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Katt Williams' Replacement

Audience Wasn't Feeling Him

8/8/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katt Williams
The guy who will be headlining -- in place of Katt Williams -- says the comedian was trying something different Saturday night at the Improv in Ontario, CA ... and the audience just wasn't into it.

As TMZ first reported, Williams became belligerent with the audience and was asked to leave the stage -- and cops were eventually called.

But Maronzio Vance, who opened for Katt that night, thinks fans were upset because Katt wasn't his usual hyper self. "He was mellow, he was chill. He hadn't been on stage in two years."

Vance says Katt was upset he didn't get the chance to finish his show -- but when the cops get called to your comedy show, it's probably best if you leave.


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1170 days ago


How is one chill and belligerent?

1170 days ago


That's a load of crap! He was a psych in Albuquerque too!!! Dude is having some kind of issues...

1170 days ago


Nice try at covering. The audience was upset because Katt was not funny. If he was funny they wouldn't care if he was hyper or mellow. There's a group of comedians, and this little hobbit is one of them, who think they can just show up and the audience should genuflect and laugh at whatever crap they are spewing. Clubs should not let them perform because they are ripping off the customers.

1170 days ago


Its Ontario not Onatrio.

1170 days ago


You mispelled ONTARIO......

1170 days ago


Wow, I was there at the show, and I must say Katt Williams Sucked hard. I was so pumped about seeing his show and have a great laugh, Just to be truly DISAPOINTED people were walking out mid show and some asleep in there seat "BORING"

1170 days ago


Who pays to see Katt Williams? He should be paying the audience.

1170 days ago


Oh, well that explains it. Mellow comedians are regularly arrested for not making the crowd laugh. Steven Wright used to get arrested all the time for that.

1170 days ago

buque too    

He was hours late and Samuel Jackson had to make him come out on stage in Albuquerque! Katt needs help, he is throwing his career into the garbage! What a loser

1170 days ago


Went to the Friday night show. Katt seemed so high that he couldn't finish alot of his jokes. He begun the show with some kind of weird set up on stage with incense and candles, came in smoking and wasn't very funny. So disapponited.

1170 days ago


Awww poor didnt get what you wanted! GROW THE F___ UP! Do you ask for your money back from Ticket Master when a band you go watch doesnt play the songs you want to hear? NO! You dont always get what you want! Somehow Americans think they are entitled to everything! Artists have the right to try to do something new. Either you appreciate art or your a self centered a-hole who thinks they were going to get a performance right off of the DVD because that is "what they wanted". Someone who thinks they can come in and demand something from the person you came to watch is a fool! Like Katt said himself at the show! If you had a problem with the show, you should have talked the the management of the real adults... You dont stomp your feet and yell at the stage like a 5 year old at Chuck-E-Cheese when the fake animal show ends! Katt is and will always be, ONE OF THE GREATEST, BEST SELLING, DEAD AND ALIVE...just like he said.. The world isnt a Burger dont always get it your a matter of fact life is disapointing sometimes. I hold the Improv at fault for letting things get out of hand like they did. Katts ladies had more nerve then the Improv management...CHUMPS....

1170 days ago


Kat needs to get off the hard ****! Ever since he came down here to Newnan, GA for that movie he has gone down hill. Crack and meth are heavy in Newnan for those who dont live around here... take your guess at wuts got him actin a fool.

1170 days ago


he wasn't the headliner! that English chick
Gina Yashie headlined and she was awesome! This dude was good, but he was host, so he didn't do as long

1170 days ago


Ok, so he is obviously on many different drugs.Im guessing oxy, and maybe extasy. He didn't even recognize his own old friends. Moronzio is being very nice here because he doesn't want to burn bridges, not because he was covering for Katt. Sorry for the people that payed money for this. People payed money to see a comidian, not witness someone trying to find themselves on stage. I feel sorry for this man. I xpect to see him in prison, commited,or no longer with us soon. Also, what they didn't tell you is that he was seen for a hour walking down the street while being followed by a car of his yes men followers. I just wish someone had the balls to tell him he is a mess.

1169 days ago
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