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8/11/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson fans in the U.S. may NOT have to cross the pond to catch the LIVE MJ Tribute Concert in October ... TMZ has learned plans are in the works to LIVESTREAM the show at several major arenas around the country.  

TMZ spoke with a rep for Global Live -- the company behind the event -- who tells us producers are working with several major U.S. venues in the hopes of broadcasting the event on jumbotrons to give audiences the concert experience without having to go all the way to Wales (it's a country in Europe!).

We're told nothing has been finalized ... but Global Live is actively trying to seal the deal.

As we previously reported, stars like Kanye West, Christina Aguilera and Jay-Z have all been contacted about playing the event. So far, the only act who's signed on the dotted line is Cee Lo from Gnarls Barkley.


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I believe Michael Jackson's fans has the right to have a tribute to him every year. I have read a lot of these comments and everyone thinks the family is doing it for money but MJ's fans are demanding it and deserve it. Those who are not his fans always make fun of his family and past allegations against him which really sucks due to the lack of knowledge that you have about Michael Jackson. He was talented, kind hearted, great looking, gave his life to his fans and he deserves the most respect he is no different from Elvis and everyone should stop the bad mouthing and the put downs...respect the dead and read up about MJ he was never a bad person...the media can be harsh and a gatekeeper.

1170 days ago


What I Think: 11 hours ago

I suspect, Liz, that it is being held in Wales because the Jackson family knows that they couldn't fill a park bench if they tried holding this tribute concert in the U.S.

Oh I think it is because the estate has little to no control over what they do when they go out of the U.S.

I think they should have one here, but they would have to follow the estates rules if they do and we all know that is not going to happen. But if the estate handled it along with them I am sure it would be alot more organized than it is now. I just see a disaster forming.
Michael deserves a great tribute concert and much, much more. But a organized and timed right one, not disorganized and absolutely at the wrong time. jmo

1170 days ago


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Katherine Jackson's Attorneys Seeking $350,000 From Michael's EstateKatherine Jackson's Attorneys Seeking $350,000 From Michael's Estate
Posted on Aug 12, 2011 @ 04:30PM print it send it
WENN/Splash NewsBy Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter

Katherine Jackson's former attorneys are continuing their legal battle against her son's estate and in their latest filing, have asked the court to award them $350,000 for costs and fees they say were run up in the days immediately following Michael's death in 2009.

In the court do***ents obtained by, the fees and costs the firm of Rosenfeld, Meyer & Susman are requesting are termed "reasonable under the cir****tances," of Katherine briefly taking control of Michael's estate, and even include $18,000 incurred in connection with Michael's funeral!

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

The breakdown of the fees are listed in the do***ents:

$18,070.00 Petition for Payment of Funeral Expenses
$40,613.61 for Appointment of Mrs. Jackson as Special Administrator
$58,939.61 Petition Confirming Ability to Challenge Personal Representatives
$231,575.21 Negotiations with Subsequent Special Administrators and Their Council, Including Review of Contractual Arrangements

Read The 17-Page Legal Do***ent Here

The lawyers claim they "arranged on very short notice for the payment by the Decedent's estate of the Decedent's funeral and burial expenses which allowed the interment of his remains to take place as scheduled."

Jury selection beings on September 8 for Dr. Conrad Murray, who is going to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, who passed away on June 25, 2009.

1170 days ago


katherine, dear stage genius mom?
why did you do nothing to end mj's self-destruction? instead, you busted out mock outrage when people laughed at mj's transvestite shredded face and his lies about police,
drugs, women, boys, employers and plastic surgery?
no, his fangirls weren't hurt by his ugliness and distorted view of reality, but they never intended to watch him get injected with propofol.

1170 days ago


Oh brother...
They can LIVE STREAM throughout the Universe but I doubt many people will buy into this CRAP. And while I like Cee Lo and Christina (the girl can SANG,) they have NO frame of reference with Michael. I've never heard of any connection with any of the acts that have been announced but Smokey Robinson....
And they say LaToya, Tito, Marlon and Jackie are performing? No need to comment on THAT one....
-Hey Pegasus! Thanks for posting that article. These claims were already published by TMZ a few months after the Funeral, but I think they listed the Jackson brothers and Janet as the claimants, not Katherine. From what I understood, she had no money to pay for ANYTHING which is why her Lawyers requested a monthly allowance. Personally, I don't think they stand a chance of getting anything more from the Estate than she's getting already....
Anybody who had ANY QUESTION that Katherine and her Minions are determined to get their pot of gold needs a serious REALITY CHECK! I would LOVE to see them pursue Justice for Michael the same way they pursue their LOVE of money....and NO, running around yapping about the fact that Michael was murdered (something anybody with ANY SENSE already knows) in order to sell your upcoming book and CD doesn't count....
The family needs to realize that they didn't hit the LOTTERY on June 25, 2009, they LOST THEIR LOVED ONE....Oye.
BTW: That $350,000 figure is REALLY familiar...looks like Katherine is determined to get the Estate to pay HER past debts.....
Can you say SEGYE TIMES??
No Peace till Justice!

1170 days ago


Hi Cher:

I did a print out of the Legal Do***ents filed, very interesting - you should go to Radar Online and do a print of them for yourself and read them. It is 17 pages long! But I know what you are saying about this being done before, I remember. These (from what I can tell) are newly filed papers.

And yes, LaToya, Tito, Marlon & Jackie are going to perform along with Michael's neices and nephews - from what I understand so far anyway. I posted what I heard regarding it (you know where). The only person I would be the least bit interested in listening to or seeing is Smokey Robinson - but that is me! I have always adored Smokey and his music!

1170 days ago

What I Think    

Michael Jackson was great looking, Valerie? He could have played the part of Frankenstein's monster in a remake of the 1931 movie Frankenstein with no makeup required.

1170 days ago

check yourself    

Of course 3T will be performing as G'ma KJ promised them as they snotted and waled that it wasn't fair they didn't get the exposure they wanted while their uncle was alive. You folks don't remember that WAY back, close behind Micheal's death??

I would have been seriously surprised had they NOT been playing at this thing. Skating on "sentimentality" and "honoring their Uncle". No low is too low. When I first heard of this bs tribute deal I thought it was such a no-brainer that Marlon and Tito were ALL FOR for this as hard as K&JJ are, for profit AND the 2-for-1 of promoting 3T.

No way am I the only one. Really???

1169 days ago


Wales is not a country, it's a part of UK. Stupid Americans!

1167 days ago


I think they should stream it live on television not just in arenas on jumbo trons. It will be better to broadcast it around the world. Thats my opinion

1167 days ago
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