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'Two and a Half Men'

The Secret Funeral PHOTOS

8/5/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two and a Half Men FuneralThe stage is finally set for Charlie Harper's funeral on "Two and a Half Men" ... which features a tribute to the iconic WARDROBE Charlie Sheen made famous on the show -- and TMZ has the pics!

Harper's trademark bowling shirt and shorts hang at the front of a what appears to be a chapel -- surrounded by flowers. There is no sign of a coffin or an urn.

The episode is scheduled to air on Sept. 19 -- and according to, the funeral will be packed with just about every memorable chick Harper nailed on the show since it began.


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What is this going to do for the reruns? Will people still watch knowing they killed Charlie? Did the writers shoot themselves in the foot?

1178 days ago

Christopher R    

Let me just say, these might be the pictures of your show if you don't try to upgrade yourself a bit. I turned you off yesterday. Your guest host was truly offensive. Bad enough we have to deal with the improper English most of the time from the young reporters. And, blurbs of people we've either never heard of....OR don't care about it. At least, Harvey 'tries' to keep it all at an acceptable level. But yesterday was more 'garbage' than I care to ingest.

1178 days ago


While I am looking forward to "new beginnings" of this show, I wish they wouldn't kill off Charlie-it would be nice down the road somewhere to have him make a guest appearance.

1178 days ago


Charlie dug his own grave on this one, Lorre has no choice but to let Charlie know that he IS replaceable and not the God he thinks he is. This is not revenge on Lorre's part, it's just telling it like it is.
I wouldn't put up with Charlie's crap as long as Lorre did.
As far as the show lasting? Who knows? Charlie was just showing up and reading lines...he wasn't putting any effort into it. Lot's of other shows have survived a big cast change, this one will too.

1178 days ago


I've heard through unconfirmed sources that Ashton's character will really be a D-List celebrity whose main goal in life is to send and receive the most tweets. He will sit on the couch and ignore all, while tweeting about nothing during the entire taping.

1178 days ago


ok fess up! who didn't sign the damn non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement? No one is leaving this set until the culprit is found! No free lunch either!

1178 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Don't worry Charlie - he can try his best, but you will always be #WINNING :) Anger Management here we ALL COME.

1178 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

What kind of chapel is that supposed to be? Christian? Jewish? Muslim? I would say it is a typical T.V. "generic chapel" (as if there were such a thing) except that the symbol in the middle of the round black frame seems to be the all-seeing eye of God, which is a symbol used by the Masons. So is this a Masonic chapel? What Charley killed by a Masonic plot?

1178 days ago


Wow, 64 comments in like eight hours. Anything posted even remotely related to Charlie Sheen has four times this many comments. Not the greatest indication of popularity!

1178 days ago

Best Mom    

Charlie Sheen was really, really good as Charlie Harper. This mess was created by 2 huge egos -- and they both lost! What a shame....I am anxious to see what Charlie is capable of in Anger Management - will be fun to watch it. Not sure 2 1/2 Men will have the "punch" it had with Charlie. Will Ashton pull it off for Chuck and WB? That's the million dollar question.

1178 days ago


I am so sorry but Two and A half Men with out Charlie Sheen wont b the same. Sorry but ashton is not a great actor. The show wont last. I give it two seasons are less. Charlie made the show what it is today. Mother Chucker last his mind by replace Clarlie with Ashton such a down-grade.

1178 days ago


This is the stupidest thing ever. Thank god charlie wised up and spoke up to lorre to get out of this show. As we are finally learning chuck lorre was the one to start charlie on drugs in the first place. Will not be watching, but will be watching charlies roast that comes on the same time as lorre's crazy show comes on. Go charlie and keep on winning!!

1178 days ago


First of all Ashton's an idiot. Second of all Lorre is a bigger idiot. I won'*****ch that show.

1178 days ago

weird al yankovich    

This WILL backfire on Chuck Lorre GUARANTEED

1178 days ago


As the haters and death-invokers get distracted by another bouncy ball, the true support for Charlie Sheen as a free spirited, talented artist WHO LED 2.5 MEN, ON-SCREEN TO WHAT IT WAS, OVER A SPAN OF A DECADE will shine through.

He is a true STAR. Open, brutally honest in the pursuit of truth. Unshakable confidence, even when you know he is not really feeling that way. Humble enough to humiliate himself for truth. Courageous enough to put himself at risk for truth.

The very definition of a true artist.

Chuck Lorre is a conformist capitalist oligarchal businessman, with a flair for storytelling.

The show was built on his life and on his presence; as such, it will not breathe without him.

Big Poppa

1178 days ago
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