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Christina Aguilera


MJ Tribute Concert

8/11/2011 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has finally agreed to perform at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in Wales in October ... promoters have announced.

Xtina will be joined by Cee Lo, Smokey Robinson, Leona Lewis, Craig David, UK boy band JLS, and Alien Ant Farm -- known for their 2001 cover of MJ's "Smooth Criminal."

Members of the Jackson family will also be performing at the October 8th concert in Cardiff -- including several of his brothers -- but we're guessing that list doesn't include Jermaine or Randy.

According to an executive for Global Live Events, this is just the tip of the iceberg -- "This announcement is just the beginning, we have many more to announce."


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In 50 years time, people will still be listening to MJ, talking about him, buying his albums. I think he will be bigger than ever! Just like Elvis.

Our future generations will watch "This is It". They will know most of his songs, impersonate him and quote him. But they won´t know anything about a Tribute Concert in Cardiff. If it does take off, it will disappear like fog in the sunlight, not leaving any trace at all.... MJ himself left all the imprints we need for coming generations to treasure his memory. (IMO)

1166 days ago


mj invited aaron carter and n'sync onstage.
he let boys like aaron in his home with no responsible adult or parent with them.

gavin arvizo stole liquor. mj still cried that religion
saved his life and made it ok to have strangers' kids to love at home and the juvenile detention center for murderous boys.
mj begged lisa marie to let him hug AND tell 2 murderer boys how much he loved them.
he claimed that gavin did nothing bad on the 60 Minutes show.
jordan chandler would've
stayed away from his father evan and mj,
to avoid trouble, if mj and so-called friends of mj had told jordan that evan was threatening to steal money and abuse jordan with legal action and more lies.
mj did nothing but bring jordan and his mother to parties
and placed the 14 year old boy on his lap. mj enjoyed getting showered with attention, and escaped painkiller drug death in 1994.
jordan was brainwashed to accept his lottery money after his father abused and drugged him. mj didn't 'worry about love for neglected children'.
he said he didn't want another o.j. simpson circus...from NEVERLAND. well, he sure was quiet when evan hugged him and demanded millions of dollars repeatedly...
jordan was beaten with an iron barbell by his father.

of course, mj cried about tommy mottola being racist to him and how the police SUDDENLY TAUNTED AND GIGGLED, and locked him up in a feces filled bathroom after manhandling his shoulder and arm deliberately.
mj tried to bluff his way to tii concerts for the jackson kids, but he went to another childish drug level. yeah, he knew nothing about warnings about propofol abuse.
he paid big time; katherine wants to hide her neglect of her
son by doing media propaganda and exploitation with mj kids and concerts.
she never dared to do greedy tributes, what joe jackson relished, when
mj was in trouble with confused boys and tom sneddon at neverland.
mj told tmz that he definitely would sing with the jackson 5 in 2009. no fake fans were upset about klein, jason, drug dealers, plastic surgeons and greedy jacksons making millions from mj in 1993
and 2009, long before mj demanded Propofol in his bedroom.
naive fangirls say they had unconditional love for him,
as you can see from the dislike votes.
good thing they can't protect a live mj anymore.

1166 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Who cares about this dead boy molester? Why is TMZ ignoring the thefts that went on in Amy Winehouse´s apartment days after her death?

1166 days ago


Hopefully she doesn't forget the WORDS!

1166 days ago


How can we make more MONEY off my dead son..
Christina come on you can make some money too...

1166 days ago


Hopefully Christina will remember her words!

1166 days ago


it's never gonna happen anyways...this greedy family can never get something goin, plus, its only 2 monthes away...

bunch of D-listers.....

1166 days ago

What I Think    

I think they should take MJ's body on tour for public display. The could call it The Rotting Stinking Corpse Tour 2011.

1166 days ago

Barb. A.    

Susan62509: 3 hours ago

Professor Chaos asks: So is the money from this MJ tribute going to his kids or some sort of charity... or are the Jackson brothers/family simply trying to cash in on MJ and keeping the money for themselves?
When purchasing a ticket for this concert (can't call it a tribute, sorry), you have to donate to a charity seperately from the ticket price. That means the Jackson's will receive the profit. The promoter, Global, gave a $100K check to go into MJ3's trust. These little tricks were all done to keep everyone happy......i.e., fans to see that MJ3 get something, push the charity donations to follow MJ's footsteps and has tickets sold in a category so the Jackson's can get paid. All politic' the name of Michael Jackson.

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Barb. A.: less than a minute ago

In my opinion the only reason they set up a MJ3's trust is because if Kate & Joe makes any money the people they owe money to will step in and take it. I think it was someone in Japan that they owe a ton of money to. With it going into a trust for MJ3 no debt collector can take it.

1166 days ago


I heard on the news tonight, that Marlon & Tito, as well as LaToya will also be performing at the Tribute. Not Janet, Randy or Jermaine. It is unclear if Katherine will be in Wales for the Tribute, or in CA for the trial at this time.

1166 days ago

What I Think    

They could also tie strings to him and dance him around like a life size marionette.

1166 days ago
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