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Casey Abrams

Seeing Myself on TMZ

Made Me Become a Spokesman

8/8/2011 2:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Abrams didn't plan on revealing to the world he was dealing with ulcerative colitis when he became a contestant on "American Idol" -- but then he became hospitalized, and saw himself splashed all over TMZ, and decided to speak out.

Abrams recently announced he's the spokesperson for a national disease awareness campaign called IBD Icons, designed to let people know that living with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) isn't the end of the world.

Abrams tells TMZ he didn't know how to handle his disease when he went on "Idol," which landed him in the hospital -- and he read all about it on TMZ. He told us, "It's kind of funny that right when I went to the hospital and checked TMZ, the headline was 'Casey Abrams Hospitalized.'"

Now he's using his "Idol" fame to raise awareness about the disease, telling us, "I want people to send in their stories of how they overcome it. I don't have the best speaking skills, but people know who I am and I feel they might listen to a familiar face. I feel I have a responsibility to step up and talk about this really graphic disease."

IBD Icons is encouraging people to submit their stories about how they are living with their disease at


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Good for Casey :)

1172 days ago


Thank God this story isn't about the other Casey...

1172 days ago

Ghost Rider    

What is with these weirdos and beards today? I guess everyone is trying to look like the dude from hangover or something.

1172 days ago

some guy    

I heard this guy ripped off Kim K.'s latest fame whoring idea.

1172 days ago


Ok, great. So I'm aware. Now what? Never understood this sort of thing.

1172 days ago


Props to whoever came up with who he resembles - Yukon Cornelius. Classic. Mush!

He needs more cowbell.

1172 days ago


I like this kid. Talented, can SING AND PLAY actual instruments.

1172 days ago

Jeanne Paige    

This is a good thing!! I was diagnosed in 2006 with UC and the side effects from the medicine originally prescribed were worse then the disease!! I now use wheatgrass, probiotics, and apple cider vinegar to maintain my UC.

1172 days ago


This dude is a complete nut job. He should see a doctor for his mental illness.. Not only is he a ******* singer, he is a weirdo too!!

1172 days ago


Like most Western diseases, the cause and cure is quite simple, your diet.

If you eat the Standard American Diet you will get sick, end of story.

1172 days ago


Casey u were my favorite on AI. Keep up the good work, hope to see a CD out soon! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST:)

1172 days ago

Ya Mon    

Very good instrumentalist, but why does he sound like he's having trouble taking a ***** =colitis?

1172 days ago


Hey thats kewl! It's not something that is talked about much, and you speaking on the subject would be very helpful to many.
Hope you and Haley get some music going. Between the two of you, .........well, you just got it going on. Anyone that appreciates music, knows what I'm talking about. Such great talent!

1172 days ago


Adore you, Casey! Your style can't be matched!

I was diagnosed after many years of suffering with Crohn's disease (Ulcerative Colitis' sister disease and under the same IBD classification) at 25 years old. It SUCKED!! Took me many years to overcome the social implications. Even though you don't "see" the symptoms on the outside in a highly visible way, they can be devastating. Telling someone... well, you just have to trust that they're not going to think differently about you. This, of course, is true of any disease, but if UC or Crohn's eventually results in a colostomy, that's a heavy duty thing for a relative "kid" to adjust to and talk about.

Anyway, I'm glad Casey has decided to be open about it, especially since he can dispel any rumors about him.


1172 days ago


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1063 days ago

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