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President Obama


After Burger Lunch

8/11/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


President Obama's personal credit rating seems to be doing just fine -- because the Commander-In-Chief slapped down some plastic to cover the bill at a burger lunch yesterday ... and tipped more than 35%. 

Obama hit up Ted's Bulletin restaurant in D.C. yesterday where he surprised a group of campaign volunteers who had won an essay contest.

Sources connected to the restaurant tell TMZ ... the President ordered a plain cheeseburger, fries, and side salad ... and an ice cold glass of water to wash it down.

We're told Obama asked for the bill personally -- and picked up the tab for the entire group on his credit card. In total, with tip, Obama dropped over $200.

One person who was inside the restaurant tells us, "He couldn't have been nicer."

The "surprise" wasn't as impromptu as it seemed ... we're told secret service swept through the restaurant with a K9 unit earlier that day -- and the restaurant was closed to the public.


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Mitch McConnell said over a year ago that his (and Republicans) #1 goal was to destroy Obama.

Not create jobs or help our economy.

They will destroy this country in order to destroy Obama's presidency.

They care more about their re-election and ideology than this country.

Where IS the Republicans jobs bill?? C'mon now, they have had the House for 8 months, where is it??

Yes, I am disappointed in Obama. I am disappointed that he hasn't grown a pair and told those ******** where to stick it.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

All thanks to the Teaba**ing Republicans.

1177 days ago


Does he look drunk to y'all? Looks like it to me! Hard to believe that all he drank was "water."

1177 days ago


Really, $200? You guys are trying to make it sound like he's a baller. That is nothing. A drop in the bucket. You guys should look into the kind of money lobbyist spend on a lunch. You guys have sold out to the Reps running smearing BS about the coolest Pres ever with this crap.

1177 days ago


big DIP leaves a big tip. -it's nice to be generous with our money.

1177 days ago


Nice to see Nero play the fiddle as Rome burns.

1177 days ago


So when you consider LOST tips because they closed the restuarant..its a wash. That person should share with the other servers because they all lost out due to his visit.

1177 days ago


Who's Credit Card???? They can all thank us for that meal!

1177 days ago


Barry the impostor looks high- he probably smokes crack. The guy is a complete fraud, incapable of running a convenience store.

1177 days ago


Yet one more misuse of taxpayer funds.

1177 days ago


I hate people that say "wasting tax payers' money"...dumb asses. He is working (much harder than a lot of you), he is treating some kids to lunch, and you should He is a American citizen as well, doesn't HE deserve a burger.

1177 days ago


It is so very sad that so many of u are filled with pure hatred.Some are too young to know things DID NOT just get this way because of this Pres. and some are old and having memory trouble.Unless u can bring back a already dead Pres.,I would like to know who u'd vote in to do all things to Please all of the people.We have no clue,from the outside looking in.Being Pres is a title ONLY,everyone around him influence his decisions.Some of u seem delusional as to what can really be done in this country when all u do is complain.Go do something to make someone happy other than yourself.By the way Thanks too so many of u for reminding me that racsim is still something I'll have to warn my little children about.SO SO SAD.

1177 days ago


God people are so ignorant and blinded by stupid political beliefs or hate. This isnt a political story you weirdos, this is a story about our President meeting with the intelligent youth of this country for lunch, and paying the bill with his own credit card as the story clearly states. This is not paid by the taxpayer it was paid by him, he's a millionare because he's written two insanely popular books. Stop being so absurd

1177 days ago


And this nonsense about all the other waiters should be upset because the whole restaurant was closed is just so stupid. I worked in restaurants from the time I was 14-24, the other servers either were there just to see the president, or got the day off and probably enjoyed it. It's the President of the United States of America, the leader of the free world, and you people act like the servers are sitting there cursing his name because they dont have tables to wait on. Good lord we really need to start putting money into our education system based off the comments on here

1177 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

LOL @ the people calling people mean and hateful because they disagree with Obama and the job he is doing as Prez. Pot, Kettle, black. You are being mean and hateful while calling out others for being mean and hateful.


It's not mean, hateful nor racist to state the fact that Obama has been the worse president EVER. He is hanging out, golfing, vacationing and sticking his head in the sand while our country is in to toilet. He is waiting to just flu*****.

Stop being so mean and hateful.

1177 days ago


@Areallaywer: Yeah...the worst President in history that's a reasonable judgement. He's dealing with a party that wants the economy to tank and job numbers to stay bad simply to win the next election. He's dealing with extremists who demand that we need to ammend the constitution before they will allow us to pay our bills on time, and he's dealing with a party that thinks its smart to pull tons of government spending out of the economy in a time when the economy is tanking and everytime we've been in a recession we've spent money to get out of it, reduced spending. You and people like you need to get a clue before making statements like he is the worst president in history. And people say he's a communist, marxist, or whatever when clearly he is a middle of the road president, even people from Reagan's (your heros)administration have said if Obama were President 20 years ago he'd be considered a moderate republican

1177 days ago
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