 days ago


This is really pathetic! I always watched, but won't be anymore. Sorry, the other guy, Jon Cryer and the kid aren't funny, Charlie carried the show. Ahston, sorry man, but your not funny and not cool. Show's creator is an idiot!@!

1175 days ago


This is gonna be a great ep. sort of like the one where Charlie was hallucinating that his former girlfriends came back to visit. Can't wait! No more Sheen!!!! Yea

1175 days ago


Who cares?!?!?!

1175 days ago


How long before the funeral for Charlie is real?

1175 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

It's a bit creepy seeing this, especially when we know they'll probably kill his character in a way that Charlie himself can end his life. But killing his character was a idiotic choice - wouldn't Charlie Harper just running away and getting his own place in an island or something have been enough? that Lorre is taking the p!ss out of Charlie. But anyway, I hope the ratings drop like a motherf__ker; since it'll be obvious many will tune in for the first episode. But after that, I hope this doesn't even last a season longer. Ashton Kutcher is one of the worst actors to ever grace the TV and film screen. Seriously, anyone who thinks he has an ounce of talent in him, is f__kin' stupid. He wasn't even funny in that overrated "That's 70's Show" crap.

Charlie on the other hand, is a sick, f_cked up guy, but as an actor, he is very good. Don't agree? watch "Platoon" or "Wall Street." He isn't great like his father, but darn it he was one of the best new talents in his prime. Since the 90's he's been living this drug, porn stars, and booze lifestyle; but his acting has always been good.

Never liked this show though - that fat(now thin)overpaid kid is one talentless moron as well, zero acting ability. Cryer? that guy better kiss this show good-bye, because it'll be even more disastrous than ever. And anyone who says Charlie sucked in the show, well, he was playing himself, remember that.

Oh, ****! What am I saying? young girls love that talentless Kutcher! Nevermind, this show will get a boost in ratings by all the young dumb girls. The laugh is on us, I guess. Hope Charlie can clean himself (yeah I know, not in a million years) and be successful with his new show (which I'm sure will suck), but I hope he has the last laugh. PS He was great in "Spin City."

1175 days ago


I can't believe they killed Charlie. Won't be watching anymore. What a way to kill a show.

1175 days ago

Who Knew    

Nobody's winning here. They are both "loosing".

1175 days ago


Why could they not have had him run off with Rose, that would have been a much better story line than a funeral,
and Ashton should have come in as a long lost family member. Lorre just wants Charlie dead, so he will never
be able to come back

1175 days ago
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