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Jesse Eisenberg

'30 Mins or Less' INFURIATES

Friends of REAL Bomb Victim

8/7/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Eisenberg
's new movie about a pizza delivery boy who's abducted, outfitted with a bomb, and forced to rob a bank ... is PISSING OFF friends of a man who was killed under VERY similar circumstances ... TMZ has learned.

The movie -- "30 Minutes or Less" -- is being promoted as a comedy flick. But back in 2003, nobody was laughing when 46-year-old pizza man Brian Wells DIED when a bomb strapped around his neck exploded after he tried to rob a bank.

Wells insisted he was abducted during a pizza delivery in Pennsylvania -- claiming the bombmaker locked an explosive device around his neck and ordered him to rob a bank.

Cops placed Wells in handcuffs ... but backed away from the guy when they realized the bomb was REAL. The bomb exploded while news cameras rolled ... and Wells was killed instantly.

Years later, federal prosecutors alleged Brian concocted the plan with several other people. One of the plotters insisted Brian was under the impression an actual bomb would NOT be used. 

TMZ spoke with one of Brian's closest friends who tells us he's outraged that Hollywood would mock Wells' death ... calling the movie "trash."

The friend tells us, "It's stupid the movie is even coming out ... producers can go jump in a lake for all I care!"
He adds, "Doesn't Brian have a right to die? They're blowing something up that should never have even happened in the first place and now they wanna make a joke out of it ... it's really tragic."

A rep for Columbia Pictures tells TMZ, "Neither the filmmakers nor the stars of '30 Minutes or Less' were aware of this crime prior to their involvement in the film."

The rep adds, "The writers were vaguely familiar with what had occurred and wrote an original screenplay that does not mirror the real-life tragedy. "


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This worthless film is going to spur at least a dozen real-life copycat sprees, watch. I swear sometimes I hate hollywood and the f*cking morons who green-light this ****.

1140 days ago


Calm down. It's just a movie.

1140 days ago


I think it's about time people stopped taking things so literally. There's movies about war, murder, rape, drugs, etc. Just because the movie is similar to a real-life situation, doesn't mean that the writers based the movie off of it. Just because weapons and bombs are part of the plot, it doesn't mean the movie is endorsing that those things are no big deal, or shouldn't be taken seriously. I trust the integrity of Jesse Eisenberg, and the crew of his movie, and I'm going to go see it.

1140 days ago


When I first saw this trailer for this movie, I thought about the guy who this really happened to in real life. I do think this movie is a bit distasteful, and I think the film makers and actors knew about this. I knew about it, and it happened when I was 11 years old.

1140 days ago


If it "doesn't mirror the real life tragedy", is it just a coincidence they used a pizza delivery guy in the movie? Me thinks they're fulla****.

1140 days ago


Its a movie people! Did you cry out and protest 'Titanic'!? Did you stand out and speak out when 'Hotel Rowanda' where hundreds of thousands died!? Yes I know those movies are not comdeys but there movies, period.
I hear there in works for a dark comedy where two drama students hold a school hostage, people die, people laugh. GOODTIMES!!

1140 days ago


I recalled when this tragic event took place. I am surprised that the movie studio thought this would be a good idea for a comedy.

1140 days ago


i am from erie, pa where this actually happened. i remember that day very well. i mean, i can see both sides of it but i really do not care fore jesse. something about him makes me think he is one of those people who think they know everything about everything.

1140 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

"A rep for Columbia Pictures tells TMZ, "Neither the filmmakers nor stars the stars of '30 Minutes or Less' were aware of this crime prior to their involvement in the film."

Really? Are you that UNINFORMED about what happens in the world? Hollywadders are so damn stupid.

1140 days ago


I watched the special on Investigation Discovery about this bombing. The guy had no friends. Spent his time doing drugs and ordering hookers. Mr. Wells was in on the robbery to pay off a drug debt and the people he was conspiring with double crossed him. The only connection between the main character in the movie and Mr. Wells is they both delivered pizza.

1140 days ago

Get back to work!    

It was NATIONAL news. The poor guy got his chest blown up & died on live TV, while handcuffed. I know because I saw it. There have been several TV crime shows about it. "Vaguely familiar"? Exactly who do they think they're fooling?

1140 days ago


You guys need to lighten up. This movie was filmed in my city and I am so excited to see it!!!

1140 days ago

mary stevenson    

i live in the area the actual pizza delivery guy was murdered w/a bomb. noone here finds it funny!

1140 days ago


Well's did that to himself,trying to steal money!! I don't think he deserves ANY sympathy..

1140 days ago


I watch this live. I would be pissed also but does Hollywood care about victoms of crimes no I bet someone is writting about Casey Anthony.

1140 days ago
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