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Levi Johnston's Sis:


8/8/2011 7:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mercede Johnston Bristol Palin
Levi Johnston
's little sister HATES Bristol Palin ... calling her "evil" and a "sociopath" in a new Playboy interview. Oh, and she also gets naked.

19-year-old Mercede Johnston (above left) just WENT OFF about the entire Palin crew -- calling Sarah Palin a bad mom who's "never there for [her kids]" ... adding, "She doesn't make her kids go to school. She'd rather parade them around and put on a show, at book signings or conventions."

As for Bristol -- "Everything is about her, her, her. She has to have her own way. She'll be supersweet and then she turns into the most evil person I've ever known ... Honestly, she is the meanest person."

Mercede adds, "I didn't know someone could be so vindictive and evil ...[She's] a sociopath. She doesn't think anything she could do or does is wrong."

Mercede also claims Bristol and Levi PLANNED their pregnancy -- saying, "They were trying to conceive for months."

And for good measure ... Mercede explains why Sarah would have been a TERRIBLE president saying, "I think she'd have had a mental breakdown if she was elected [president] ... She can't even answer Katie Couric's questions."


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Denise S.    

Another attention seeking Johnston Ho

1174 days ago


Qué diga lo que quiera, le entro como loco!

1174 days ago


I couldn't care less what this nobody twit has to say about anybody. Another attention hog like her moron brother. Hey loser, try accomplishing more than talking trash & spreading your legs for the camera.

1174 days ago


What a filthy dirty family this skank comes from.What nerve she must have with a druggie mother, and a worthless predatory sexual pervert as a brother.

Look out women, there are a lot of men like Levi you cannot trust, and a lot of sisters of men like Levi, who cannot be believed as well.

Go Sarah, Go Bristol, Go Todd take on all these hateful trailer trash skanks, (as Bill Clinton used to say), and clean house of the underhanded partisan liberals.

No doubt the DNC gave this skank a brief course in Saul Alinsky, briefing her to attack, attack, attack.
Have you noticed the latest spin by the no-nothing liberals using the Saul Alinsky method of telling the biggest lie first, stating that the TEA party is at fault for all this debt which caused the downgrade of our nation at the hands of Obama.

Then we have TMZ parading this skank in front of us, to divert us all from the truth out there.

1174 days ago


The Johnston family sounds like white trash

1174 days ago


At least she is not dry humping on the dance floor like Bristol did on Dancing with the Stars. Oh by the way Sarah is Grandmother again. Son Track's wife Britta delivered her baby girl Sunday night. They were just married in May. When you call Mercedes trash you need to include the Palins as trash also. At least Mercedes has not had a child out of wedlock. The Palins are evil and trash.

1174 days ago

Charlie's Watch    

No tengo idea lo que dice, pero le entro como loco!

1174 days ago


"Hey... listen to me! I have something profound to say!"

"Oh, and you want to see me naked??"

Yeah... a real rocket scientist.

1174 days ago


Hey lefty TMZ losers. Quit trying to rehash this non story in order to push your filthy agenda.

1174 days ago


You can't believe everything you read or hear from someone else"s mouth.

1174 days ago

Who Knew    

Was a Palin mean to Harvey in the past, somebody at TMZ is all butt hurt over the Palins.

1174 days ago


UGH. You haters are so idiotic that you almost make me laugh if you weren't so sad.
A Little Poem from my Heart titled :


The stock market is crashing right now
The Leader is on another blame tour

Pity Party Democrat wish list makers all

pep talker

greaseing us up with hope's whisperings

Warren Buffet's credit score fell like shooting stars

"It doesn't matter what our score is USA will always be NUMERO ONE"

1174 days ago


And since when does a 19 year old naked girl have credibility? She's saying Sarah is a bad mother? Maybe Mercede's mother is not so saintly either. Who in their right mind is going to let their 19 year old daughter pose NAKED for the whole world to see. Now I realize she's 19 but if my mother said it was a very bad idea to show my ta-ta's and foo-foo to everyone I would listen to her. She is just another example of a Johnston family member looking to make money off the Palin name. So sad they have to get naked to do it.

1174 days ago


Sounds like this chick wants her 5 minutes of fame. Little does she know how stupid she is making herself look. What a childish rant on the Palin family.

1174 days ago


Who cares? Mercede is beautiful. Besides Sarah Palin just became a granny again today. Get pregnant then get married it's the Palin family values at work!

1174 days ago
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