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Christy Martin

The Sexist Boxing Commission

ROBBED Me of My 50th Win

8/15/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christy Martin Boxer
Christy Martin, the women's Super Welterweight Boxing Champ, is taking a shot at the California State Athletic Commission, claiming the organization is sexist and she lost what would have been her 50th victory as a result.

Christy fought Dakota Stone last June at the Staples Center in L.A.  Christy was ahead in points with 51 seconds left in the fight, when the referee stopped the fight and gave the victory to Stone. 

The ref felt Christy couldn't continue because her hand was injured, but Christy's lawyer, Gloria Allred doesn't see it that way.  Gloria claims all Christy did was "momentarily wince," and she wanted to continue, and the decision to stop the bout is "an unfair and sexist double standard" -- i.e., a ref would never have stopped a fight under the same circumstances if the boxers were male.

It's kind of ironic -- last November, Christy's then husband allegedly tried to murder her by stabbing her, shooting her and pistol whipping her, yet the ref stopped the bout over what Gloria says was a wimpy hand injury.

10:35 AM: Gloria and Christy just took on the Athletic Commission in a news conference outside the Ronald Reagan State Building in L.A. -- DEMANDING the commission reverse the decision.

Interesting point -- Christy admits her hand was broken during the fight ... in NINE PLACES.


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What You Really Want To See    

Yes, a blackmail...er... I mean deal will be struck. Christy will get the money. Gloria will get her fee. Then Christy will have to give her money back. Gloria will keep her fee. In Allred speak that's a win / win.

1132 days ago


Gloria's so-called news conferences are a running joke for TMZ readers.

1132 days ago


This is BULL****E!
She deserves that 50th win and that Ref deserves 'her' knocking the piss outta him. I would be infuriated!

There are some bad calls, it happens. 'However' in that situation, with that little time left, with a 'wince' of all things, that ref needs to be stripped nude and his head put on a stick!

I hope Christy wins......

Yet Whorelia Allred.... can't STAND that fame seeking, diarrhea mouthed, race card waving, sexist, unequal opportunity microphone gobbling PIG!

1132 days ago

John the Lawyer    

No, please God no, not another Whorelia Allred newd conference, oh the humanity no, please, noooooooo

1132 days ago

Nice n' fat    

If people don't think refs stop boxing matches with seconds left needs to look at Julio Cesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor (the first fight). The ref stopped the fight with 9 seconds left. Meldrick Taylor has suffered brain damage ever since. Ms. Martin kindly stfu u dirty lezbo

1132 days ago

A. Team    

If people don't think refs stop boxing matches with seconds left needs to look at Julio Cesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor (the first fight). The ref stopped the fight with 9 seconds left. Meldrick Taylor has suffered brain damage ever since. Ms. Martin kindly stfu

1132 days ago


Hey! If you want to step into the role of a man by being with women, then start acting like one. Take the frigging loss and move on. You can't have it both ways. You can't be running around this country wearing pants and plaid shirts, walking and talking like a man to get a woman, and then when you feel you've been wronged, slip back into being a female. You lesbo's are all the same.

1132 days ago


They say, "let's clean up boxing", ala Oscar or, lately, FMJ. In my opinion, they should clean up the bias and incompetent referees. IMO, Mora does not belong in the ring. If State Boxing Commission can't/doesn't get rid of these type of referees, then the promoters should make sure not to accept any of those kind.

1132 days ago


Wow talk about a bad sport, get over yourself lady!

1132 days ago


I might agree that the fight shouldn't have been stopped.. but if she wanted people to take her seriously, she should have hired a lawyer that wasn't known to be a ambulance chaser who gets money for whores. It's hard to take anyone seriously when their lawyer is Allred.

1132 days ago


If a tree fell on Gloria Allred in a forest, would there be any sound?

1132 days ago


How much money does TMZ get for "live streaming" all these meaningless Allred media events. They usually call them news conferences because there is some sort of news involved. The only problem is there hardly ever is any news when it comes to this media event! ...its getting old!

1132 days ago


I hate Gloria, but it was wrong for them to disqualify Christy. So I'm on Christy's side even though she hired Gloria.

1132 days ago


This latest Gloria Allred infomercial?

Might just win Harvey Levin -

His first producing Oscar.

1132 days ago


How is it sexist if both fighters were chicks? Granted They might not look like chicks, but They both were chicks right?

1132 days ago
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